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Ok so I just got this crazy idea of doing a trilogy with the characters of whatching stars. First with baekhyun and Mina (kai's sister) and after with another

By kpopallloove posted

Which theme would you prefer?

By -inguz posted

What about Chanyeol's character?

By KimJKai19 posted

Which two pairings do you want to see in my new story ?

By Queen_Suzy posted

which member that suited to be reina's partner?

By yoko_mits posted

Would you like Minho and Sun's baby to be a boy or a girl?

By Emmiow posted

Couple in BLACKPINK?

By -GeroNarD98- posted

It's too early to say this but I'm thinking of writing Lisa's POV after this story ends. Should I make it as:

By PutYourSadDown posted

which Secrets of Oh Sehun would you want to see first

By KimJKai19 posted

Kim Taeah and Hwang Minhyun love story?

By Wannaonetrasher posted

Did you visit Woo Wonjae Philippines?

By beragon1821 posted

I am gonna write a new fic. Guys tell me should write a Baek fic or a Tae fic?

By chenchenr posted

I'm curious: do you expect to get a reply from the author when you post comments on a story?

By genxiv posted

Should I do a oneshot collection of blackpink

By BlinkOnce_and_Fly posted

Should I write more one shots?

By Miins_ posted

Who should Bae Jinyoung's first date be with?

By Pandi_bear posted

Out of curiosity: Is English your 1st language?

By upgrader posted


By yoonyul4eva posted

Should I really update this story???

By elllishaz posted

Do you want me to post suggestions for some asian novels? (BL and non-BL)

By Megumis posted

Kind of the same poll but the male version. So who should be a nobleman' son?

By welldonedragon posted

What kind of relationships do you like to read about in fanfics?

By Blinkin_ARMY posted

Should I make a collection for writing tips or research and resource? [More info in poll comments]

By jiminaura posted

Should I make a sequel to this?

By LarCon posted

As an author, would you be interested in a plagiarism detection service that automatically alerts you if your story has been posted in specific sites?

By Nichiren posted