Chapter Nineteen


 "What makes you think that you can hit him?" Jihoon is mad at Seungcheol when he found out from Daniel.

"Jihoon, he two-timing you and you still want to defend him?" Seungcheol sighs exasperatedly. "In which words you don't understand that he's cheating on you?"

"I believe he's not." Jihoon slowly gets annoyed but that can't beat Seungcheol.
The elder is enraged right now.

"For sake, Jihoon! I saw with my eyes, Jihoon. Twice!"
The smaller nearly flinched at Seungcheol's outburst but he managed to control.
"No. He's not." He mutters.

Seungcheol clicked his tongue. "If this is about what I did to you, then you're going too far."

"You left me hanging, Cheol. What do you want me to do?"
The elder scoffs. "So, it is about that."

"Jihoon, all I did was trying to have some time for me. I did not cheat on you."

Jihoon looks at Seungcheol, disbelief. "Are you joking right now? You went all over to Jeonghan Hyung, acting like a couple and all I need is your attention." There he said it, finally.

"I get that. But what should I do when you're all over Soonyoung too? You do know he likes you. Why would you spend time with him, giving him hope."
"He doesn't like me anymore." The smaller mumbles. But Seungcheol catches that.

"I was trying to let the members know that we dated but I know you hate getting attention. Then, you got angry because you thought I didn't want to let them know? How childish can you be?"

"Jihoon, we spend half of our lives together but you believe that Daniel? I don't care what happened in the past but, you went overboard."
Jihoon can't utter any words right now. He knows that he crossed the line but what can he do.

"I think it is right for me to let you go." Seungcheol leaves Jihoon's dorm with a stoic expression.

He falls seated on the floor. In his life, he has never felt this terrible.

It all started with how he wanted to earn the elder's attention back to this. Well, he did get the attention but not in a way that he wanted. 'It was a wrong choice for trusting him.'

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