Still Waters Run Deep



 I was fourteen, a freshman, when HE transferred to my high school.  From day one he made an indelible impression on the student body, crashing into the school like Niagara Falls into the rocks below.  Instantly popular, he may have been in the same room as me for six out of the eight periods in a day, but he was worlds away...or so I thought.  People say that still waters run deep...but  there are perpetual rainbows at the base of Niagara Falls... 


 It was my third school in three years but people were the same wherever I went.  Loud, dull, shallow.  Empty beneath a shell a popularity.  Then SHE caught my eye...and, as they say, still waters run deep... 



 Disclaimer:  I, unfortunately, do not own DBSK and this story is fictional (ergo 'fan fiction' ...).  I do take from my own experiences and things I see in the real world to add life to my story (hey, write about what you know right?) but this story is just that...a story.    

 Author's Note (A/N) - I had this story posted on winglin before the site began attacking my computer (not nice, winglin >_< ) Please feel free to comment, constructive criticism is more than welcome. Enjoy. ^_^


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fanficaddict306 #1
Chapter 18: I can't believe I missed your update! !! Please keep writing. d^^b
trunkenta18 #2
Chapter 18: O m g has it been a year? Hahahhaha but I guess this chapter was nice to read
OppasKitten #3
Chapter 17: Omg this story is so good I feel like tell u the truth this is one of the very few chaptered fics I've read. Usually I just stick to oneshots. This is so well written and has kept my attention though. I've FINALLY gotten all caught up on it (took me a couple weeks of reading a chapter or two when I'm free) and omg this chapter just hit me in the feels. I knew sm was coming and was gonna break them up and he was going to lose her but guhhhh donotwant. If you finish this story with him leaving for sm, you should do a sequel with them meeting back up because I've seriously fallen in love with this couple!!
fanficaddict306 #4
Chapter 17: YAY UPDATE!!!!! Hmmmm.... SM Entertainment with the lovely boy bands (yes pretty boy ballads and dancing in the rain)!!!! You know you love it, Micky....
Samantha24 #5
Chapter 16: I SO LOVE THIS STORY, "LOVE IS GROWING DEEP".... pls update soon..
fanficaddict306 #6
Chapter 16: KYAHHHHHH!!!!!!!! You updated and I DIDN'T EVENT KNOW IT!!!!! I love that Micky is falling for her.... sort of... Haha, please keep updating. I need it!
fanficaddict306 #7
Chapter 15: Wow... I just happened to check to see if you updated.... and you did!!!! You just made my day! ^^,
Midhuyo2755 #8
Thank you all for the support! This story is always in my head...I'll try my best to keep it going ^_^
melanarbs #9
Chapter 15: aaaaaahhhh!!! an update!!!!!!!!!! i just love how this story goes! OMG! :D
Casandra #10
Chapter 15: I luv this story. .update again ok. .btw new reader here. .