Personal Message

There is more fiction in the world than you can even fathom.

Make sure you tell your family, friends and idols that you love them before the day comes when they no longer can hear your words. <3

Today I took my nephew to the beach to play. He was having a grand time digging holes until a couple little girls came along and knocked sand into the holes filling them up. I heard a cry as to how unfair that was and realized it truly was a metaphor for life. No matter how long or hard you work at digging holes someone always comes along to knock sand into it. I told my nephew that and suddenly I became his crazy aunt. 


About Me

This is what my life has come to??? Eating stale sour Gummi bears and watching Flea Market Flip on a Friday night all while in my yoga pants. Not sure if this was the plan but for now it works.

So when I started to go insane I thought it might be on the fun side, now I realize it is about as exciting as a swiffer with dying batteries. Yeah, try that out.

My dog thinks I'm a big deal.