Chapter Twenty Four


 "Where were you, boy?" The elder asked once he saw Jihoon coming in.
"I went out with Young." He said as he lays his head on Seungcheol's lap.

At the mention of another man, Seungcheol frowned. "You went out with him the whole day? What did you do?" Jihoon chuckles silently. He knows Seungcheol is ready to fight him for spending time with another person.

"I went to a gym. To work out."
"The whole day?" Jihoon looks at the clock and thought it's not even a day.
"But baby, your body is perfect already."

Jihoon sits up and deadpanned look at the elder. "Have you seen your body? I want to be like that too."
Seungcheol chuckles as he engulfs Jihoon in a hug.

"Do you remember that time when you wore a crop top during the performance?"
Jihoon nods.
"Everyone was drooling, including me, which means your body is perfect."

Jihoon pouts, can't argue longer with the elder.
Both of them become silent as Jihoon placed his cheek on Seungcheol's chest, playing with the elder's fingers.

Out of nowhere, Jihoon jolts up when Seungcheol makes Jihoon face him. "Did you take off your clothes?"

"Why would I do that?"
"Because you were there for nearly a day and of course you would feel hot." Seungcheol narrowed his eyes.

"No, I didn't. But Young took off." Seungcheol gasp. "And you look at it? You know you're not supposed to look at it."

Jihoon smacks the elder's shoulder. "Don't we look at it all the time?"
Jihoon sighs, rolling his eyes seeing Seungcheol act dramatic.

"How come I date with this fool?"
"Hey, at least I'm your fool."

The next day comes and Jihoon is having a battle with Seungcheol.

"Hyung, come on." Jihoon is trying to make Seungcheol out of the bed.

"Just for a while. Confront him." He pleads.
"Babe, I punched him --"
"Which is why you have to see him." He added.

After all the strength that he used, he lands on top of Seungcheol. Hugging like a koala. "Fine then. I'll go and see him alone." He mutters.

Seungcheol's opened his eyes. "Who says you can go and see him alone."

Well, it works that way because Seungcheol hates it when Jihoon and Daniel are alone, together.

"Fine. But kiss me first."

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