Chapter Twenty


 A week has passed.

It's worsening as Seventeen are preparing for an end of month performance. The situation is awkward as the producer and the leader are not interacting at all.
The members sensed the situation and Hansol has to take place to monitor with Jihoon for recording.

Jihoon looks at Seungcheol who's laughing seeing BooSeokSoon doing some skits. He's attempting to mend the broken relationship but at the same time, he feels ashamed.

"I think you both need to talk. We can't stand the ambience." Jeonghan sits next to Jihoon. The smaller quickly look away from Seungcheol.

"I'm not sure if he ever wants to talk to me again."
"He will," Jeonghan assures him. "It's Seungcheol we're talking about. He wouldn't let you like that."

It's half-past two and the group finally settled down. They'll continue the practice tomorrow. 
Jihoon on the other hand has business to do.

"Hey, are you free?" Jihoon talks over his phone.

Jihoon waits patiently for the man to come while sipping the drink that he ordered beforehand.

His lips quirk upwards seeing the man comes. "Jihoon!"

"I don't think I can do this anymore," Jihoon says once he finished eating. Daniel wipes his mouth and frown. "Why? Something matters?"

"I- I can't stand being like this." He stutters. He wants to reconcile and make everything puts back the way it is.
"Well, if you say so. I hope Seungcheol Hyung is fine now."

"That's the thing. We're not fine." Jihoon sighs, messing his hair. "I'm sorry on behalf of Hyung for hitting you."

Daniel chuckles. "It's okay. But I must say, he has too much power." Jihoon looks at Daniel worriedly.
"Hey, it's fine."

"Tell Jihyo that I apologized on behalf of Seungcheol Hyung. I hope your girlfriend is not that shocked seeing her boyfriend got beaten."
Daniel ruffles Jihoon's hair. "It's fine. I already explained to her and she hopes that you'll get back with Hyung."

"I guess our plan worked?"
"More than worked," Jihoon mutters sadly.

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