"Sit here. Next to me." Jihoon pouts, not wanting to sit next to the elder. That's when Seungcheol leash out his weapon. Cutely tantrum.
"Ahh babe, sit here."

"Nope." Now it's Seungcheol 's turn to pout and frown. "You would rather sit with the other Choi instead of me? Your lovely boyfriend?" Seungcheol questioned his little boyfriend.
"I just don't want to sit with you." The smaller mutter quickly takes a seat next to Hansol.

Seungcheol noticed there must be something happened that he's oblivious to. He knows Jihoon wouldn't say the problem until he feels like it. 'I must do something wrong.'

The distance that Jihoon shows make Seungcheol realized that there is indeed something going on.

It's been 3 months since their semester breaks and now they're having their weekend by playing games, Seungcheol doesn't want to ruin the mood. But he couldn't help to stare at Jihoon.

When the boys are arguing about the marks, he saw Jihoon walks away. He quietly follows the smaller.

"Hey." He softly calls the younger.
Jihoon didn't even turn to look at Seungcheol. "What's wrong?" He asked as he encircled his arms around the smaller's waist.
But, to his dismay, Jihoon pushes him away. Which make him frowning.

"Babe, what's wrong? Did I do something?" Seungcheol was about to caresses the younger's head but Jihoon quickly slaps away. "Don't touch me." The smaller sounds were cold and distant but Seungcheol couldn't figure his wrong.

"Come on, Ji. Tell me if I did something wrong." Yet, no response from the smaller.

Later that night, Jihoon and Seungcheol are back in their dorm. Now, that both of them have become roommates.
It was awkward, even now. They didn't even talk at all as Seungcheol trying to figure out what it is.
"Ji, can you please tell me?" He pleads as he started getting tired thinking about all possible reasons that make Jihoon distant.

  Jihoon walks outside with a blanket and a pillow. "Are you going to sleep on the couch?" Seungcheol asked as he frowns.
No response. It has started the silent treatment.

He tried so hard to find what's wrong but he didn't know what. The smaller make it hard.

He knows Jihoon doesn't want to be disturbed, so he unwillingly sleeps alone on the bed.
But before his brain starts working on the cause, he looks at his phone that is showing its back.

"Why would I have Jeonghan's picture at the back of my phone?"
That's when he realized, he had Jeonghan's picture for a week. That's why Jihoon gave him the cold shoulder.
"Damn it, you devil." He sighs, thinking about how to make up with his little boyfriend.


I love this story and I thought why not make a bonus chapter.

Ps: I am contemplating making a sequel to this story.

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