(Writers) Let's Do 'Dis #14 - Quit Being Stuck In Your Writing - Do This & sa-sa-sudio... I mean: Video ;P & Yixing Flash Fic

Writers Tip Under Video

Unformatted version, internet went out.  Thankfully I posted this and could publish it with my phone. I'll fix it when it comes up. Nothings lacking though. Enjoy.


Senpai - Hy-ee! -

Sorry, I've been watching way too many YouTube videos... and sometimes... they're so vulgar...

...the lyrics I mean.  Not the video (they're fan made), and on YouTube so it's a good thing they have limited material to work with.  Although, sometimes it doesn't matter... they find-

I'm getting off track.  Way off track-

Where was I?  Right.


I'm going jogging today.

My real name is Danae (Duh-nay).


Yes.  :D  Nice to meet you.

I'm twenty-Nine years old... well, I will be June 12 and am currently contemplating my birthday plans.  What to do, what to do...

Stay Tuned.

Even Though I don't drink-

I found the perfect video for the not-quit-here-celebration of my birth.



Video ;)

LMFAO - Shot ft. Lil Jon

*Ear Splitting Scream (Sorry I should've warned you, but inspiration:  It's like touching a live wire.)

I just figured out a direction I wanted the Pretty Little Psycho Yixing story to go in.  Well, a new element.  The controversial element.  Any who...

Look forward to it.  ;)

On to the Writers Tip.


Writers Tip

But first of all:  Question:  Have you tried any of the things I've suggested?  [Yes or No Poll at the Bottom.]



*Looks at you adoringly.  "K.  So, I'll hear from you?"


*Looks at you suspiciously.


"Ok, I trust you.  Doing these things is important to your progress.  I can't force you to try them, but they will help.  Find the ones that work for you-

-Don't give up on ones that don't the first time.  It may take time to adjust.

If you've failed at them, it may not be that they don't work, but that you have to adjust to doing it a different way.

*Nods appreciatively.

*Smiles  "Ok.  Now-"

*Sitting straight, looks determined-

Writers Tip - for realz, Yo!

*Covers face.  "Just kill me now and get it over with.  So embarrassiiing."


*Mega Phone:  Stream of Conscience (Write and Write and Write and just let it go).


I never thought I'd be here.

My non-existant friend on here is embarrassed - Yo - I'm rappin'... but not really.  Ung - Choo - *Sound

*Moves to the music.

Let's continue this stream and see where it ends up-

I'm listenting to music and going with the flow (and allowing you to follow the journey with me.  You're witnessing music inspired inspiration in action:

*Turns Song - I like wrap but not that - a** a**... nope... but I like the You look good in that Crown Girl- Why thank ya.  *Moves to the music.  Some'n Some'n Islands of Waki-kiiiiiiiii.... Nicki Minaj)

Flash Fiction

    Cash cash cash

    Yixing was embarrassed and the guys found it hilarious.  His pale skin had literally turned right red and he kept covering his face.  She - the Wilde he'd brought to the bar - to have some fun - had started doing just that.  She begun with dancing on him, and of course he'd made her stop, which had amused her.

    Then she'd ended up in the crowd - with a woman and then men and then other women - her female Wilde friends had appeared from seperate areas of the club to dance -

    -and they were choreographed - and Yixing was in Awe.  The guys were starting to understand why he'd chosen her to be his dance partner.  They would be undetoured in winning - and building a career out of it.  The way she drew in a crowd inspired awe - unnecessarily repeated - and his focus had become legend.  They were unstoppable.

    Now, if he'd just relax and have fun - her words - he'd be perfect.

    *Naggling in the back the mind.  They were probably going to become a couple.  Chanyeol didn't know why.

(Ooo... inspiration for a previously mentioned character to step forward in to the spot light.)

    He could just tell, and he wasn't as worried about it as some of the others.  Baek was going to flip when he told him.  He knew his gut never lied.  He grinned.  Their lives had become interesting and he knew this to be only the beginning.

    ~ End.

So, what's the Writer's Tip?

Follow your stream of conscience-

Let the words flow-

Say the first thing that comes to your mind (Just let it go).  [See how I reframed from saying Yo- Crap, I just said it.]


Try it.

It's fun.  It's relaxing.  Don't give yourself permission to write crap, even thought it's what may become of this.

It's a great way to let randomness come out, but randomness may or may not - as it does - release something good (full of life - useable).

I say don't give yourself permission to write crap this time, because that would require thinking.

Don't think.  Just do.

I would seriously love to see some of these in the Comment Section guys.

We can at least have a good laugh or-

-Maybe they'll inspire something from some one else.

[!] That would be amazing.  We should be open to helping our fellow writers.  We're all we have, guys.  We understand each other.  Sticking together enriches our lives - by helping us stay on course - passionately.

Don't be shy.  We're here for you.

Am I right?

Until Tomorrow,

~ Demitria_Teague

PS:  Don't forget to take the Yes or No Poll [below].

Have You Tried Any Of The Things I've Suggested - Y/N?


Have you tried any of the things I've suggested?



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