Chapter Fifteen


 Three days later, everything goes back to how it is. But, Seungcheol becomes quiet. Very.
Jeonghan has been sticking with Seungcheol even though Seungcheol trying to put a distance. "I'm fine, Jeonghan. You don't have to come always."

It makes Jeonghan worried since Seungcheol is the clingy type. Jisoo is fine with Jeonghan stay with Seungcheol because his best friend needs support.
"You can come to me if you need me." Seungcheol nods, assuring he's fine before heaving a sigh.

"Karma's real."

Jihoon on the other hand is on the action with the school's heartthrob.
"Come on, Jihoon. Just for a while?" Daniel pleads, showing his inner aegyo. Jihoon can't help but smile. "Fine. But, quickly."

Seungkwan and Chan saw Jihoon and Daniel go out of the college's boundary. "Where are they going?"

"Chan, it's time for Detective Boo and Chan. Together with solving the mission."
Chan looks at his Hyung, weirded. "Gosh, you're embarrassing." They're right in front of the college's main entrance.

"Is this one good?" Jihoon doesn't know much about flowers but he just accepts whatever it is. He doesn't know the meaning behind those flowers so, he leaves them to Daniel.
"It's pretty, right?" Daniel smirks.

Jihoon sniffs the bouquet and it smells great. Daniel's choice is not bad, Jihoon thought. Rose means love, right?

"Wait, are Jihoon Hyung and Daniel sunbae dating?" Chan finally takes interest in Jihoon's after being friends for a long time.

Seungkwan snaps some pic to save it. "That's interesting. Jihoon Hyung got the flowers from the one and only Daniel."

He doesn't know if he should tell anyone but the first person that comes to his mind, Jeonghan. Without a second thought, he sends those pictures.

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