Chapter Seven


 After lunch, some of the boys wanted to go back while some want to play at the arcade. Well, Jihoon is the guy who wants to go home but it seems like the rest of the boys want to go there. So, he decides to come along.

He has been laughing at how Soonyoung does something stupid. His laugh has always been cute and it tends to make others notice him. So, it's not surprising seeing Seungcheol out of nowhere walks next to him.

Jihoon doesn't know what to play and Soonyoung has left with Seokmin to play the XD game.
That left him and Seungcheol alone. He has no idea what to do since Seungcheol just stands there, looking at his feet. Probably waiting for Jihoon.
He walks to a game that has a huge keyboard and decides to play that. He notices Seungcheol has been sticking with him although the elder didn't say a word.
They just play silently while Jihoon sometimes cracks alone. But that makes Seungcheol's dimples appear by hearing Jihoon's laugh.

After a few games, some of the boys want to stay while some decide to go back to the dorm. That includes Jihoon.

He saw Wonwoo, Myeongho, Jeonghan and Jisoo walking back and thought of sticking with them but then, he remembers the elder that has been sticking with him.
He stops and Seungcheol stops as well. Jihoon takes a glance at the elder and sighs. "If you keep on doing this, I'll feel guilty."

Both of them end up snuggles on the couch in Jihoon's room. "I'm sorry." The elder mutters.
"Stop apologise. It's not a big deal. I was being immature, Hyung." Jihoon could feel the pout on his neck. Seungcheol just won't let him off until he accepts the sorry.

Seungcheol somehow ends up sleepover in Jihoon's room and he feels great knowing the younger wouldn't ignore him again.

Jihoon doesn't know if he should be happy or not with how Seungcheol giving him the attention that he's been yearned. He decided to move on but Seungcheol always comes back at the wrong time. He's afraid of the elder will ignore him tomorrow and gives all of his attention to Jeonghan as how he always does.

He wants to have this attention but, he's too scared to voice out.
'I guess today's enough.'


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