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Did I spout them facts and serve you some piping hot tea?

By Keandick posted

Did I spout them facts and serve you some piping how tea?

By Keandick posted


By GaynessOverloadTwice posted

Have you tried to like a girl?(for girls only)

By SHINeeMe08 posted

Have you tried to like a guy?(for boys only)

By SHINeeMe08 posted

Do u have a "Poet" album of Jonghyun?

By SHINeeMe08 posted

What did you like the most about my next plan?yes, it’s another spoiler but they’re not in order. Huhu

By Nam-HongJuu posted

Should I include members from other girl groups in this fanfic?

By gaymamoo posted

The time has come and the choice is yours! This poll will be deleted three days after the next chapter is posted. In 'Closer' would you like to see Satzu endgam

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Who do you think is the guy?

By Ryunjin posted

For Yuri X Seohyun, which name do you like best: SeoRi, YulHyun, or YulSeo??

By FrozenLatte posted

Is Kris and Niu's story moving too fast?

By Youngforever143123_ posted

What type of BTS fic should I write next? (Please include pairing and/or details below)

By raidonce posted

Book 2 of baby don't like it

By Cb-wonwoo posted

Which do you prefer reading: Au or Nonau?

By reddoll123 posted

What story should we write next

By XEclipse posted

What should be the name of Taeun's children in Black Ice?

By pockytaemin posted

Does anyone want me to continue the prologue for So Far Away

By Tokki_93 posted

Should I make the epilouge?

By cutelittledongsaeng posted

What gender am I?

By XCherryBombX posted

Plot Change?

By JuliaChan05 posted

How many MonBebes (Monsta X fan) are here?

By Stargazerxx posted

Who should be the next female lead I write about?

By oh-my-girls posted