Chapter Twenty One


 He's been contemplating whether he should knock on the door or not. Though, he knew the password.

'Get a grip, Jihoon.' He scolds himself before punching in the code.

"Jeonghan, stop bothering me. I can take care of myself." Jihoon freezes when he heard the elder's voice.
Seungcheol sitting on the couch, lazing around and surprisingly he's not playing any games.
"Uhm... hi?" He says in a tiny voice.

Seungcheol looks at the owner of the voice, knowing that's not Jeonghan. "What are you doing here?"

He almost trembles when he heard Seungcheol speaks in a very cold tone. "I... I just want to talk."

"Who gives you the permission to come into my room?" Jihoon has never felt this scared. The elder interrogates him frightened him. "I- I thought because I know the code.."

"Don't you learn some manners?" Jihoon looks at his feet. He feels like he's a child getting chide by parents. His heart beats erratically, hearing Seungcheol like that.

He's been standing there for quite some time before he heard Seungcheol sigh. "Come here."
Jihoon walks to the elder quickly but eyes still looking down.

Seungcheol stares at Jihoon for a while before gently cupping his face. "Did I scare you?" The elder's voice softened, not like earlier.
Jihoon nods, still not looking at Seungcheol. "I'm sorry." This time, Jihoon looks at Seungcheol. Their eyes showed how much he's scared.

"What do you wanna talk about?" Seungcheol caresses Jihoon's cheek. "I thought you're still mad at me."

He heard another sigh from Seungcheol. "I can't stay angry with you. Although it hurts, I can't hate you forever."

Both of them stay like that, no one talks. It's never awkward between them. Seungcheol just waits patiently until Jihoon wants to talk. He knows it's not easy for Jihoon to say it, so he waits.
Until he feels Jihoon grasps his hand. "I still love you, Hyung. Please, hear me first."


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