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God, It's Almost the End of the Year--Still Waiting for my Sanity to return...

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Hey i have a question for people on this site

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Morning call

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101 questions to ask people (why tf am I doing this???)

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EMPIRE ❁ Plotline ❁ Stage Name

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A friend in need is a friend indeed~

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I'm losing my mind with University.

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4xU | Name | Swan Princess TURN IN.

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Updates and Questions

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Looking for dramatic Jimin ffs ^^

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Hi, I like talking about my stories #3

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Why is no one reading Drizzle?

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Beloved Enemy (决对争锋)

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Siwon to be removed from drama and c/b?

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FM (Futuristic Music): New Version (Send Characters) [Open]

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byun "chona" nakyung is uniq #2 [wip]

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fic ideas (or concepts i'd with) + some development (probably part 1)

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Twentyfour Advertisement Shop ! :D

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open call // SF9 - O Sole Mio

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