(Writers) Let's Do 'Dis #11 - Quit-a- Being Stuck In Your Writing-uh By Asking Yourself-fa-fa This + V-V-Videooo- YoLo.

Writers Tip Under Video - Oh/not (Oh?)  Nope.
[Hint Hint] ;D
Today, I worked from 7 am to 3 pm-
We had a no call, no show (someone dipped out of work)-
-on the most busy day I've seen since I started working there.
I'm a cashier, by the way.
I do love my job though.
1)  Everyone's friendly.
2)  The store's organized.
3)  It's clean.
4)  The Manager's are regularly around.
5)  You can call for help without feeling like a burden.
6)  I feel apprecited +
    I can scan like no bodies business-
[Insert Delusional Tag Here]
Jk Jk Jk Jk - I am fast though.  I love scanning and bagging - so...
7)  Work's fun.
    Anywho, I had a good day so far.
    And as long as my wearing headphones, listening to music 24/7 self has any thing to do with it, it'll continue that way.
Speaking of 24/7:
Video *Wink
Beyonce' - 7/11  (Get it, numbers... haha)

I love this video, because A) Beyonce' and B) It's so down to earth fun.  It's like someone following normal people around with a video camers, and sharing the fun with all of us.
Writing Tip
Write for you.
I know I've said this before, but I have a different approach.
Last time, it was that you may not be suffereing from writer's block, but lack of interest.
>You May Not Be Suffering From Writers Block, But Lack Of Interest<
This Time:
We writer's quit literally put words on a page to live.  It's our gift and our curse.  We express ourselves, because we have to.
Have you ever gasped, lost focus - because a character was telling you something?
Have you ever rolled out of bed to get your notebook, because you'd had the perfect main problem in a story - that would allow you to finally start working on it - come to you?
See, curse, because it can be agonizing with that sense of - must write now - 
-but gift, because inspiration is like touching a live wire.
Your pupils dilate-
It's like eating chocolate (succulent),
or being caught while falling (adrenaline shock) - and you get that goofy grin-
or evil smirk-
or manic grin, or
evil genius laugh-
The Power.
The Discovery.
The Unadulterated Creation-
Ever seen Inception *Snorts (Yes, that dream show).  Haha.
The real question is:
When was the last time you wrote something - without the intention to share it with the world - (for readers and not - just for fun)?
If you're like me, as a person that writing - art - creativity comes naturally to - then you probably spent countless hours as a child, and bigger child, and teenager just creating things for fun.
When did that fun become part obligation to our readers?
(No offense readers - we love you - appreciate your existence - your support - but... not the point)-
When did we stop the FUN part of creating?
How did a blog post about writing become about generalized creativity?
Because we creatives have a well that must be kept filled (with inspiration) and fun generates this.
We have fun, we play, we keep doing more of it-
-with quality, because-
Because we aren't being forced to Do Work.
Obligation Equals Work (Obligation = Work)
Work Equals Not Fun (Work = Not Fun)
But we need to retain that child-like sense of fun or we lose what led us to where we are.
I used to draw a lot.
I can't tell you the amount of stacks of lined notebook paper I filled up when I was a kid.
[!] All my characters had an attribute list:
Name, Age, World, Planet, Species, Fears, Powers, etc...
As a young kid, the amount of detail I put in to this stuff was impressive.
[Not to mention, I've been carrying a notebook and pen around with me, and reading full sized books since I was one... or two.  I've heard it both way [Psych Reference - Video in Ending Note]
Basically, I was meant to be a writer.
I used to watch every thing-
Study Shapes of Things, Textures - (Still Do)-
-pay attention to every thing.
In order to use it all in stories.
How does a kid just start doing that?  And know how to start doing that?
Equals:  Writers (acting according to nature - straight from the womb).
I used to have so much fun - and I had to find my way away from obligation and back to fun-
multiple times-
-to regain that fun and feel a zest for life again.
When's the last time you wrote just for fun - without the intention of sharing it with the world?
Try creating something just for you.
(You can share it later, but not now - and don't have the reader in mind when you write it.)
Is there a mix of things you know won't work as a story to present to your readers - or... anyone, *snorts - but you want to write it any way?
Do that.
?  Crack Fic - mixed with Historical Romance...
I feel like I'm scraping at an empty barrel for examples to show you.
I once thought of writing a Season-Like multi-chaptered... thing from Yixing's Reality Show  -Go Fighting.  I want to break The Fourth Wall (Show the TV Sets and Camera's following them around, and the narration, with actors being themselves, but also the characters in this heart felt adventure of a team that compete - while keeping bromance alive - while having a fiction, action, supernatural, dangerous, but crack fun, element, adventure... thing... going on...
Something my mind craves for (Preference)-
Just for for me.  May not work for readers at all.  But it would be so fun to write for me.
I want to do it.
What (preference) thing do you want to write?  You don't have to tell us - just go do it.  Capsize on that (FUN) for (YOU).
Your soul will love you for it.
It's a treasure - a game - if you will - to play - just for you.
Have fun.
~ Demitria_Teague
PS:  Tomorrow's Post will be called something like...
Welcome... to The Bacon Show.  No-
(So look forward to that.)
"Wait.  What about Writing Tip?"
There's going to be one.
"Um... until then."
"Why are you yelling at me?"
I'm not...?
"Oh, ok.  ...Tomorrow, then?"

Oh - not (Oh?)


[Hint Hint]
Are you curious?
I'll see you then, then.
Yeah... tomorrow.
Watch out for the post.
The Bacon One.
"You're really not funny."
Am so.
Not listening - Bye'z.


Ending Notes:
Psych The Musical - "I've Heard It Both ways."

Pfft... hahahaha.  I crack me up.


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