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I'm sorry but it needs to be said...

By XiuminsKnuts posted
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About cliches!

By ddskyxxii posted
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This One Tweak Could Get You More Readers

By Demitria_Teague posted
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"Wannabe Writer," I'm better than you because...

By Demitria_Teague posted
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FanFic Writers 3 Biggest Mistakes!

By asdgfh posted
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Humor is so hard

By cyinthia0501 posted
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Readers Make your Life Better With the Power of Laughter

By Demitria_Teague posted
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How long should your chapter be?

By snowflake16 posted
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What do you think of chapter length?

By ddeokbxkkii posted
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35 Writer's Questions

By onlybaekdyo posted
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Tips To Overcome Writer's Block

By special_nay posted
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What's important about a plot

By kesujo posted
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What I Learned from Writing 50k Words in Less Than a Month

By SkyeButterfly posted
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(Writers) Let's Do 'Dis #18 - 3 Writer's Tips w/Videos + If You're In The Mood to Write & BONUS Videos

By Demitria_Teague posted
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(Writers) Let's Do 'Dis #16 - Reality VS Realistic & CBX (Chen/BaekHyun/Xiumin MV - Reality TV the 1st ;)

By Demitria_Teague posted
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(Writers) Let's Do 'Dis #15 - Distract the Readers? I think NOT. + Formatting, Pretty Colors, Videos & SHINee's Back (MV - Good Evening :D )

By Demitria_Teague posted
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