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Luscious Curse [Baekhyun x OC]

Kwan Inhye met her first monster. Suho, the Soulust guardian, said to fix him, but Baekhyun seemed to think that the female human population was the same; they existed only to betray, to use others. Can she change him or is Suho just being delusional?

Solar Eclipse (12 Member Boy Group) APPLY NOW!

By KatieKay35 Requested on
Tags  apply   boyxboy      applyfic   wattpad   applyficboygroup 

Studio G, Moonlight Entertainment, and DTE are going to have a collab boy group called, Solar! Solar will be a 12 member boy group. 4 trainees from each entertainment. Anyone can apply! Each member that will be revealed will have their own solo song. When all 12 boys are revealed they will debut as a group. You can PM me your forms. Slots: 1/4 - Studio G 0/4 - Moonlight Entertainment 0/4 - DTE FORM: Birth Name: Stage Name: Birthday: Age: (Regular age NOT Korean age) Born In: Nationality: Ethnicity: Languages: Position: Company: Training Period: Personality: Background: Family Relationships: Facts: Hair Color: Piercings (if any): Face Claim: Also, choose what you want your character's solo song to be!

The Perfect Ten

By Luhan-Girl Requested on
Tags  angst   comedy   drama   fantasy   fluff   mystery   romance   thriller   exo   kai   sehun   baekhyun   btob   bts 
Characters Kang Mina - Byun Baekhyun - Cameos.

I would like a co-author, someone who is willing to add their own ideas and twists to my already developed story line, however the story is not written yet. Also, someone who is pretty good at writing non forced, all natural relationships (because I'm new in the romance domain) even though this story will be focused mainly on fantasy, science-fiction, mystery and thriller. Read the plot of "The Perfect Ten" and message me privately :D

...Gloss & Gloom Graphic Gallery...

By My_Type Requested on
Tags  drama   fantasy   graphics   jyj   romance   originalcharacter   exo   free   vixx   bts   winner   parkbogum   day6 

Posters that need owners! All posters here are for free!

Vixx rp

By Kokonerana Requested on
Tags  vixx 

I need more rplayers and I want to do a vixx one if vixx isn't your tea then let me know who is

Collections (Set 2)

By witch_hazel Requested on
Characters You and Kai...and...:3
Status [M]

I want someone to co-author this last story with me. I could and it all in this chapter though. Or extend it with chosen writer.

I Can't Unlove You

By Spartaceshoppe Requested on
Characters Song Ji Hyo, Kim Jong Kook, Chen Bo Lin, Running Man Cast, etc.,

This story has been in hiatus for long, so I'm gonna request for a co-author. :) Send in a possible chapter idea or story continuation. May at least contain 5 sentences. Fighting!

Battle Royale - Survival Program

By Mercy825 Requested on
Tags  coauthorrequest 

I'm looking for Coauthors who are willing to help me. It requires a lot of patience as I'm only in the planning stages of story. If you're willing to help me take on this big writing challenge especially since this is my first time. It requires you to very advanced when it comes to writing. If you're interested contact me on : Instagram- mercy825 line id- koala071201 or here at aff

∞ Infinite Possibilities ∞ ║ A Graphics & One-Shot Request Shop ║ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ #IP5th Giveaway ║ Looking for a girlxgirl writer

By ann1914 Requested on
Tags  graphic   graphics   oneshot   poster   request   postershop   graphicshop   giveaway 
Characters ∞ Open II #IP5th Giveaway on Chapter 4!

Looking for a graphic to spice up your story or thread? How about a one-shot personally written just for you? If you would like any of those mentioned, head over to Infinite Possibilities, a graphics and one-shot request shop! This is our last batch and we will officially close this August 2017 so make sure to get your request in now! We are also having a giveaway and everyone who joins is a winner!

Soshi, Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race Manual.

By LCS_Akasha Requested on
Tags  snsdaustralia 
Characters SNSD, Luxury Yacht Savannah , Tiffany, Yoona, Sunny, Sooyoung, Seohyun, Yuri, Taeyeon, Jessica, plus others

I need some help, I, um, got writers block and cannot continue. Need Assistance.

[[ Secret Academy Roleplay ]] Secret Academy is an All Boys Private Elite school for the 'gifted' creatures. A place they can call home and interact with their kind. Where they can release their true forms and roam free. However, our school isn't just for these creatures. We've opened our doors to the rarity of humans to live blindly amongst them. Can you keep our Secret? (◕◞☝ε◟◕) ♂Supernatual AU ♂ ♂ ♂Facebook Based ♂1st & 3rd POV semi-para/para ♂Lots of available Idols ! Internationals welcomed! Check us out, and/or maybe join us! 彡

Slay Me Sensei!!

By sawao_ai Requested on
Tags  exo   forbiddenlove   teacherxstudent   bts   gfriend   twice   blackpink 
Characters |Exo||Bts||Blackpink||Twice||Gfriend|
Status [M]

Hello there^^ is there anyone who might want to co-author my story ? If you could write that would be a great help but either way pm me if you're interested ^^ there's a reward too^^ Details... Title: Say Me Sensei Characters: exo, Bts, blackpink, twice, gfriend Status: [M] Description: school feels dull. The usual monotany and inevitable boredom. How could you possibly say no though? To twelve irrisistably hot and charming teachers especially when they've got their eyes locked on you❤

...Lazy Graphic Shop...

By My_Type Requested on
Tags  angst   bigbang   fantasy   graphics   poster   romance   you   exo   shop   free   bts 

Hello and Welcome to Lazy Graphic Shop! The charity graphic shop where you can get a cover and/or background for your fanfic. It won't cost you anything so why not give it a try!

Looking for graphics? Or need a review for your story? Come and visit us at s p o o k for graphics and reviews! :)

Free graphics! Drop by and check it out ♡

Seventeen Oneshots [OPEN & HIRING 2 WRITERS]

By _VernonDicaprio Requested on
Characters Seventeen and other groups!

Hi~! I'm constantly failing to come on the website and I need some extra help. I'm hiring 2 more writers!! Please PM me a link to one of your oneshots, I'll ask you further questions from there, thanks!!

오션 ; ocean ; bighit's new girl group ; apply open

By eumiky Requested on
Tags  apply   idollife   applyfic   bts   bighit   kyfics 

bighit's new girl group, ocean. symbolizing the unknown depths of the sea, these 5 girls have vowed to discover their future together. come and apply now!


By HanbinHayi Requested on
Tags  fluff   friendship   leehi   hayi   hanbin   hanhi   hibi 
Characters Hayi, Hanbin, Soohyun, Jinhwan, rest of iKON members.

I need help, I am having a hard time to end the fic, and I actually really want to complete it, but I'm stucked. Is there anyone willing to help me?

Clash of Egos (Re-editing)

By Rainerchor Requested on
Characters Byun Baekhyun | Kwon Jihae (OC) | Park Jimin | Coming soon

mencari co author untuk sambung cerita ni. Make it a better story. Sebab saya tengah kena writer's block in romcom ^^"

Loving a Man

By YouKnowWhoIAm Requested on
Tags  jessica   jessicajung   sehun   hunsica   lusica   exosica   hunhansica 
Characters Jessica Jung, Oh Sehun, Kim Taeyeon, Lu Han, Im Yoona
Status Completed

I'm looking for a co-author who might want to continue this story for me! I'm also willing to let people adapt this story to have new characters!!!!

✧ the underdogs from bighit ent. ; open

By jjaykay Requested on
Tags  girlgroup   applyfic   bts   bighit 
Characters yen, alexandria, giza, rhodes, ephesus, halicarnassus, babylon.

come and apply to this storyyy, you know you wanna 3


By Ritsui Requested on
Tags  action   angst   fluff   kpop   poster   request   romance   background   banner   graphicshop   bts 

In need of graphic for your wonderful? Well visit my shop, I make free poster!!

Last Winter / re-opened

By captains Requested on
Tags  graphics   posters   postershop   graphicshop 

graphic shop re-opened~ feel free to request~

┍✧Cassiopeia Graphics Shop| Closed ✧┙

By Wevrock Requested on
Tags  graphics   request   hiring   shop   postershop   graphicshop 

Looking for designers

Mistaken Identity

By nerdcanread Requested on
Tags  snsd   soosun   taeny   yoonhyun   yulsic   baekhyun   hyohyun 

Co-author that will give ideas for future chapters. Mostly crack.

I Want Your Bite

By Alex-su Requested on
Characters Taehyung (V), Hoseok (J-Hope), Jungkook, Jimin, the rest of Bangtan
Status [M]

I just need someone to hound my to write and finish this. Karma points can be given if so desired.