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What pair should I write about next?

By ilovesuju17 posted

Which timeline you want me to work on?

By BangBangBanghim posted

Should I create a special chapter based on Baekhyun's answer?

By ExoLuver_ARMY posted

I would read a story with

By PureBride posted


By deerlybeloved posted

SaiDa or SaTzu?

By SaidaIsReal posted

How excited are you for Eunhae's upcoming return?

By PandaYawn posted

Best title for a fic about colors/color blindness?

By DoyoungRuinsMe posted

Do you reply to comments on your stories? Pls comment on why you do/don't

By undergroundmuses posted

Should I get rid of the soulmate!au thingy and rewrite some chapters???

By Bananana_ posted

Who should be the male lead for a new ROSE oneshot?

By autumn_eclipse posted

Would you read a MarkTuanxOC fanfic?

By PureBride posted

What would you rather for my next update after Flaskback 4? (When you start to notice)

By Karamel18 posted

Should Demian end up with Rose or Jennie?

By lenoxonthedoor posted

Do you think music show wins are worth it?

By 0ttoke posted

Should they do role play? If yes,

By farahhkim posted

Should the do role play? If yes,

By farahhkim posted

I've been tempted to write TODAE side story of The Reunion (making it into a separated one-shot instead of a chapter). Should I?

By daengel posted

If you're a top 3 student, what would you feel?

By ZDK358 posted

Because I'm craving of Korean Food, I want to know your taste guys ! Which one would you recommend to a friend/person who doesn't know anything about Korean Foo

By cynthiachandesu posted

Should I print FSOJ?

By HeadToToesLove posted

Should I or shouldn't I includes Yeri in this story? Even if she's not the main?

By Rubellites posted

Hey! Hope you all like my ongoing story Irresistable. The main ship is Jikook but there are other side ships so I wanted to know what you all are into.

By Jismati posted

Should I continue?

By bambiee posted

What type of sequel would you like?

By sonyeounnie posted