Chapter Two


 Their meeting has dismissed after little discussion. But Jihoon remained static on the chair. Soonyoung notices that and with light steps, he approaches the smaller.

"Jihoon- ah~"
"Soonyoung- ah. I need to talk to Jihoon for a while. You can get him later?" The tiger startles seeing Seungcheol stops him. He didn't even realize Seungcheol is there.
"Sure, hyung."

Once Soonyoung leaves the room, it surprised Jihoon because usually Jeonghan will stay. But today, there's only him and Seungcheol. "That's a brilliant song, Jihoon!" As always, he gets the compliment.

"So, how did you get the inspiration?" Seungcheol gives the smaller a teasing look and Jihoon can't help but to frown. 'Is he really... stupid?'
Jihoon knew that Seungcheol always know what Jihoon is thinking. But, this? Where does his Seungcheol goes?
"You.. Just want to ask me that?" He mutters. "Yeah. I mean your inspiration could be my inspiration."

Jihoon sighs loudly. 'I wasn't his inspiration all these times.'

"No one, hyung. I just randomly thought about it." He really wants to say, wants to ask. Where is his favourite hyung goes?
"Okayyy, I 'm sure the person is flattered knowing someone wrote a song for him or her."

Seungcheol leaves first, leaving Jihoon alone in the room. The smaller wants to cry. 'What happened to us, hyung?'
He missed Seungcheol being affectionate, clingy, jealous, and everything that Seungcheol willing to do for Jihoon. Even when they fought, Seungcheol always be next to him. 'Probably the end of us.'

The boys notice how Jihoon looks fatigue. They all know how important Jihoon role is. It's sad for them seeing Jihoon is exhausted.

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