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Take My Hand (We're Off To Never-Neverland)

Yoongi and Hoseok keep taking naps together. It starts out by accident, at first; they just happen to fall asleep in the same place at the same time--later it may not be an accident at all.

Random Stranger Everytime: Could the next one be you ?

By Imchen0330 Requested on
Characters Song Kyung Il and Random K-Pop Idols.
Status [M]

We need a co-author ASAP! the two of us here have our hands full on other things… if you can read and write in english and write comedy and and love Song Kyung Il…well you're the person we've been waiting for! if you're interested puhlease p.m me other co-author. I recommend the other author though she's usually more active than I am. thankyou for your time !

My Little Thai Boy

By Ncttaetenten Requested on
Characters Ten, Taeyong, Mark, Haechan, Johnny, Taeil, Doyoung, Yuta, Hansol, Jisung, Jaemin, Jeno, Jaehyun, Renjun, Kun, Winwin, Chenle
Status [M]

Hello! I wanted to know if anyone would be interested in co-authoring my story "My Little Thai Boy" If you are interested please notify me or complete the application (I think that is how you do it :/) Thank you everyone!

Secret Love {editing}

By JungHaeIn00 Requested on
Characters Nam Jihye , Min Yoongi, Jung Daehyun, Park Jiyeon

i need co author asap . if you interest, dm me . thank you


By AngelWorld Requested on
Status [M]

I need a co-author. This story is going up to 50 chapters and to be honest I need help with updating. If you decide to collaborate with me then send me a message and we will talk more. What you should know before sending me a message is that English is not my first language and that we will need to update every 2 weeks. As a co-author you should too speak English relatively well, be able to write and angst. Again, we will talk more through messages. Thank you in advance.

I really hope I can get many applyers

APPLY FIC - Dilemma

By Yoonkii Requested on

Hiiii. I'm looking for character applications. It'd be really great if I could get some submissions. Thanks!

Setting the Scene

By Wreck-tangle Requested on
Characters Jungkook, OC, Taehyung, BTS

what is this?

By Your Side

By GraceyPanda Requested on
Tags apinkchomi
Characters ChoRong, Bomi

Request for publishing

☼ Highlight ☄ Pledis Entertainment's New Girl Group ☼ APPLYFIC OPEN!

By HighlightMySoul Requested on
Characters Chosen OCS / Seventeen / Other Idols

☼ Highlight ☄ Light up your world! ☼ SUMMARY Before the success of Pledis Entertainment's newest thirteen membered boy group, Seventeen, the company was in the midsts of a spiraling financial crisis that was destroying everything in its wake. Struggling to maintain a comeback of their most iconic group of all time, Afterschool, because of their lack of funds and slowly, things started to fall to pieces around the crumbling company. Afterschool was kept in the basement until further notice, Nu'est was on a full crash course with a destination for burning, and the company even lost their share of Hello Venus. The once reign of Pledis was over, and the whole kpop industry knew this. As a last option, Pledis skimmed over the remaining hopeful and bright-eyed trainees, a dwindling number of boys and girls and decided to place the fate of the company in Seventeen's hands. The remaining female trainees were pushed to the side, and all remaining funds were poured into creating Seventeen. After the boys' unexpected success, Pledis started earning back a fraction of the money that they lost over the years, and now, with a somewhat stable base, the remaining female trainees finally had a shot to debut. Pledis Entertainment made a final decision to form the refreshing and unique Highlight, an eight-member girl group labeled as the new successors of Pledis alongside their label mates. Highlight represents the calm after the storm, the little bursts of joy and light that you can find in even the darkest of places. That no matter how cruel the world may be, no matter what hardships have to be faced, that there's still hope to remain within the depths if you look hard enough. Highlight will be a breath of fresh air to the kpop industry and shed light on uniqueness and individuality and encourage fans to follow their dreams and be true to themselves. They'll focus on standing out from the crowd of idols and staying true to their hearts. But, will they be able to make it alongside their label mates as the new successors of the company and bring in more funds to put Pledis back on top? Or will they fall to their knees and crumble from the pressure? Applyfic open!

BaekHyun story assistance

By Andreacnushin Requested on
Tags exo
Characters Byun BaekHyun, OC

Seeking a co-author to work with me on this story. I have a direction but I have less time than I would like to work on the story. This is an interracial romance, but that doesn't matter as long as you can write well with me. I'd like for my applicants to have time to devote to the story as well as help me to write chapters(bouncing off ideas and such). Also it wouldn't hurt if you knew something about BaekHyun and EXO. Check out what I've got below and see if you're interested. If so apply or DM me. No working Title Starring BaekHyun of EXO Two people are brought together by their meddling grandparents. Neither wants the other but they may end up being just what the doctor ordered: The Byun corporation’s chairman is a close friend to my grandmother. And her grandson will soon be my husband. After years of schooling to become a biologist and enduring martial arts training that has made me a lethal weapon, I realize I have been groomed to be the perfect wife... and the perfect body guard. EXCERPT Byun BaekHyun's laugh echoes around the campus green and I bite back an irritated curse when I hear it. Like always he's surrounded by a gaggle of girls, all of them flirty desperate types that want the status that comes from having slept with one of the hottest guys on campus. And the thought of it made me sick. I ignore their eyes pointedly as I walk by, confident in the fact that I know fifteen different ways to incapacitate them all in less than two minutes flat; who needs to exchange giggles with a cute guy?...---- Shocked that he's calling out to me, even more shocked that he knows my name, I face BaekHyun with narrowed and suspicious eyes. But that doesn't last long because when I get a good look at him, it's all I can do not to gasp. If it's possible he's grown even more handsome over the years, the soft curve of his jaw more defined than in the past, the caramel color of his eyes making me want pull him in closer so I can get a better look. He smiles at me, more of a smirk than a true smile and my heart starts pounding a mile a minute. The traitorous . “Yes,” I say icily, my head upturned to stare at him. It's irksome because at one point, before his growth spurt, I had been taller than him. For some reason having to look up at him now makes me unbearably flustered and I want tamp down on any possible fluttering feelings. ‘What do you think this is,’ I tell myself sternly. ‘You're not Cinderella at the ball, so get it together.’ “Don't I know you from somewhere?” His smooth voice says again and immediately all the butterflies stop clapping and a ball of ice forms in the deep pit of my stomach. Of course, he has no clue who I am despite the fact that our grandmothers are best friends; even though we went to the same high school and college together. For more than six years we've been in the same orbit. But I'm the only one who noticed. “You've probably seen me around; we do go to the same school.” I'm talking fast, trying to make sense of why my feelings are hurt. “What did you want?” “You dropped your book. Your name was inside so I called you.” He places the heavy volume in my hands, the complete works of Arthur Conan Doyle bound in red leather. The book was a gift from my parents and I can't believe I'd almost lost it. I look up to tell him thank you but he's already gone, his flock of women coming to surround him once again. I pretend not to care while I walk to the campus parking lot and get into my car. What did I expect? The Heir to the Byun multibillion dollar fortune wouldn't notice me even if I bit him on the . And I should be ok with that, I didn't want to be on the list of his conquests. My resolves though, they didn't keep my heart from shrinking in my chest.

Broken Doll

By bts24_tae Requested on
Characters Jungkook, Taehyung, Jimin, Jin, Suga, Namjoon, J-Hope.
Status [M]

I need one or two co-authors to help me. I've written so much but got everything lost because my PC had to be reinstalled. I would appreciate if people with English as they native language and who like the idea of the fic, help out.

I love you,baby

By Pinkvelvetgeneration Requested on
Characters Wendy (main I guess), Irene and yeri, a little bit of joy and seulgi

I really hope to find a co author for this story. ^^ (cause I am running out of ideas) Please do apply if interested, but do read the story first before apply. When u apply, pm me if idea for the story, thank you :) Please do consider ^^

Neverland||One-Shot Request Shop||Open||Hiring

By Suhyo07 Requested on
Characters Ft. Jessica Jung

Basically I'm looking for someone who's active on AFF (minimum of three days out of seven) and can write well. It'll be best if you don't have any bias in writing (e.g.: able to either write and straight or yuri and straight, able to write at least two genres [could be: fantasy, angst]), doesn't discriminate against members of kpop groups (e.g.: if someone requested for Baekyeol and you refuse because you don't like that ship). Check out our shop, drop a request if you're interested or fill in the hiring form! Guest writers are also encouraged ^^

Girl on the Run

By SweetRebellion Requested on
Characters Momoko Tsugunaga , Chisato Okai, Ga In, Haruna, Karin, Yoon Jeonghan

I am looking for a coauthor to work with. Lately, I haven't been updating my story because of my personal life and I would like some help. Also, I think my story will improve with help. Make sure you read my story before contacting me. If you are interested we will discuss the story and how many chapters you will write at a time. You can either contact me on this website or line chat (id:berryzfanatic).

Double Negative

By Tookeyoo Requested on
Characters Minatozaki Sana,Chou Tzuyu, and Lim Chang Kyun(I.M)

DESPERATE need for a coauthor!!


By Kpop_nightcore Requested on
Characters F(x), Black Pink, BTS, Got7,OC, all Naruto characters

Unfortunately, school projects are pilling up and are making me stressed out a lot. Basically it means that I can't update all the time or even start on the chapter sometimes, especially since my dad keeps shutting off the computer which loses my work or he deletes the page-.- I should probably tell him to not but I'm alway forget or I'm too late. So anyone out there who could be a co-author?


By WaterpaintsandCoffee Requested on
Characters OCs, Pledis Entertainment, Seventeen, After School, Ailee, Jessi, NU'EST, and more.

par·a·dox ˈperəˌdäks/ noun a seemingly absurd or self-contradictory statement or proposition that when investigated or explained may prove to be well founded or true. That’s who these girls are. They’re a paradox. -- girls, brought closer together from one of Korea’s growing entertainment companies, Pledis Entertainment, with high hopes to boost the company's popularity and income. They are the best of the best, hand-picked from the agency to compete against one another, head to head, for a spot in a new girl group. Each girl is unique in her own way, and yet all of them fit together… a paradox just waiting to form. Apply OPEN!

Chessmen Bejeweled - A Super Junior Applyfic

By Finally_Home Requested on
Characters Super Junior and you

Please apply for this fic! I feel like it will be really fun once I start writing! It's a nonconventional fic, even for applyfics, but hey, I'm willing to give it a try!

Unofficially Yours (EDITING)

By SicaFanyJung Requested on
Characters Kim Taehyung, Krystal Jung (Soojung), Bae Irene (Joohyun), Bae Suzy, Kim Myungsoo, Park Bogum, Byun Baekhyun, Kim Taeyeon, Jessica Jung, Kris Wu, Kim (Lee) Taeyong, Choi Arin & other co-characters

Looking for a partner to help me finish this fic. (yep, a co-author perhaps) As much as possible, I need an approachable and kind co-author to help me. Also, badly need a vrene of vstal shipper in able to help me. :)

I would like a partner. I would like for you to be able to read /Yuri as I cannot. We can become good friends. ^.^

Fluffy Love

By JungJeYoo Requested on
Tags taemin you
Status [M]

I'm looking for a co-author to help me finish this story cuz i don't know how to end this thing properly. Help me!!!

Bad Timing

By TheLittle8Fairy Requested on
Characters |∞|Kim Mingyu |∞| Jeon Wonwoo |∞| Wen Junhui |∞| Xu Minghao |∞|
Status [M]

It would be much appreciated if anyone would like to be a co-author to this story because I am having writer's block atm, you will need to be able to do the following: Be able to write in English (duh) Help give me ideas for future chapters Be able to work well with me We must be able to contact each other (even if our time zones are difficult to do so) You don't have to be over the age of 18 (I believe that my/our story isn't that rated & that most Kpop fans are underage & and i also may or not be ;)) Being a co-author means that both of our ideas will be incorporated into every chapter and you will get just as much credit as I do, Thank you in advance, TheLittle8Fairy∞

I Need You

By Vixx_Baplovers Requested on
Characters Jungkook, Jina (OC), Yugyeom, Lami (OC), others

Please check it out!

Red haired Devil, Silver haired Wolf

By ann5654 Requested on
Characters Kim Jongin, Do Kyungsoo (D.O.), Sehun, Luhan, Rest of EXO

My friend is really busy right now and I desperatly want to finally finish rewriting the story (/.\) Please help me... I would need someone to check for typos, grammar and if possible, help me a bit with the plot. THX 3


By aihara_namika Requested on
Characters NCT Taeyong & OC Choi Yoojin

Hello, I want to apply someone to be my second co-author since my first one is a little bit busy right now. All you have to do is correct my grammar and errors in my story. I'd also like to ask for your opinion about the story and how to write the story in a better way.