Chapter Three


That's how Jihoon feels and that's how everyone see him. They know this is not the Jihoon they knew.

"Hyung." Seungkwan approaches the smaller with a worry look appears. Jihoon tries to cover how tired he looks. "What?"

"Do you want to take a break first? You look tired." Usually, Jihoon is always the first to notice everyone's behavior but this time, he can't even decipher his own action. "Sure. I'm just parch."
The smile on Jihoon's face doesn't ease Seungkwan's thought. The younger knows there must be something going on with his small hyung.

Everyone is taking a break in the school's dance room. Every month, the band or performance group of the school will perform according to a lucky draw they made. So, Seventeen is not the only group in the school,, but there are more.

Soonyoung sits and lean on Jihoon's back, trying to make Jihoon laugh. He knows Jihoon always laugh or giggles to whatever stupidity he'd do.
But yesterday, he noticed. This not Lee Jihoon, his friend. He heard no response from the smaller. It worries him as to why Jihoon is acting this way. 'Seungcheol hyung.'

He thought Seungcheol might know something. Besides, they're best friend. He tries to call Seungcheol but Seungkwan out of nowhere stops him.
He pulls Soonyoung away from Jihoon. It seems like the smaller doesn't even notice. Too caught up in his feelings.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." Soonyoung frowns, wondering what does he mean. "Look." He pointed at Seungcheol and Jihoon.
"Seungcheol hyung doesn't know what's going on with Jihoon hyung. If he knew, he would be sitting and standing by Jihoon hyung. No matter what."

Soonyoung just realizes that. Out all of the people, everyone knows how strong and firm Seungcheol would be by the smaller's side if Jihoon is down. "I don't think Jihoon hyung tells Seungcheol hyung. Or else that camel hyung would take care of Jihoon hyung."

Soonyoung nods, he notices how Seungcheol casually laughing with others, and he's been sticking to Jeonghan more these days.

"Are they fighting?"

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