Please, Help Me Save Me

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"Please, do not touch me...."


"What should couple do when you can't touch each other? Isn't that a form of love expression? I am dying to touch her so bad. I want her to know that I love her. Then what should I do if I can't touch her? How I expressed my love towards her? Can you tell me, baby?"

Kim Junmyeon

"Should love expressed through a touch? Well I don't think so. For your information, I can be touch, but only with my significant person. You are not my significant person, probably not yet. Can you try to be my significant person*, baby?"

Park Nara


*Significant person: someone who is/are the most important in your life. It's usually someone from nuclear family (mother, father, siblings) or spouse.


I am usually a silent reader but now I'm trying to create one. My first fanfic ever, inspired by a dream. Pardon me for my grammar. Please subscribe if you like it. I hope you enjoy!

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