(Writers) Let's Do 'Dis #9 - Quit Being Stuck In Your Writing By Doing This One Simple Thing + Video - (Xiu-Man ;)

Writing Tip Under Video
    I had planned to do more for this post, but the more I thought about it (which, with my over-thinking mind, meant I obsessed over it), I got overwhelmed.
    I have almost not posted it multiple times, but I'm not going to lose the momentum I've built.
    Some encouraging words would be helpful right now.
    I had this crushing weight of depression hit me.  All day I've been really good, then BAM - crash.
    (And please don't say: "Cheer Up - There's Nothing To Be Sad About."
    I have Bipolar "Disorder".  My moods are irrational [there's no cause or reason for them sometimes].  I can't just cheer up and I can't turn it off.  What a joy that would be.)
    I want to hide away and not come out...
    But I won't.  I'm here.  I'm posting. 
    And that's good-
    PSSharing this is scaryI'm scared over half of you will think I'm crazy and run away...
    But I'm here any way.
    -So, let's go to the Video, and beneath that is today/tonight's Writing Tip.
    Hahaha.  Al-righty then.  (Get the reference?)
The point of this video...?
    No, it's hot - yes - but it just cracks me up.  Plus the music is awesome.
    Just watch it - or just listen to the music.
    You do you, and I do me, and...  I feel like I should stop right there, because I'm tempted to say something dirty and *Gasp. (How innopropriate of me).  *Snorts.
    Enjoy... or suffer something something - the opposite of enjoy (how ever you react to the video).
    *Hovers awkwardly.
    *Walks that-a-way...
    By the way, after I wrote the words "Hovers* and thought about writing the word awkwardly - I burst out laughing like a weirdo.  And am grinning as we speak.
    And that laugh actually made me feel better.
    Welcome to rapid cycling bipolar type one disorder folks.  ;)  I'll be here all week.
    Once again-
Xiumin (시우민) "Xiudaddy"

Writing Tip
I've once said that you can't edit what hasn't been written.
Any one whose written fiction or non-fiction should know that editing is bountiful - edit and edit again.  There will always be editing.
One of the best methods to get writing done is to write with out editing.
Let me repeat-
Try writing with out editing - to get writing done.
You can edit later.
Have you ever wanted to start or finish a story, but no matter how many times you started it - you always found yourself stuck.
You couldn't get pass the first sentence or those few chapters?
You had ideas?
Plenty of them-
-but nothing you did would get you to that next point?
Eventually you gave up?
Afterwards you probably felt upset, discouraged (which stopped you from writing something new - maybe for a long time)?
I've been there and had to learn the hard way.
I've wasted so much time:
-being stubborn [not listening to advice].
-not dedicating [not setting myself up for success ahead of time - scheduling writing time & doing it every day].
-rolling my eyes [not taking my writing seriously and passing up opportunities that could've allowed me to get something done].
-being unwilling to commit [even after I see the damage to my life by not setting and following goals, plus all the above, I still remained unwilling to commit to what I knew would help me out].

Don't be like me.  Do the thang now - instead of three-to-five years from now.  No-


I ask:
What's one thing could you do - right now - to get your writing life on track?
Just one thing?
Do that.

And stop editing while you write.

Write+Finish+Edit = Get Writing Done (+ Repeat) = Being Dedicated and Efficient XP


Until Tomorrow,
-I believe in you.  You can do it.  How bad do you want it?
~ Demitria_Teague


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