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Which language do you think is more romantic?

By lunastarlight posted

which kpop fanfic should i work on

By kpopdoughnut posted

Vocal or Rap?

By Justme10 posted

Do you like One Ok Rock?

By HamsterAndSquirrel posted

should I write an astro's eunwoo x oc fanfiction

By jewelry- posted

Do you want some bonus?

By 19ARMY923457 posted

Song Mino lovers?!!

By BBCnTSFAM posted

Any BTS and BlackPink shippers here?

By BBCnTSFAM posted

In your opinion, do you think that Crystal Clear (CLC) HOBGOBLIN resembles 4Minute and 2NE1?

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By brrrrrRAMBO posted

Which is the best pairing for Jin (BTS)? Help me...

By starlightXvixxbiased posted

Which fanfiction would you rather read?

By Whjehehejejsjsjdj posted

What should i write about for the bonus

By AnonymousXJWIFE posted

Which one do you prefer for Kyuhyun?

By honeydee8699 posted

(RTT) Should I change Suho with other member?

By NSN_Sabrina posted

Best BTS/Bangtan Boys Couple?

By KpopOTPonAir posted

Which couple deserves being together at the end?

By jagga_nim posted

Should I add mpreg to 'The Gyeongju Vampires'?

By parkyunmii posted

Should I adjust their ages?

By scary_spice posted

Team Tiffany or Team Jessica

By goodbye99 posted

Who do you ship Youngjae (Got7) with?

By HamsterAndSquirrel posted

Stops writing after 100 chapters?

By Dugunugu posted

I'm sorry this has nothing to do with anything asian. I'm just really curious. What is your Hogwarts House?

By hufflepuffqueen posted

Do you like SHINee?

By hufflepuffqueen posted

Favorite Shipping in Hwarang

By dandelion_26 posted