Chapter Twenty Three


 The weekend comes after a tiring week of practices and classes. But, there's a couple of boys who's not tired at all.

"Should we ring the bell?" He questioned.
"I know the code. Seungcheol Hyung once told me."

Once both of them enter the dorm, they walk straight to Jihoon's room.
"Jihoon Hyung, we have..."
"Something to talk about." Hansol finished the sentence but in a very low tone because Seungkwan is in shock right now. So is he.

"Morning, boys." Seungcheol greets them while waking from the bed.
The sight of Seungcheol and Jihoon sleeping together on a bed is shocking them.

Jihoon saw them and quickly shove them out. "Get out. I need some privacy."

What's more shocking is, "Hyung, why don't you put on clothes?"
Seungcheol chuckles. "Jihoon is wearing them."

Seungkwan gasps loudly. "Did you guys?" His eyes widened looking at Seungcheol while his hand smacking Hansol's shoulder.

They have been sitting there but they couldn't utter any words, especially seeing Jihoon in Seungcheol's shirt. With no pants.

Jihoon plops himself next to Seungcheol and asks what they wanted.
"Before we proceed to the business, can you explain what happened? I thought you both are not on good terms."

"Were." Seungcheol corrected Seungkwan. "We got back nearly a week already."

Hansol is still confused about the situation. "What do you mean got back?" Now Seungkwan is sitting next to Jihoon. His curiosity is on another level.

"We dated before this but none of the members knows. So, we got back after the unnecessary fights." Seungcheol explained.

 "I knew something was going on with you two." Instead of screaming, now Boo is fangirling because his ship is sailing. "Oh my gosh, you get my blessing to date." He cups his face dramatically before Jihoon smacked his head.

 "You're younger than us." He rolled his eyes. Then, Seungcheol asked why they break-in Jihoon's dorm, early in the morning.

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