Chapter Ten


 "You know, I don't hate any members. But... I hate them right now."
Seeing Seungcheol being all clingy with Jeonghan makes Jihoon cringes.

Soonyoung teasingly huddles closer to Jihoon. "Yah!" Jihoon whacks Soonyoung's back and a loud sound can be heard. Seungcheol turns around to see Soonyoung's head is on Jihoon's lap. In the middle of the class. Thankfully the lecturer is still not in yet.

"What the hell are you doing, Soon?" Seungcheol voice sounds scary, according to Soonyoung. "Move."
Jihoon looks at Seungcheol, perplexed. 'What's with the sudden change? He left me hanging for two months and he's back to original? What the is going on?'

Whatever the case is, Jihoon is firm with his decision.

The class ended quite early since the lecturer has an urgent meeting. Seungcheol approaches the younger quietly from behind but a tall man makes him stop.
"Oh, hey Hyung." Seungcheol smiles but somehow wonders what this man wants.

"Can you call Jihoon?"
"Are you guys going to proceed with the assignment?" Seungcheol asks, watching at how Daniel scratches his nape. Indicating he's shy.
"No. I thought of bringing him on a dat- I mean hang out." The taller quickly rectified himself.
"No. If it's not a school project, then no." He sternly says and turns his back, walking to Jihoon.

Daniel sighs, his plan fails and he expected that. He heard a lot of stories of how Seungcheol is so protective of Jihoon. 'Gotta try harder.'

"Hyung, did you see Daniel?" The mention of the latter's name makes Seungcheol smile falters. "No. Why?"

"He asked me to go out with him today, but I don't see him at all." Seungkwan and Soonyoung who out of nowhere appears and tease the smaller. "Jihoon and Daniel on a tree..."
"Shut your mouth, Kwon." Ouch, Jihoon is one cute, small and not to forget evil little human he is.

"What are you doing?" Seungcheol asks, seeing Jihoon seems to be texting someone.
"Calling Daniel. He didn't reply to me."

", Hyung. Why'd you do that?" If that would make the small hates him, he would. But not calling Daniel.
Jeonghan who's talking with Jisoo looks at Jihoon. Non stop cursing at the eldest.
"Sorry?" Seungcheol's mutters but honestly he doesn't feel that sorry.

"Now I gotta change my pants." At least that makes Jihoon goes back to his dorm.

"What was that for, Cheol?" Jeonghan asks, smirking.
Seungkwan and Soonyoung look at Seungcheol, waiting for the answer. But nothing comes out.

That's when it clicked Seungkwan. "Hyung, you and Seungcheol Hyung are not dating?"

Jeonghan almost spits his drink and Jisoo chuckles. "What makes you think we're dating?"
"Probably because Seungcheol being his clingy usual self, right?"

"No, because he's being clingy with Jeonghan Hyung."
"Dude, I told you not to be excessively clingy. He's my man, not yours." Jisoo wraps his arm around Jeonghan, who's sitting across the three.

Sooyoung widened his eyes and starts being dramatic. "Jisoo Hyung and Jeonghan Hyung are dating?"
"Slow down, tiger." The couple looks around, making sure that no one pays attention to them.

"Yeah, it's been three months."



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