Hold You Tight (Secret Santa Special)

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Byun EunJeong is one lucky lady as Christmas works its magic and brings her a star from her wildest dreams.




If I hug you, all the moments in the world
Exists just for me and for me only



Zhang Yixing, her best friend is the most amazing man alive who everyone had a crush on, including her but when he doesn't see her the way she does, Christmas brings to her the biggest star in Korea - the singing sensation in the form of Chen.


 Dearest luv_kero,

I do hope you like this magical Christmas night with Chen ^^

Merry Christmas to you <3




To those who do not find reading Chen as the main lead comfortable, please skip this ^^

There are appearances from other EXO members like all of my other fictions and this one will especially see luv_kero's favs which are BaekLayChen <3

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone <3 Stay safe

What will you hold on tightly this Christmas? I hope you have a blessed rest of 2021 <3


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Pinnky_ #1
Chapter 1: Love everything about this story!
Wow,this story was awesome! I love it!

You are awesome, authornim. 👌👌👌
Chapter 1: OMG how did I ignore this story till now?? Thank u so much for promoting it in your feed, hun, I was missing big-time! This was such a beautiful ride *cries* My heart feels so damn warm rn??? Like UGH it's not only because I simply LOVE Jongdae and anything related to him always leaves me melting into a puddle of mush but YOUR WRITING STYLE DUDE *sobs harder* The work you did with this oneshot's absolutely lovely, it was cute and simple but very heartwarming at the same time! I want that Christmas’ miracle to happen to me too?? Lol Tysm for it, Rosie, I loved it! Till thennn~
2493 streak #4
Chapter 1: First off, THANK YOU for being such a wonderful Secret Santa!! <3 The fact that you incorporated all three of my EXO biases makes my heart feel so much warmth and gratitude, and I'm missing them more than ever now. ㅠㅠ

Anyway, ahhhh, yes, I would definitely pull myself out of the house for any chance to watch Chen perform, hehe ^^ And omg, I laughed at Baekhyun's comment about Yixing changing girlfriends so frequently, because I wasn't expecting him to be such playboy, LOOOOOL. But oooh, WOW, look at Baekhyun being a successful adult. *o* And his cat-and-mouse dynamic with EunJeong is so funny, and I love it when older brothers and young sisters can banter like that, hehe :D EunJeong is lucky to have an older brother who cares about her so much. x]

But ahhhh, omg, look at Yixing being the prime example of another successful adult. *o* Now I wish I could watch the variety shows he's produced, especially since I'm a huge fan of Running Man, so I'm sure his programs would be right up my alley! ^^ No wonder EunJeong has had a crush on him for so long. I would be the exact same if I were her, hehe :') Like she has legitimate reasons for having such strong feelings for Yixing, considering how much he does for her and cares for her, even if it's just as a friend. My heart is fluttering already and I'm just an outsider, LOOOOL. But um, hello, Lili?! Is she seriously flirting with someone who isn't her boyfriend?! This girl has the AUDACITY to cozy up with another man IN FRONT OF HER BOYFRIEND, who is actually PERFECT?! Yixing, please dump her ASAP, my guy. OTL You deserve so much better than her ㅠㅠ

But ahhh, Chen is finally here! <3 And I love that you chose to include the "Dear My Dear" album, because that one holds a very special place in my heart. :) (I actually got to meet and talk to Chen IRL during his DMD promotions hehe x]) So I totally feel EunJeong on her fangirling when she and Chen were at camp together. :P And love the descriptors about his vocal performance! So beautifully poetic! :) And it's so cute that Chen went out of his way to find EunJeong after his amazing performance! My brain would combust if that ever happened to me, HAHA, so good on EunJeong for holding herself together quite well, hehe :D And LOOOOOL, I'm DED at how he remembered EunJeong from camp and wanted to get to know her. XD And it's sweet that the two of them seem to have the same sense of humor. ^^ Chen is soooo whipped and just such a kind boy. EunJeong is very lucky to be in her position. x] And ahhhh, Chen and Yixing working on a variety show together is the dream! :')

I also really like the discourse on what Christmas means to people! Both the giving and receiving are important, and the Secret Santa event is a great example of people coming together to give and receive to make our holidays even brighter. ^^ And I hope EunJeong and Chen have a lovely first date after this, hehe x] Such a sweet story and Chen is so cute in that final picture you included! x]

Thank you so much again for writing such a cute story! <3 I really appreciate it and very much enjoyed reading it! ^^ Happy Holidays to you and I hope only good things come your way in 2022!
Chapter 1: This was so sweet! I miss stories with Chen as focus and this was soo nice to read. Even when he’s not the focus people had quit and he’s such a sweet guy that it lends so well to a story and people seem to forget it’s not always about ual love. This was really such a wonderful tribute in a way to a man who was my first bias when I found EXO.
Oh one of the other comments mentioned the description of his voice when singing and that was some of the most interesting visuals and makes me wanna go listen again to just him
Chapter 1: This will definitely be an ultimate dream for EXO-L!! I miss chen so much.. <333
Chapter 1: Jongdae is such a lovely person and this character is almost as lovely as the real life man. ❤