Chapter Nine


 "I think Daniel Hyung likes Jihoon Hyung." That makes Hansol gasp. "How do you know that?"
"Isn't it's obvious. Daniel Hyung is our school's heartthrob. He doesn't go and fling around people because he's shy. But when he's with Jihoon Hyung." He shows Hansol how Daniel is acting with Jihoon at the cafeteria.
"Hmm, that makes sense."
  Seungkwan hits Hansol's shoulder. "Are you even listen to me?"

"But, I don't understand for what reason Seungcheol Hyung avoids Jihoon Hyung for two months." It was obvious, even Hansol noticed that.
"Yeah, but now they act as nothing happened."

"And something is about to happen."

Seungcheol clears his throat, taking a seat next to Jihoon while the smaller is facing Daniel. "Hey, Hyung." Daniel just being polite and greet the older.
Seungcheol nods, glancing at the smaller.

Seungcheol clears his throat again before speak.
"So, what pro-"
"Please do not interrupt when I'm with Daniel." Jihoon shows his palm as a sign 'talk to my hand.'

Seungcheol frowns while Daniel chuckles. "Seriously? Even your hand is cute." Jihoon quickly hides his hand and blush. Daniel has been saying he looks cute non-stop.

"Hey, he hates when people call him cute." Because he once got beaten by Jihoon for calling him a midget and cute. "But, he is cute." And Seungcheol doesn't like the idea because Daniel didn't even get hit. That's unfair.

Later that night, Jihoon heard a noise coming from his dorm. "I'll see you tomorrow, Jihoon." Daniel ruffles the smaller's hair and leaves with a smile.

Jihoon gawks at the scene. Seungcheol, Soonyoung, Seungkwan and Vernon are here, in his room. Perks of living alone, so all of his friends will gather in his room.
"Eyy, Jihoon Hyung went on date." Seungkwan teased the smaller and Jihoon is not doing anything.

Instead, Seungcheol is the one who looks at Jihoon in disbelief. "You went on a date? With Daniel?"
Jihoon nods cutely.
"Since the class ended at noon?" Jihoon nods again, settling next to Soonyoung.

"Yah, get up." Seungcheol pushes Seungkwan to sit next to Soonyoung, exchanging with Jihoon. "Eyy, I've always known Daniel likes you." Soonyoung continues with the teasing.

"Yet you didn't bother to tell me?" Seungcheol looks at Jihoon sternly while Jihoon just eats the fried chicken that they bought.
"Why should I tell you? Besides, it wasn't like a date. We just hang out."

'Hang out, my .' Seungcheol rolls his eyes, continue eating.


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