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Dear Reader,
Welcome to my Profile. If you stopped by, chances are you want to know a little bit about me. Forget the, My Name Is... although, I feel like I must say, "My name is Danae (Duh-nay), but I'm known around the fanfic world as Demitria_Teague. No, ASL'in (Age, , Location... stuff. I want to tell you one of the stories I love the most. It's how I got my start in the fanfic world.
Just like you, it's changed my life. Writing and Reading. If you're interested... Keep Reading. :)
World Changed
At sixteen I'd been introduced to one of the most magical things in the world... Fanfiction.
Back then I hadn't fully registered the potential of it.
As a kid I'd watch movies and drift off in to my own world. The characters would do other things...
  • Not Die
  • Continue on their journey after the credits had rolled.
  • Cross over in to other world: Blade meets Neo from The Matix. 0.o
It's Fate
I'd been living as a fanfiction writer and hadn't even known it. Awesome, right? Clearly, writing fanfiction can be in your blood. This had happened way before my friend had introduced me to fanfiction. I vividly remember having so much fun daydreaming all these super fun adventures at eight.
Did you have a similar experience? It's mind-blowing, right? :)
There's something so freeing being able to do what you want with such colorful worlds, emotional characters, with the ability to add a dash... or a flood of all you.
Fics I'm Most Proud Of
  • ChanBaek in Tokyo
  • Frost
  • Sensualist Cafe'...
And I never expected them to be as popular as they are. Being able to create and share my worlds with you guys... There's nothing like being a part of such a creative and supportive community.
Until Next Time,
If you like fics with Exo, magic powers, romance, goofy characters, and supernatural creatures...
Read the Fics I'm Most Proud Of... BUT, first read the Reviews and Descriptions, then decide if they're for you.
ChanBaek In Tokyo
"Hi! Your story is so fascinating! I'm curious on why baek was covered in blood like that and how chanbaek and the members' relationship will develop ❤️ please update if you have time ><"
"I'm new to chanbaek, but I love this ragardlss"
Baekhyun is unknowingly an 헌혈자 Heonhyeolja, which translates to Blood Donor, but in this sense, it’s not a medical term; It’s something profound. Chanyeol is secretly a vampire who, for the last eight years, has repressed his vampiric nature in order to follow his dreams: first training to be and then living as an idol. When Baekhyun's condition causes him to start bleeding out, it's Chanyeol who finds him. When he feeds from him, it kick starts a chain of events that will change their lives forever. [Read]
"You did well dear author! I hope, you are able to update soon...I'm soooooo curious..."
"I have miss this story! I'm glad you haven't lost interest in continuing this! ". I think I like you." Omg Luhan hahaha this was really nice and funny! Good luck with everything! ^^"
Unlike most of EXO Initiative, Luhan is willing to do anything to complete his missions. When he allows himself to fall victim to a human trafficking ring whose started targeting entertainment super stars, he's got two assignments. Find Kris, a member of EXO Initiative who has stopped reporting to the Directive a little over a week ago and break out Korean's Darling, an 'A' list actor named Kim Min Seok.
His job gets complicated when Kim Min Seok turns out to be nothing like what you'd expect from a National Darling. Plus, Tao shows up, whose never been on an undercover assignment in his life. [Read]
Sensualist Cafe'
"<3 I LOVE IT! Its so cute, you had me blushing most of the story. Perfect to read right before my bed time =P &
the OC was great, spot on description. My absolute favourite part was XiuChen's interaction with the rest of EXO after the fact, it was so cute and funny."
Xiumin and Chen take a Barista class. A storm forces them to have to stay the night in the restaurant and things get... interesting.
Xiumin/Chen/Voyeur - Female OC (Kitten) [Read]
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