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Should I try writing a fanfiction?

By WhyMeKpop1502 posted

Do you like reading Hogwarts!au?

By reddoll123 posted

Your opinion, should TaeKook be ... in my story "Shelter".

By RIShan posted

should i turn this into a oneshot collection or???

By siyeonies posted

Which band is better???

By twicefanfic posted

Is tagging supporting characters in a story necessary?

By hocbaidi posted

Who do you think Nari will end up with by the end of the story?

By vronvron posted

which story title entices you more?

By MinnieCrafts posted

What are you?

By Paul-revere posted

Do u like this fic??

By Svt2365 posted

Which category would suit my fanfic, 'My Kitty' the most? Pick freely.

By JuliaChan05 posted

What kind of Taengsic Story from me, that you want it next?

By wqwqwq12 posted

Hunhan: yes or no?

By almostsnow posted

I have a story in mind but idk which pair should I choose...

By JustARandom_Person posted

I'm writing a story with Taeyeon in it and I need a second male lead. Who do you want it to be?

By LittlePanduh posted

what genre should i attempt for a chaptered taekook fic?

By dolce-peach posted

Which fic should I focus on/write a summary for during this break?

By rilukuma posted

Do you want the main characters of this story to end up together?

By Glimmer01 posted

I have an epilogue in mind, set four years after the story. Would you be interested in reading?

By AmlikaQ posted

Which remaining NCT members do you want me to draw for Gryffindor House?

By Wolfkid posted

I have a draft sitting on my phone notes for Red Velvet Imagines. It's fluff. The plot involves Idol! Irene being sick during a fansign schedule. What pairing w

By shinyjoy posted

More Jinyoung FF or other Wanna One members?

By ShAngelG posted

Should I speed things up and finish the story already ?

By ely_sone9 posted

What course should I pick?

By Lunaaruaninz posted

In what VICTON Album era did you become an Alice?

By WordsAreBlue posted