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From which kpop world will you get a great playlist? * Mind to suggest a song too*

By Park_Rafa88 posted

Should I continue?

By exowot posted

Which Bangtanmoo ship should I incorporate into Midnight Solstice next?

By InnocentKiss1 posted

Do u want me too continue it?

By Wooyi_idm posted

Do u want me too continue it?

By Wooyi_idm posted

How many days per weeks/ months you prefer for an updates?

By CollingHoyatics posted

Who do you want to be the literature teach?

By Kate_123ja posted

How do you think is the top of the couple SeKai?

By CallMeBaby04 posted

Would you tell Mark about Jikyung?

By ExoBug posted

Are you still supporting Hunhan?

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By bbgroleplay posted

Do you think Sehun should reunite with Luhan? (I shall start using the results in about 2 days time starting from the 27th of June)

By Mysticx posted

Which member should be the main character in my new fic starring Monsta X

By invaderyuki posted

Did you like the 1st Chapter of YSOS?

By YeppeunChingu posted

Our Impossible Baby

By ImInLoveWithKyungsoo posted

i will help you break the block by requesting

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what should I do with this story?

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Hi, would anyone like to be Twitter mutuals? I'm trying to make some new friends :)

By bored4lyfe posted

which crossover would you read?

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Um, this is about my one shot... Whims of a Child was meant to be a one shot, but do you think I should continue it? Like after they were reborn and stuff?

By Susakaele posted

Continue or not?

By Jayakookie posted

Should I make a part 3 for dreaming?

By clahsicul posted

Im deciding on making another story, but its not going up right away. Im in the process of writing the plot and everything else and I havent decided on who to g

By Jay1914 posted

I Updated the Synopsis for "Mr. Shallow". How is it?

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