Jihoon feels content with the settlement of Seungcheol and Daniel. Well, Daniel is okay with it but Seungcheol is ashamed of himself for doing so without knowing the reason.

"Hyung, it's okay. Jihoon already apologized on behalf of you." Daniel scrunches his nose.
"Was it through the call?" Seungcheol side glances the smaller.

"Oh no. He met me." Daniel tells.
"Ahh... you met him." Seungcheol looks like Jihoon with a disapproving look. But, he quickly put on a smile.

"But, I think it's better if I say it myself." Daniel chuckles again, telling him it's fine.

After the meeting with Daniel, well more like after Daniel leaves. Seungcheol stares at Jihoon. "What? I met him before we get back."
Seungcheol hummed. "Point accepted."

"God, you and your jealousness."

Seventeen currently is having a small party between them to celebrate the semester break. So, they went to a resort because some of the members don't like going to clubs.

It was Seungkwan and Mingyu idea to have a healing time between them. Hence, they go to a resort.

Jihoon and Seungcheol share a room. Seungcheol plunges on Jihoon once they step in. "Hyung." The smaller whines. "You're heavy." He groans, trying to push Seungcheol off.
"You didn't say that when I'm on top of you." The elder smirks making Jihoon blushed.

"Want to have our time?"

Seungcheol leaves first to find some food while Jihoon is taking a shower. It's not what you think. They didn't do anything. It was a failed plan by Seungcheol.

Seungcheol settles down at a resort's restaurant and sits there alone, waiting for Jihoon to come quick. Then a waitress approached him.

After quite some time Jihoon appears with a gloomy look and sit across Seungcheol.

"Hey, who makes this little man grumpy?"
"What? I didn't do anything. I was waiting for you." He explained.

Jihoon forwards his face. "You think I didn't see you? You were openly flirting with her!" He screamed in a low tone.

"Correction, she flirted with me."
"Then, do you have to return her flirts?" Seungcheol chuckles. "Is this what makes you grumpy? Okay, I'm sorry."

Seungcheol tries to hold the smaller's hand but failed. "I will not give what you wanted." Seungcheol groans.

"Fine. I'm not gonna flirt with anyone."

Later that night, the rest of the members are thinking of having some campfire outside at the beach. So, Seungkwan and Chan decide to call for Seungcheol and Jihoon.

Seungkwan is about to knock, but then something stops him. "Wait, do you hear that?"
"Hear what?" Chan asked.

Seungkwan gasps once he figured out the sound. "Okay, I think we don't need to call them. Let's go."

"No, Chan. I must protect you from these vulgar things. You need to stay innocent." Seungkwan pulled Chan's hand with him. Staying away from the couple's room.

"You do know that I'm 22 and I had a beer with you. Besides, I know what they're doing." Chan smugs.
"Oh no! I didn't raise you to be like this."

Both of them quickly go back to others and tell that Seungcheol and Jihoon are 'asleep' already.

That's how it ends. Jihoon and Seungcheol have spent 11 years together and at last, they get their love returned.

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