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The Reign of the Dragon

CEO Kim Jongin had it all: the brains, the looks, and most importantly, the power. But without challenges and competition, life at the top soon became boring... that is until he met Jung Aera, a stunning femme fatale who carried far too many secrets.


Bymetronomes updated
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welcome to metronome!


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AIKON. group 1.

With: Sweet Love. From: Minseok~

ByLongHairedRyuu updated
CharactersKim Minseok (EXO's Xiumin) - [O/C] Ahn Yi Soon - EXO-K - EXO-M - [O/C]'s
With15 chapters, 3 votes, 23 subscribers, 600 views, 9 comments
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  Ahn Yi Soon is a shy girl in college. And believe it or not, but with a scholarship.  Even though she’s actually rich. But she likes to be independent. Don’t worry, she’s not lonely. She has two best friends. And two siblings. 

The Only Hope

ByExoexoxox updated
CharactersExo, Park Hana (You), Park Eunji, Park Chanyeol, 2NE1, BTS, BAP, Shinee, Infinite
With10 chapters, 3 votes, 22 subscribers, 690 views, 7 comments

​​                    Park Hana,her sister and her brother got separated when Hana was only 6,  her sister was 6 and her brother was 7.

Found The Way (trapped in your love sequel)

Bytaeha98 updated
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Jungkook...mesti korang still ingat dia ni kan?seorang lelaki yang tamakkan cinta dari dua orang gadis yang akhirnya memegang tittle single akibat cintanya yang kononnya terperangkap di antara dua orang gadis tersebut ditolak mentah-mentah.pergh!pedih tu. Tapi,jungkook takkan mengalah.dalam tittlenya yang single tu,masih terdapat nama antara salah seorang daripada mereka yang jungkook masih sayang.korang nak tau sape?bacalah cerita ni..lebih banyak konflik yang akan menanti untuk anda sakit h

Drabbles - SHINee ; OPEN

ByDerPrincess updated
CharactersSHINee, Others.
With12 chapters, 9 subscribers, 710 views, 8 comments

Collection of drabbles inspired by photos, requests and quotes. Prompts: OPEN [request in comments or via pm] - all genres are welcome. almost all pairings are welcome. all ratings welcomed. Triggers NOT accepted: self harm, attempted or suc

Mistaken for a Girl

Byanntran98 updated
CharactersLuhan, OC
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StatusSubscribers Only

Lu Han is a self-proclaimed Cupid. After successfully bringing together a couple, he took it upon himself to find a girlfriend for his best friend, Minseok, before the latter grew too old and had to live forever alone. Lu Han thought he was successful. After all, Minseok had proposed to the girl only three months after courting her, and they had held a w

When Your Boyfriend Got Married

Bymadfic updated
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This is a sequel to my first story, "Meeting You Again" :)

With Love/Hate, Your Nemesis.{Continue or Discontinued? ANSWER THE POLL TO DECIDE THIS STORY'S FATE!}

ByBFInspirit20 updated
CharactersShy Krystal, Her Best Friends F(x), Annoying Daehyun, His Best Buddies B.A.P and the Class hotties, DBSK!
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        Daehyun is the main vocal of the school boy group, and is the captain of the soccer team. He's funny, loud and he loves to eat. His favorite past times are messing with his hyungs and causing chaos wherever he goes.

The Music of My Life♪

ByJooLuHyun updated
CharactersWu Yi Fan, Do Kyung Soo, Oh Se Hun, Huang Zi Tao
With3 chapters, 2 votes, 13 subscribers, 260 views, 5 comments

Yi Fan and his mother Min Young gets kicked out by his father and they become homeless. On their way to finding a cheaper hotel for them to stay, Yi Fan's mother's high school BFF Seul Hyun sees them and after understanding their situation, she invites them to stay in her house. At Seul Hyun's house, Yi Fan gets introduced to a boy and his sister.       -DISCLAIMER- I do not (s

  AESTHETICS affrp } grand opening. / + look us over, maybe we're worth your time? ♥

Bykrystols updated
Charactersyou and your love ones.
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Empty Jars

Byunknown_k updated
CharactersMin Yoongi - Suga(BTS)

When a terror did happen in our life, what is the most you will remember? Injustice, being tortured, the pain and ether that it. We will lost everything, such as love, family, friends and even smile. A girl who lost love, family and friends have a story tell us. Its about her old day in the hell of injustice. Burn in the fire of cruelty, tortured by the animal-hearted humankind. Her life is about to vanished. After lived in the hell, she's finally independent. But she have to start a new life, a

  FADE  :  kik based / GRAND OPENING. join us? + first feature unlocked! all members please check the blogpost out.

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Charactersyou, yes?
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from the creators of haven affrp, affinity affrp, and good vibes - the first oocrp created. 

   ↳ SENTIMENTAL : affrp. — give us a chance to show you our everlasting family.

Byjn-ris updated
Charactersyou, me, our family
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    家. 家.    

7 Kings and One Master

ByHolyCow updated
CharactersOC, All EXO members
With16 chapters, 8 votes, 81 subscribers, 1340 views, 28 comments

        The Demon population believes The Master is a Legend, only heard in stories and old tales but The Master is real...  Of course no Demon as ever seen the Master not even the 7 Kings.  The Master is the true ruler

   ᅀ SIMPLICITY。— the original mobilerp / infinite & f(x)'s victoria are urgently wanted!

Bychaonyeols updated
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Azalea Boys

Bysoyoungeelee updated
Charactersvixx, leo, ken, ravi, hongbin, hyuk, n, you, azalea flowers

Yall remember this pic of N? That flower in his hair is a Azalea aka Cheoljuk (철쭉) Then, this happened: Hence this fic is called, 'Azalea Boys'

☩ CHAOS — a graphics shop // busy & not accepting ATM

BySistarHolic updated
Characters(Formerly Known as IceCream Graphics and Soriee)
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Hello and welcome to chaos graphics in this shop there is and only w

❝the DREAM entertainment┇☆25s TEASERS Released. ☆

With70 chapters, 107 votes, 19700 views, 364 comments
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The 10 Year Age Gap!

ByLuhMyungBaekWoo07088 updated
CharactersOC EXO Luhan Baekhyun
With22 chapters, 3 votes, 45 subscribers, 1180 views, 9 comments

  Ara is turning 14 in her birthday and her friends planned a special party for her, EXO will be in her party. Songyi who has a cousin in EXO asked if it's fine, Ara doesn't know that EXO is also invited in her birthday. A member falls in love with a fourteen year old girl. What will happen to their career? What will happen to her life?

Stay By Me

Bydaisyism updated
CharactersChunji & L.Joe
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StatusSubscribers Only

When I see you, a day seems like a minute I want to be with you always  I love everything about you You made my crying face smile Wherever I go, wherever I look, I can only see you Whenever I see you, I smile and laugh Everyday is good being with you I want to have you by my side always

Just Let Go

ByIShipNielJoe updated
CharactersJaeyun, Zelo
With2 chapters, 50 views

Jaeyun is a girl who could care less about the things that girls usually make a big deal out of. B.A.P's Zelo goes to her school and has girls contantly drooing over him all the time. One day, Zelo gets stuck in detention with Jaeyun after she yelled at him in front of the whole class for disturbing her sleep and annoying her. This makes Jaeyun hate him. Now, as Zelo starts to spend more time with her, he realizes that he is starting to develop feelings for Jaeyun. But she isn't so open about

The girl who can see through time

Byblackcat8 updated
CharactersWinner, Seohee(OC), Mira(OC)

Everyone is special. They at least hold one gift, whether if its in the inside or the outside. The year was 1614, the Joseon Era (a korean kingdom). There was one girl who held an extreme talent. However, she did not notice and commited suicide because of her violent surroundings. No one mourned for her death except for five boys... and a girl... And after 400 years they meet again...


ByRoxySaysRawr updated
Charactersjyp sm corecontent you speed got7 exo shinee 2pm 2am missa
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| The Art of Moving On |

Byhvdrangeas updated
CharactersEXO, SNSD.
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everyone speaks of falling in love but no one speaks of what will happen once you have fallen out of it