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Who is your favorite character at the moment?

By AliceTheLocket posted

Would you be interested in reading a story loosely based on Decendants of the Sun about an original character and an exo member?

By Jjonggirl posted

Should I make a sequel one shot for each couple?

By fanficfan499 posted

Would you guys like a spinoff/part two?

By junhuism posted

will you support me on my new fiction story project?!

By reiko_chan20 posted

will you support me on my new fiction story project?!

By reiko_chan20 posted

Guys. Who do you want to become Lisa's ex? Except for Jennie and Jisoo because I make their Lisa's bestfriend. Im gonna post it tonight e.

By Lalisachaeng posted

Should I do a small continuation for "Little Puffies?

By rawr-its-maya posted

Who do you want to appear next?

By ubombz posted

THE WAR - which one's your favorite? (´∀`)

By Pcygirl17 posted

Obviously I need practice lol Which one-shot genre would you like next?

By Debaekyeol posted

Should i get rid of my Story Recon?

By jokerdawn posted

Who Should Be The Main Dominant x Submissive Couple In My New Fanfiction?

By SmokeyGirlxx posted

Do you guys like my puns?

By Taekook4thenguyen posted

What type of Ending should their be?

By madiness99 posted

GIFs or not?

By kinishinai posted

Should I reveal what Taehyung's basement is in the next chapter? (Which might include a Taekook scene~)

By Crazylove101 posted

Should Mike go see Jongin?

By FlamingKookie posted

Where do you read fics in asianfanfics?

By yeorum posted

If this story does an amazing job, should I write a Sequel?

By Chibikurama posted

Should the Jensoo version of Hiding in Plain Sight be told from Jennie's POV or Jisoo's? (I don't do alternating POVs cuz it confuses me)

By blinktrash posted

Would you like a sequel of Save Me?

By ceeceee posted

What should I update next?

By peizhuxuan posted

Which do you like better. Theme: Market

By DeadRose posted

What should i do with this?

By dodokyungie101 posted