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Wanna read a good book? I recommend these! They're written by me. Y'all know I write well =D


Links: Get Even (romance, thriller) a.k.a Everlasting Impressions

Guardians of Shalimaar (adventure, fantasy, romance) a.k.a The Emperor's Men


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Just gonna write for the rest of my life, I guess. Do you guys like reading? Check out my work. On AFF I write: romcoms, thrillers, horror, nonsensical comedy, fantasy. I'm also a published author. I recommend reading my work. They're based of my fics on AFF.


Imma Sehun stan, in case you couldn't tell by the number of stories I've written about him XD


Featured author! Yeahhh~ Couldn't have done it without my lovely readers and commenters. You guys are the best <3 Don't deserve you <3 Stay fabulous <3 <3 <3