Free Hugs
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Ari was not around and he knew it because she was just so damn easy to spot.

He had a feeling that she’ll be around somewhere doing some crazy stuff and something in him pushed him to find her.

“Jongin…” A voice whispered as soon as he reached the backdoor.

He whipped his head and found her sitting on the floor with a glass of wine in her hand. She had barely drank any it judging from the amount it still had.

She seemed to not bother than her expensive dress was probably dirty, sitting on the floor of the hallway like that. The place that they were in right now was a hallway that led to some other halls and stairs so no one bothered using it.

“Ari,” Kai squatted down to reach her eye level. “Don’t just sit on the floor like that.”

She looks up to him and flashed him a bright smile, one that finally resembles Ari.

“At least you care,” She says and smiles at her glass.

“Everyone cares about you.” Kai rolls his eyes as he told her the obvious and finally plops down to the spot besides her.

“I guess…” She mumbles, wrinkling up her nose, then she grins mischievously “But I like it more when you do.”

Kai knew she was only making a joke but his heart decided to do a full drum-roll. The rest of the night they decided to spent it there, laughing and making some lame jokes.

Kai failed to ask her what she wanted to do in her future.

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The end is here. Shall we stop and listen to her story or do we just move on?


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Chapter 66: I finished this in one go. And I'm thinking what to comment, actually reading this makes me think hard. About Ari, about Kai and all life stuff. lol. anyway, this hurts knowing if only Kai reached out to her, by then this won't end like this. But then again, its in human nature so I understand Kai. He is selfish to only think of his own problems but he is already drowning in his own demons to see that others are suffering as well. But I'm happy everything turns out well for him in the end. And I also salute Ari, she fight long enough though she decided to give up and rest in the end. She is brave enough to at least help and be there for Kai even if she is also drowning in her own demons.

Thank you for this one and I hope you are okay now. If in any case you need someone just to listen to you and has no one else, you can PM me. Cheers for more great work Ms. Author 💙
kind of scared to continue reading this one because of mental health issues and all of those disclaimers XD but I'm also excited what I will find out while reading this. I'll comment again once I finish reading this one. :)
Chapter 66: Its sad how kai never tried to reach out to her...
Chapter 28: This fic has its own charm with the simple writing style. And the characters are very interesting too
Baekie_18 #5
Chapter 66: I kinda hate myself for not discovering this story sooner. Reading this reminding me of someone who I used to know. Anyways thanks you for writing such an amazing story.
againagainagain #6
Chapter 66: This hurts

But I'm grateful for your final message. Life is precious, no matter how difficult at the time. I didn't end up as Ari but I did have a time like her. It's hard not to drown in our own pain and miss that of others. I feel reminded to see beyond myself.

I hope you (and fellow readers) always take care <3
Chapter 66: I hope you are fine now. Please always be happy.