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Ever since the day Chanwoo is possessed, the younger has never been acting like himself.


He eats less


Sleep less


Talk less – at least with others.


He always has nightmares, then out of nowhere screams when it is in the daylight. Refuse to be left alone and often acting paranoid.


But the others know what is going on with him. That is why they need to protect him.



From them….











A SIDE STORY TO REACHING FOR YOU *click for story direct*


Hello everyone~ I have been contemplating for months to write this or not but in the end I decide that 'why not?'

And here it is~ This will be a side story of RFY telling what happened after Chanwoo is recovered from all the possess things and what exactly happens to him in RFY.


Read well and I will continue on this soon~~ Along with Sequel for RFY ^^


Poster & background credited to FIRST LOVE GRAPHICS & ADVERTISING♡ 







Side story to Reaching For You - Chanwoo's story


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HaniKimbap 0 points #1
Chapter 7: Please save Chanu authornim TT TT
Charlyjoy #2
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thank you for the update:-)
paraccoon #3
Chapter 7: Junchan is my fav btw.... Kk
paraccoon #4
Chapter 7: Chanwoo jumps????????
What the????????????????
Yumi_desu #5
Chapter 7: Poor chanwoo :///
it's really a good story authornim! please continue!
yes i can guess the otp chanbin and dongchan
The junchan was really cute ;))
Chapter 7: Noo !! Please save our chanuuu ???
Pennypurple09 #7
Chapter 7: NOOOOOO!!!!!
Cuneng 11 streak #8
Chapter 7: Canuu don't jump please :'( don't do that :( i can't wait for next chapter authornim
YGStorm #9
Chapter 7: Aaaa i need junchan moreee authornim, chanwoo yaaa don'ttt
Chapter 7: chanu don't jump pleaseee........ :((

at least I get my junchan here, gomawo author-nim