Chapter Twelve


 Jihoon is getting dress as he has class at 10 and thankfully that is the only class for the day. He sprayed his perfume, that according to Seungcheol he never smells anyone like him.

Unlocking the door, he's greeted with a man out of nowhere who falls on the floor.
Jihoon touches the elder's forehead. He didn't have a fever but the elder's body feels cold. Moreover, he's wearing short sleeves.

"Hyung, wake up." Honestly, Jihoon is worried sick but he has class.
Seungcheol groans, opening his eyes groggily. "Jihoon." He mutters.

The smaller assists the elder to sit on the couch and cover with a blanket. "What are you doing out there?" Jihoon asks softly as he placed a hot drink on the table.
"I wanted to talk to you." Seungcheol sounds so weak that Jihoon feels bad for doing so.

"You know my code. You should've come in."
"You were mad."

Jihoon stares at the elder, who's sipping some drink. "I have class. I'll see you after this, kay?" He knows the elder doesn't have class so he lets Seungcheol stay there.
They know each other schedules.

"Can you stay?" Jihoon feels Seungcheol's hand clasping his.

Now, here's the weak part. Jihoon may be a little devil but he can't stand seeing his Hyung being sick. And pleading.

'Just one class.'

Half of the Seventeen members are having their snack time after they finished a lecture. Seungkwan notices that Seungcheol and Jihoon are not there. "Hansol, have you seen the 'issue' Hyungs?"

Ever since he found out that there's a slight problem between Jihoon and Seungcheol, he decided to use the term 'issue'. Because he says so.

Soonyoung also realizes that and told Seungkwan. "Oooh, something's up, huh?" Soonyoung wiggles his eyebrows and Seungkwan just shakes his head.

Jisoo and Jeonghan thought there might be something wrong with Seungcheol as well. "I called him last night but it went straight to voicemail."
"Probably he's sick?" Hansol thought.

But Seungkwan seems to have better instinct and grinned. "Let's make them stay together and solve their problems. Just for a couple of days."

Since today is Friday, and this is the only time they could solve the problems. "Seriously, I'm telling you. Jihoon Hyung needs a roommate."

On the other hand, they seem to forget that there's another tall, handsome man who is anxious because he hasn't seen the small man.
He's worried about last night.

Seungcheol saw Jihoon's phone luminous while the younger is changing his clothes. 'Daniel.'
He doesn't know whether he should pick up the calls or not. But he doesn't want anyone to interrupt his time with Jihoon.

Especially Daniel.

Thankfully the call ended before Jihoon could see.
Seungcheol tightened the holds of the blanket. Out of nowhere, he feels like having a panic attack. His body is trembling, his breathing is uneven. His heart begins to palpitate.

"Hyung? What's wrong?" Jihoon saw how the elder trembles.
"Should we go to the hospital?"

Seungcheol is not answering and it makes Jihoon worried.
"Hyung." Jihoon cupped the elder's face, looking straight into Seungcheol's beautiful eyes.

"Yeah?" He breathes out. Seungcheol is calm now and Jihoon engulfs him in a hug. The smaller caresses the elder's head.
"I'm sorry, Jihoon."

'God, why do you have to make things hard now?'

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