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How Should I Write My Story, War of Hormones? [it's gonna be a BTS x DREAMCATCHER x MONSTA X story btw]

By Soul56 posted

Do you ever skip reading chapters in multi-chaptered fics?

By reddoll123 posted

What's Your Favorite Chapter?

By ahnhaeju posted

Who is your BTS bias?

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By Stavroula posted

Should Lee Minho come back to Stray Kids?

By Hyaenidae posted

am i a bad author?

By Lexo_1206 posted

Should I write a MiTzu story to finish off the Secret series?

By no_twice_no_life posted

Which member you want as a hero for fantasy genre fanfic story?

By pinkyjams posted

For you, what's the ideal chapter length?

By feels-like-thunder posted

Which one should she choose?

By Mslandh123 posted

What is better as a fanfic title?

By Lotus_Girl posted

V should be a...

By Skiadrum0 posted

What should I do with my story?

By Chanyeol_EXO posted

Which is your favourite chapter

By freelance_writer posted

EXO Wartime AU: Kaisoo, Sulay, Chanbaek?

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Who do you think Michael is? (in “Inferno”, chapter 2)

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What kind of ending do you guys want?

By BaekLVexo posted

You prefer Yunjae Fic.....

By shinehima posted

Do you guys want a sequel?

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Should I publish my book from wattpad here?

By Jana11 posted

Which pairing should I write about next?

By Darthearts posted

Why do you think Baekhyun believes that Jiwon is cheating on him?

By Grackie posted