Chapter One


Jihoon has never felt this frustrates.
He's so tired of trying to get the older's attention.
He doesn't have try to make the older jealous because,
Choi Seungcheol will get jealous to whoever being all clingy with Jihoon.

But these days, Seungcheol seems to ignore the smaller for whatever reason he has.
He really wants to make the elder jealous, but it all gone to waste.

Instead, he's the one jealous.
With all the attention Jeonghan gets from Seungcheol.

'Does he not like me anymore?'

He slumps his back, working out for the new song. Seungcheol used to help him a lot back then but now, Jeonghan always there with Seungcheol. Whenever Seungcheol came and help, he always brings Jeonghan.
'I guessed I'm not that handsome.'

Jihoon has never felt this sad, knowing his hyung has taken interest in someone else. Someone taller and good-looking. Lee Jihoon always has that small insecurities that he's scared to tell.

He heard many times people calling him cute and others related. But he wants people to acknowledge him as a manly man. A Busan man.
'Maybe that's why he felt out of love.'

Everyone knows how incompatible Seungcheol and Jihoon are. They're soulmates forever. Everybody knows how both love each other but never confront the feelings.
They're also aware how possessive Seungcheol can be whenever his 'property' is stolen.

But now, Jihoon gets nothing. Not even a glance from the handsome man. He's tired.
He tried for almost 2 months to get the elder notice him.

Thankfully, Hoshi is always there for him. “Ayo, Jihoon!”
The smaller smiles at the hyper entrance of the 'tiger'.

Being school band is not easy. Assignments, exams, curriculum in school. It's really tiring, moreover your feelings are exhausted. Jihoon is supposed to make a happy love song for their new track, but he can't help but to feel depressed at the thought of how his relationship with Seungcheol become distant.
Some that are close with them notice the difference in their relationship. Seungcheol puts his priority to Jeonghan over Jihoon. It's always trying to get the smaller's attention.
'I guess I wasn't attentive enough.'

He rarely says what's in his mind to other people. Only Seungcheol knows what he thinks, how he feels but now, Seungcheol is not here. All he could do is carry the burden.

“Let's focus.” Seungkwan asks the band to listen carefully to the song. They're currently gathered in their own meeting room.
“Why does the lyric sound so sad?” Chan aka Dino, looks straight at Jihoon, whom too focused on the song. Or he just too deep in his thought.
Seungkwan cuts the younger. “After all it's going to be hit. Sad lyric with upbeat sound.” Jihoon feels thankful that Seungkwan managed to enlighten the situation. He finds it too hard to explain.

Seungcheol literally never sit next to him, although he came first, and could be sitting next to Jihoon. But the elder waits for Jeonghan and sit next to the pretty. “We should practice this sooner. I'm sure students can't wait to listen.”

Jihoon tries to glance at Seungcheol, just like how he used to. Very subtle but he couldn't, because he has nothing to say to the elder.

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