Chapter Six


 The stage or performance ended very well. Everyone thanking and bows for their hard work along with the people in charge of the stage performance.
Everyone is tired but happy. Jihoon feels great as the audience give the best reaction to their new song.

"Jihoon- ah." A deep voice calls him, holding his small wrist.
Somehow he's been dragged to he doesn't know where with this blonde-haired man.

Jihoon's crop top blazer slightly revealing his chest. A sigh escapes from the blonde man once they're in their practice room.
"What did I say about wearing a revealing thing?"

Seungcheol looks at the blazer that reveals the younger's petite body. He closes his eyes for a while before looking straight into Jihoon's eyes. He realizes the eyes look different.

"Hyung. I'm no longer young. I decide whatever I want to wear." Jihoon doesn't know if the elder's concern or not. Plus, he has a boyfriend who's looking better than him. He doesn't need Seungcheol to be protective of him.

"Yeah but this is not your style. This is too revealing. The crowds were practically drooling over you." Seungcheol softly scolds the soldier.
"It's called fashion, Hyung It's up to me and not you."

Jihoon left the blonde man, feeling slightly aggravated.

Soonyoung is so glad that night. He's eating happily with Jeonghan until he heard the door knock.

"Ah, Hyung. Come on in." He notices the oldest of the member looks exhausted.

"Yah, Seungcheol. You should rest. You look tired."
"Jeonghan Hyung is right. I thought you're supposed to be happy because everyone loves our song."

Seungcheol sits on the couch, exhale. His face looks otherwise.
"Jihoon and I fought."

"What happened? We all know you rarely fight with him." Soonyoung approaches the blonde hair man curiously.
"I didn't like what he wore during performance. He disagreed, saying I'm protective of him and he said he's not a child. So, he asked me to stop minding his business." He complains with a pout.

The next day, thankfully it's Friday and they have no class on that day. So, they have the time to rest.
But somehow the rest of the members wanted to celebrate and have lunch together.

Soonyoung has been explaining everything to Seungkwan. It makes them ponder. They know Jihoon would never act that way, especially to Seungcheol.
Seungkwan knew Jihoon has always like the elder but never dig more.

"Is he mad? Because Seungcheol Hyung gave him fake hope?" Sooyoung questioned but Seungkwan could never answer that.
Knowing Jihoon, they know they would never get the answer.

They gather at their favourite restaurant that serves a variety of dishes. Jihoon comes with Mingyu and Seokmin. Those two-man look like Jihoon's bodyguard says, Chan.

Jihoon decides to stick with these two or Soonyoung since he doesn't want Seungcheol to see him.
But surprisingly, he entices the rest of the members. "Oh, you wear the same shirt as Seungcheol." Seokmin points at Seungcheol, whose sitting next to Wonwoo, playing with his phone.

Seungcheol has a thing to buy something similar to Jihoon. Sometimes, they share their clothes because Seungcheol loves to steal other clothes.
To Jihoon's luck, Seungcheol doesn't notice and now he can eat with peace.

Honestly, he tried to avoid Seungcheol since he's still mad at him also he's trying to forget the feelings that he had but he took a glance at the elder.
The blonde man looks sad and he knows why. He never speaks that way to him besides they rarely fight. So, it must be upsetting for the elder but he's also upset that Seungcheol keeps giving fake hope to him.

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