Chapter Twenty Two


 "Why did you do that?" Seungcheol whines.
"Daniel suggested that." He mutters.

Seungcheol pushes Jihoon closer to his body. "Baby, you know I get jealous easily. Is that why you were always with Daniel?"
He could feel Jihoon nodding. "Now I'm jealousier."

Jihoon chuckles. "Is that even a word, Hyung?"

After explaining everything to Seungcheol and so does Seungcheol. Both of them now know their hidden stories.

"Should we tell them?" Seungcheol playing with Jihoon's hair. "I don't know. But, do we need to pretend during practice?"
Seungcheol smirks. "Let's play some game then."

Seungkwan sits next to Jihoon after a tiring practice. At this rate, he thought he's an idol. Jihoon nudges the younger's shoulder slightly. "At least, I'm the school idol."

Jihoon laughs at Seungkwan's statement. And that laugh caught Seungcheol's attention, who's standing nearby. He wants to look but nobody knows that he and Jihoon already get back.

He pretends to sit next to Seungkwan. "Aish, Hyung. Can you move aside? You're taking the space."
Seungkwan nearly hits the leader's body but he could never do that. "Just you wait when I have a bulky body. I'll hit you, Choi Seungcheol."

"What did you say?" Seungcheol stares at Seungkwan.
Jihoon guffaws at the scene. "I'm sorry, Hyung. I was joking." Seungkwan quickly kneels with both his hands rubbing.

Once it settles down, Seungkwan clicked his tongue. Then looks at Jihoon. "How come Jihoon Hyung has that privilege? I envy that."

There's no response and that's when he realized. He almost slaps his face, not realizing the situation between Jihoon and Seungcheol.

Jihoon woke up to the smell of coffee. He walks to the kitchen and sees Seungcheol is making breakfast.
He wraps his arm around Seungcheol and closed his eyes. "Morning, Hyung."
His mouth mumbling on Seungcheol's back.

Seungcheol finds it amusing, seeing the not usual Jihoon. "Who makes you this clingy?" Seungcheol turns around and hugs the smaller, placing a peck on the head. "Morning, cutie."

Jihoon finished the first lecture of the day and head to the cafe. The 'BooSeokSoon' squad trails behind.

"Are you going to the cafe?" Jeonghan who happens to walk there with Jisoo and Seungcheol join them.

Seungcheol wants so badly to sit next to Jihoon but that seat has been occupied by Soonyoung and he only gets to sit across Jihoon. Besides, he doesn't want the members to know yet.

They share stories of whatever they have until Seungcheol saw Soonyoung is cupping Jihoon's face.
Well, Soonyoung is too immersed in the story that he becomes crazy.

Seungcheol pretends that he choked and coughs. Jihoon saw the sign and pushed Soonyoung.
Then, he received a message.

'Watch where you belong.' Jihoon nearly smiles and take a quick look at Seungcheol. 'Possessive much.'


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