Love Story

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Eeeeeeerrrkkkk!!!! BAAMMMMMM!!!!! 

SHOCK!!! Someone please call an ambulance!!!! People started ran towards to the lifeless body that lying on the road to help her out. She is still consious but you can feel that she is in too much pain. She tried to move her body but failed. After tried for few times, she just able to lift her hand up and point to a building. She tried to speak but she has no energy to speak out. One of the people went beside her and tried to listen what she is going to say.

Ssssoommmeee onnnee iiisss waaaaiittting ffffooorrr meeeeee..IIIIiiii haaaavvee tttoooo meeeet tttthhatt ppperrssonnnn. She said while her tears rolling down to her cheeks. Blood started flow out from her head. 

Blood.. Miss, blooodd.. The ambulance will arrived very soon. Hold on. Said one of the people there.

Her sight slowly getting blur and drift into unconsciousness.

(In Hospital)

She was immediatedly rush to the emergency room for treatment. Checking her pulse, breathing and all parts of her body. 

Beep beep beeep beeep......

Doctor, her pulse getting weaker. So do the heart rate. Said one of the nurse.

Prepare the respiratory ventilation!!! Charge it to 150 joules!! 

1 2 clear.... Again!!!! 1 2 clear... Charge it to 200 joules!!!!!!  1 2 clear ...1 2 clear... 


The monitor indicate flatline.



She died or alive??

You will know later.... 




Hello... This is my first fanfic. Sorry for the grammartical mistakes. My english is not good to write a story. Hahahahaha. Please give me a chance to do it. 

The descriptions abit confusing. She is referring to?? Ok. You will know who is she very soon. I will update the 1st chapter in these few days. 

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53 streak #1
Chapter 19: sowon unnie, u almost blurted out. fuhhhh
why those three sems didnt like it when eunha unnie said that yerin unnie and sinb unnie match each other.?
i think they two really suit each other. hihihi

thank u for update this chapter author-nim
Chapter 18: Thanks for chapter 17 :)
Authornim, i think to avoid the awkward, why not you start the conversation first. Maybe regarding hoby. I always do that when i in your situation no matter with boy or girl. =) People sometimes interested when you want to know about them. Oh..sorry for my english too..huhu
53 streak #3
Chapter 18: dugundugundugun huh? *smirk* HAHAHA..
sinb unnie, ur sound of heart bit didnt failed to make me smile..HAHAHA

thank u for update author-nim
Chapter 17: update author nim....can't wait...what happend for next chapther
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Chapter 17: yessss. i think they will still be awkward around each other.

thank u for update author-nim
53 streak #6
Chapter 16: sinb unnie, why u didnt tell sowon unnie the truth that u likes yerin unnie? Do u doubting ur feelings toward yerin unnie?

thank u for update author-nim
Chapter 16: Wow what a sudden update right when im about to sleep. Haha maybe because she dont want sowon to know her real feeling towards yerin? Im looking forward for sinrin moment please :D
Thank you for the update authornim ;)
53 streak #8
Chapter 15: i think sinb unnie will accept her apology.. since she already know that she likes yerin unnie..right?
and i also think that yerin unnie will find opportunity but maybe late.. bcs they r in study week..
this story is so interesting.. this is one of the story that i cant wait for the new update.. HAHAHA im serious u know

thank u for update author-nim
Chapter 15: Seems like sinb really does have feelings toward yerin. Awww she hides the pain, is it because she dont want yerin to feel guilty? Hmm, please let yerin get an opportunity to apologise authornim. Im sure sinb gonna accept it. Thank you for the update authornim! I love the storyline ;)
53 streak #10
Chapter 14: wow.. krystal jung unnie is sinb unnie's aunty.. ice princess family.. HAHAHA
that feeling will be deeper sinb unnie.. just wait and see

thank u for update author-nim