Her presence was life itself, filled with joy. Her smile was medicine for the soul.

Her eyes gave access to worlds untold. Her personality was vast, each door leading to a new discovery. Her soul was a never ending mystery. Each page brought emotions unknown.

Her voice was soft, like velvet, smooth. Her scent was perfume rich like oud.

Like the sea she was calm yet a tempest too. Silent but loud. Colours contrasting. Captivating.


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I love it!
It's so beautiful!
Thank you for sharing it.
Take care
Hugs ^^,
Omg!! It's so simple and beautiful❤❤ I love it. Can I adopte it? I will credit you, of course! Lol
This is so beautiful! One of the best poems you ever wrote.
lovely and sweet I wonder to whom it was written ♥ lucky her
Lovely poem <3