Chapter Eleven


 Jihoon has been grumbling nonstop. He swears Seungcheol is being a for spilt the water on his pants.
Everyone in Seventeen knows how much swears Jihoon can throw a day if someone messes up with him. That includes Choi Seungcheol.

Doesn't matter if he's the leader, the eldest or whatsoever he is. Jihoon will burn the person who'd do such a thing.

"What a cutie like you is angry about?" Jihoon doesn't even look at the person and snapped. "Shut up."

"Hey, it's me. Why are you so angry?" Jihoon feels someone tugged at his hand and once his eyes lay on the person. He can't help but feel glad. Finally, he sees Daniel.

"Seungcheol is messing with me." Daniel is quite surprise hearing Jihoon casually calling the eldest by his name. No formality.
"What did he do?"

Before Jihoon could answer, the small man continues glaring at Daniel. "Why weren't you picking up the calls or reply my message?"
Daniel chuckles nervously. "I forgot to unmute my phone."

"Lame excuse," Jihoon mutters and rolled his eyes. "By the way, do you or do you not want to go on a date with me? I'm a busy person so you better be quick."
Perks of being a school prodigy, Jihoon always has something to do.

Well, that sounds cute. College heartthrob and college prodigy. They'd be the most powerful couple if they ever date. "Daniel!" The tall man snapped back to reality. He chuckles, not believing that he just daydream about that. In front of the man.

Seungcheol who has been silenced finally end up telling the reason to Soonyoung and Seungkwan.
"I knew it!" Seungkwan claims. He already suspects that there's something wrong with the camel Hyung. Leaving Soonyoung with mouth wide open when Seungcheol tells the reason.

"Finally we get to hear from Seungcheol Hyung's side. We thought something went wrong because we're not blind, Hyung." Seungkwan emphasizes the blinds word, making Seungcheol laugh.

Seungcheol lay on his bed, staring at the ceiling. Many things are going on in his head. After the last lecture he had for the day, he became silent.
Not that he's the chaos member, but he becomes quieter than usual.

He rarely texts or calls Jihoon nowadays. He never has the urge to do so. But back then, he would do it almost all the time. It's quite annoying but Jihoon never offends him by blocking his number or what.

"Jihoon?" He knocks on the door. He doesn't like to use the code when Jihoon is in his dorm. He prefers the smaller opening of the door for him.

A minute has passed, so he punched in the code.

Once he's in, he's welcomed with the sight of a tall man, is hugging the small Jihoon. He couldn't see whether they're kissing or not because the tall man has a freaking wide shoulder.

"Whoa, what is going on here?" He pulls away from the unknown man and Jihoon. 

"Daniel? Get out." Seungcheol pushes the taller male and Daniel somehow comply. "What the hell, Hyung?"

Jihoon is beyond furious now. How dare Seungcheol made Daniel left, this is his dorm. Not Seungcheol's.
"How could you say that to me."

"First, you were a for spilling the water on my pants. Now, you're kicking out Daniel from my dorm? What is your problem?" Seungcheol could see how red Jihoon's face was now. He's really angry right now, and Seungcheol doesn't like it when Jihoon is mad.

"He could've done something to you."
"Let him do it. I don't mind."
Now, Seungcheol's furrowed.
"I'm not letting that happen."

Jihoon pushes Seungcheol to the front door. "You don't have any rights on me. I do what I do and I never ask why you left me hanging two months ago."
"Now get out." He grits, opening the door for Seungcheol.

"Wait, let me explain." Seungcheol softens.

"Well, you should have explained back then not when I already move on." Jihoon slams the door, not letting Seungcheol explain at all.

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