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which are you most likely to read?

By bambhu posted

Which Couple for Bound to Him?

By AyaniELF posted

if you haven't updated a fic in a long time (and don't know when you'd update again), what would you do?

By tourmaline posted

What would you prefer?

By Laulau95 posted

Which story title do you like best? Haneul is the name of the main character btw.

By ShikshinPrincess posted

Luhan or Sehun as top?

By hocotate posted

Favourite Boy Band XD

By thisissodumb posted

Eventually i'm going to write all of them at the end but which one do you prefer to read first? (I'll working on it after I wrap up 'Protecting Or Suspecting?')

By february10th posted

In one of my new fanfics a war will broke out! what sould the reason be? Seeking for help! Thank you~

By kpopfanjustforfun posted

Favorite Drama

By dandelion_26 posted

Choose the one you like.

By Hanis_Sone posted

Do you want a sequel? (Containing vkook fluffy)

By elllishaz posted

Choose one, please!

By hwaranni posted

You prefer stories with main characters, that are ... ?

By jongdae-licious posted

What should I do first????

By yoon_hye_ra posted

Which group should I write next after 'Star-Crossed' has ended?

By KyuWookiELF posted


By GivingUpTheGun posted

The type of story YOU want to read most is

By mishhinggyuu posted

Next chapter to update should:

By Natalie_16 posted

Pick one!

By Byunpack posted

I re-ask for the second time: Baekyeol or Chansoo?

By Alixias posted

Do You agree If I didn't spread "Loving You" 2 parts?

By KoreanDramaLovers posted

Who's topping WR?

By Purking posted

Who's your favorite member of BTS

By Kelley_2301 posted