Jungkook and the Shadow

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In which Jungkook helps a shadow find her way back home




Jungkook had locked himself up in his apartment. He refused to see anyone, or go anywhere until his hair grew back. His stylist had burned off most of it. He looked like an electrocuted chicken.

The others had laughed.

Jungkook had cried.

There were still tears in his eyes when he got home. Balefully he searched for a pair of scissors. He found a pair from under his bed.

Lots of things came from under his bed. There was another world under there.

Reluctantly, Jungkook cut off the remains of his beautiful locks, or what had been. The charred hair fell over his shoulders and on the carpet.

Jungkook dropped the scissors.

"Ouch!" Cried a female voice.

He jumped. What was it? A sasaeng? The scissors? The remains of his sanity?

Something crawled off the floor.

He came face to face with a young woman who clutched her head, where a bump had formed.

"You hit me," she mumbled. "I want to go home."

A story to fill your heart with warmth! Perfect for trying times


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Chapter 1: I had fun reading this!
Poor shadow when Jungkook's shadow start fighting with her.
Thank you for this story.
Take care!
Chapter 1: Gaah this is so cute and fluffy. I get Alice in wonderland and Peter Pan vibes off this. A world under his bed. The shadow missing her body. And the little quirks there about handsome SM men and IU's face on the poster! xD This story makes me so happy. I love it! Plus, Taehyung as a fairy demands a followup oneshot!
Chapter 1: Coronavirus, lol you got me smiling
Nicely done
fairy Tae?! I need a follow-up lol
I needed this, thanks
I'm in love with the poster XD I like how you're taking the kpop idol approach to the story.
Where's the story?!

Need to read what happens next.

Continue to write, hope you'll get lots of inspiration.