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 Mingyu wondered why Jihoon is alone today because usually, Seungcheol would come around. "I left first because we don't have the same classes, idiot."

Mingyu zipped his mouth, forgetting that Seungcheol is one year senior. So he has fewer classes.
Then, Mingyu saw Jisoo and Jeonghan and ask them to come along. "Where's Seungcheol Hyung?"

Jeonghan shrugs. "He says he needed to do something."

Jihoon didn't want to think about what it is but he couldn't help but wonder where is his boyfriend.

Lunch break comes and Jihoon has been following around Mingyu since he has no will to contact Seungcheol or anything related. "Hyung, let's eat here."
They enter a restaurant and the smell of the foods hit in.

"Oh Cheol Hyung?" At the mention of the elder, Jihoon saw Seungcheol sits there alone. So, Mingyu decides to join the elder and he has no choice.
"I see you changed the picture, Hyung." Mingyu cooed at the picture behind Seungcheol's phone.

Jihoon looks at it and he can't help but to flustered because it is his sleeping picture.

"Ji~" Seungcheol forced Mingyu to sit across him so he can sit next to Jihoon. He knows Jihoon doesn't like PDA but he purposely snuggles into Jihoon.
"Hyung?" The taller scoffs and decide to order some food.

But great things, Jihoon didn't push him away. Which is surprising for Mingyu. "How come Seungcheol Hyung got privilege but you always attack me?"

"Because I'm his boyfriend, stupid." Mingyu rolled his eyes and Jihoon couldn't stop his corner lips to curl up. Seungcheol proudly just say that.
And he nearly flutters but quickly realizes that Seungcheol has another thing to apologize for.

They eat normally and slight interaction between Jihoon and Seungcheol. Because the smaller doesn't Mingyu to know that they're fighting.

Seungcheol on the other hand thought Jihoon is finally okay. Not until when they're heading back to the dorm.
Jihoon has been following Mingyu around but the taller was quick to notice and thought Seungcheol might be angry at him. So, he makes excuses to stay away from the couple.

"What were you doing, Jihoon-ah?" Seungcheol pouts, arm wrapped around smaller's shoulder.

Yet again, no response. 

"But, I changed the picture already." Seungcheol makes them halt, making Jihoon look at him. "Can you tell me what's wrong?" Seungcheol cupped the smaller's face.

Jihoon starts to redden as they're in public. In the middle of the street.

"If you don't tell me then I will kiss you now, right here."

Seungcheol is one move away from kissing the smaller until Jihoon finally says,
"Okay, I'll tell you but not here." He's flabbergastered.

Seungcheol smiles, dimples appear. "Promise?" The smaller nods and Seungcheol caresses the younger's head.

Seungcheol has been peppering Jihoon once they settled down at the dorm. After Jihoon told him the reason why he ignored the elder. "I think I should make you jealous more. I love seeing you like this."

Jihoon pinched the elder's left arm. "Says you, who gets jealous all the time." He rolled his eyes.

"Baby, you do know Jeonghan is always like that." Seungcheol snuggles into Jihoon's neck, arms tightening around the smaller's waist.
"I'm not worried about Jeonghan Hyung. I'm worried about you."

Jihoon pokes Seungcheol's chest. "You. flirted. with. him. back. I said no more flirting, didn't I?"
Seungcheol laughs wholeheartedly seeing Jihoon is annoyed with him flirting.

Jihoon was enraged when he saw Seungcheol played, twirling with Jeonghan's hair one night when all of them had a movie night.
But he managed to control himself.

He felt irked when he saw Jeonghan was playing with Seungcheol's hair when they were lying on the floor. Yet he still calmed, knowing Jeonghan.
But he nearly went mad when he saw Seungcheol did the same.

"Better be the last time or I'll make you living in hell, Hyung."


Getting ready for the sequel~

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