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Choosing the Right One

Kris needs a Queen, so he and the council decided to have 20 girls who will live with Prince Kris for one month. Will Kris find love or will old friends be reunited or taken away?

121 - a collection of horror stories.

A series of creepy horror stories featuring members of EXO, BTS, GOT7, BAP and INFINITE.          And yeah, how can I forget those paranormal beings? They shall be there to greet you all as well!       Side Note: Tell me, how many of you know the reason why I choose 121? For someone who's been into these mystery and horror stuffs, it's really n

Bymika_xing updated
Charactersidols and ghost. ( because this is horror )
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Bubble Tea?

Bubble Tea has its traits. Some love it, and some don't. Just like I love to drink Bubble Tea, I have good memories of it. But never would I have thought that Bubble Tea would reunite me with someone who's important to me.

ByMe_Cupcakes365 updated
Characterssehun erine exo
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Ang Unang Hinigugma


BySoJanChong updated

Hide and Seek

  Jiyong start traveling booking flight ticket after found their maknae letter in his pillow that morning.the hide and seek game start between Jiyong and seungri.the other try to warn jiyong but jiyong too panic to listen and all he need just to find back his maknae.Jiyong ignored their eldest hyung call even he know seunghyun will punch him when he back to seoul.Daesung keep sent him message ask jiyong to come back and even ask j

BySoulhope updated
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The unbreakable curse

The unbreakable curse     Things take turn when kim sara's dad dies in a car accident which leaves her no choice but to quit her acting carrer ,she moves into a new expensive school and  gets bullied by the popular students including sehun and kai  who think shes not cool nor popular after her tragedy. The bullying gets worse and worse when  kim sara  plans a revenge by casting an unbreaka

Bymayamaya1122 updated
CharactersSehun , Kim sara , kai and many other's
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Get Her Back[Sequel to In The Night When I Miss You ]

They say if you love her...

Byexomandyo updated
CharactersYou || Kai
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A Knight Vow

“Kai know about this?” she asked suddenly. “No, you and Lay are the only one who know about this”

ByChocolate94 updated
Characters(OC)// Kai
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You belong with me

What if you liked a guy but he doesn't know that you like him What happens after he finally realises What will happen to you

Bykimmytruong3 updated
Tagsyou xiumin
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Your protector

Sequel to you belong with me

Bykimmytruong3 updated
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Meant to Be

"When love doesn't find you, you chase after it." "I always knew that. Knew you were out there, somewhere." "And I did find you." "But you were with him." "You loved him." "How much longer do you think I could take knowing we were never meant to be?"

Byshiznathime updated
Charactersyuri jessica taecyeon others
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me and him

first time i saw him,i can't believe what i saw but that's was true and because i know his i with him officially marry to each other. i slowly getting know who he was....

Byhyeshin_97 updated
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Mind Reader

-Mind reader is the seemingly magical ability to map someone's mental terrain from their words, emotions and body language- I'm not at all can read your mind moreover know what your heart feel . But you looks a like  know all what i

Byssrtris updated
Characterskimjongin you exomembers
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Cold Night

One cold night, Jackson is freezing and doesn't know what to do, maybe stick a foot under Mark's blanket, the redhaired won't notice a thing. He was wrong... (Warning: some bad words)

Bychuckels updated
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B, Look at me..!!

"Baekhyun..!?" "......" "Baek..?!" "....." "Bacon..!?" "hmmm" WTF just hum?? "B !!!!!!!" I finnaly shouted right in his ear 'HAH, take that for ignoring me'

BydumBacon updated
CharactersKai and Baekhyun
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Forgive Me, Oppa.

       The world is full of hatred. Jealousy because of love is one of it.This story is about Eunbi (you) and Youngjae love story that've never bloomed.

ByMin_Sung_Ki updated
CharactersYoungjae || Eunbi ( you )
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Sweet and Soft

This is the story when he act on Vampire Musical                  

Bywhite_wisteria updated
CharactersKim Sunggu, Jung Eunji
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Ice bucket challenge

  "Oppa! I have something for you to wear." she said as soon as she saw him emerged through the door.  He smiled, his eyes savoured the moment as he studied her from head to toe. Her white top and denim shorts suit her. "What is it?" "Tadaaaa!" she spread a white cloth in front of his face.  "Too close" he laughed, took it and looks at it closely, it was a white shirt, printed with a boy trying to throw a heart shaped basketball on a hoop. She

Bychyme31 updated
CharactersJong Hyun, Ahyoung, Yonghwa, Seohyun
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True Love Is Never Meant To Be


Bykimjiwoo updated
CharactersApril (You),Seungri,T.O.P,Taeyang,Kim(Best Friend),GD,Daesung
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A Year with a Blue Guy

       This is the first story I created and this is an output in English that is needed to be passed. I wrote the whole story without the help of the others(maybe just asking some translation of English words). My story paper has been returned and I got only 84. My teacher didn't believe that I wrote this story and leave a note like "The only mystery in my head is WHY? Why did you pass a story like this?" I don't know all

ByLindor25 updated
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Tagsangst exo tao
CharactersZitao, EXO
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Now Press Replay

Tao has a tendency to run away. He’s not very fond of staying at the same place for a long time and he sure as hell is not fond of staying in that stupid school where all he can do is get killed if the wrong people find out about what he can do. Will he change his mind when he meets someone on the streets or will he go back and make him forget? But then again what if he does both…?

Byhunhan5 updated
CharactersEXO Tao, Kris
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Like No Other

This happened while I was finishing the epilogue for Pleasurable Brutality. A spin-off? Idk. I don't ship sesul tbh but then I saw Sulli in Red Light and I like Sehun so like yeah.....this is the result.

Byinayester updated
CharactersOh Sehun, Choi Jinri (little appearance from Jongin, Soojung)
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Sorry I love you


ByGethanbin updated
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Autumn Days to Remember

    Aira, a simple employee at Infinity International (could be you), has finally decided to change her life. Since last year, she decided that she will take hold of her life and live it to the fullest. She will not let opportunities pass her by. She will live a happy, healthy and wonderful life! And one of the things she thought of doing is fulfilling her Great Korean Autumn Vacation! Despite, her frien

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