Chapter Fourteen


 'Slow down, .' He told his heart as he still feels the nervousness.

"Wait, why did you call me that?" Seungcheol looks at Jihoon and smiles sweetly, showing off his dimples. "Just because."
Jihoon frowns. Seungcheol hasn't called him that in a long time. Especially when their relationship was unstable a couple of months ago.

"Look, Jihoon. I know what I did is unforgivable but, could you please give me another chance?"
Seungcheol pleads and Jihoon hates it. He's one step to fully move on and Seungcheol comes at the wrong time.

"Hyung." He suspires.

"We broke up, okay. None of the members knows that we dated and I think I like it that way."
"We never broke up." Seungcheol quickly defends.

"Then where were you those two months? You were frigid, pretending as if we're strangers. Making everyone believe that you and Jeonghan Hyung date. I assume that you want to call it off since you acted like that."
Seungcheol knows Jihoon will blow off and he knows he's at fault.
Which is why he tried to mend the broken heart.

"But I never stop loving you."

Jihoon walks off from Seungcheol, ignoring the elder who's trailing Jihoon with his eyes.

But before Jihoon goes to his room, he looks at Seungcheol with hurt looks. "I'm always ready for love, but I don't think you are."

Soonyoung, Seungkwan and Seokmin are Wildin in Soonyoung's room. It's the weekend and, understandable they're crazy in the dorm.
"Anyway, do you guys know what happens to Jihoon and Seungcheol Hyung?"

Seungkwan, the gossip boy is surprised that he doesn't know what happens to his Hyungs. "Jeonghan Hyung went to check on Seungcheol Hyung last night."

Soonyoung's expression doesn't show any good sign. "Seungcheol Hyung was crying. He's our pillar and I've never seen him cry."

"Like cry?" Seokmin questions and Seungkwan knocks his head softly. "Of course cry."
"I think it has something to do with Jihoon. Jeonghan Hyung didn't explain more."

Seungkwan ponders, seems like something is missing about those two.
"What if they date without us knowing." Seokmin gasps and Soonyoung's mouth agape.

"Because I don't think brothers show that much affection, right?" Yet, Seungkwan still couldn't figure out what it is.

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