Chapter Sixteen


He's in between angry and sulky. The sight of Jihoon holding a flower with the one and only Kang Daniel make him regrets it.

"How could this happen?" He asks, pouting. Jeonghan shrugs, not knowing the real problem. They're not confirmed yet if they date or not but, the sight is unnerving him.
"I guess they date each other after their regular meetings for the project." Jeonghan guessed.

"But why didn't he tells Daniel that we..." Realization hits him. Jihoon never acknowledges their relationship.
"That you guys?" Jisoo continues.

Oh, . He almost slipped it but, isn't this what Jihoon wanted? People know that they date. 'Dated. I should correct that.'

"Nothing." He mutters, turning his body to face the wall while his back facing the couple. Seungcheol has no thought but hoping that Jihoon and Daniel are not real.

Jihoon's giggles honestly are music to anyone's ears. Daniel never thought that this small tsundere boy is full of love.
"Anyway, I haven't see Seungcheol Hyung. I hope he's fine."

At the mention of Seungcheol's name, Jihoon's smile falling. He hasn't heard about Seungcheol for three days. He doesn't know if the elder is fine or not.
But he thought the elder will be fine because it's Seungcheol.

"Yeah, he's fine."

Seungkwan and Seokmin strolling to a nearby restaurant while dragging Seungcheol out of his dorm. The elder hasn't gone out and barely eat which is unusual for him because Seungcheol loves food.

"Hyung, come on. Lighten up."

Seungcheol looks sad when he walks. He feels the burden and scared if he ever accidentally bump into the smaller.
'I miss him.'

The trio arrived at the restaurant and Seungkwan goes straight to order the food while Seokmin goes to the washroom.

Seungcheol is left alone, looking around. He's not in the mood to play any games or scrolling his phone. He just wants to mop in his dorm.

While looking around, he saw a couple having their food. Looking jubilant with each other. He wished that to be him and Jihoon but, yeah. He's a weakling.

The guy is about to kiss the girl, but Seungcheol frowns when he saw the side profile. He looks familiar.

The guy is kissing the girl that lingers a while and he realizes. "Daniel?"

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