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What do you think about my final decision?

By BiaRosi posted

What did u think about my final decision?

By BiaRosi posted

Are you enjoying Through Time?

By btobyookie posted

Hey guys! I really wanted to write Jeonghan X Sehun fic, highly inspired by the ISAC incident! what do you say?

By roseey posted

Do you want to read the epilogue of "Tainted Blue"? I finished it a year ago but it's hanging and I'm not sure when I'll get to start with the second book~

By luridreverie posted

Which one is your favorite Pentagon members?

By youonetentastic posted

Which topic should I go with for my new story

By Aishath posted

Mina partner

By akmaea posted

Who's your favorite duo. . .friendship wise.

By Seoulwars posted

Which Fanfic should i update frequently?

By anonymous_ot9 posted

Which Fanfic Should I Continue After Coming Off My Hiatus?

By fanficotaku posted

What do you think about "Boys over flowers.Minshin!" How should Lee min hos character be?

By orchidslavender posted

Which type of story would you want to read right now??

By RunningGirl133 posted

Couple that snatches your heart

By Number_two posted

what kind of fic should I write (exo )

By RainbowDonkeys posted

How is Sehun's character?

By YeolliePuppy61 posted

What do you think if i start writing stories what should i write about??[Which Fandom]

By Ohjeongyoon posted

Taemin's new comeback:

By MinJiNa posted

Should this be a spanking fic (I will place warnings if it is)

By Yerinator posted

Should I continue Eye of the Tigress?

By PeanutsWithCream posted

Who should I write about next?

By raidonce posted

Whose thoughts are you most looking forward to?

By Ashleth89 posted

Whose thoughts are you most dreading?

By Ashleth89 posted

Should I make Seoul and Beyond a one-shot collection?

By ofdragonsandligers posted