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A series groups related stories to make them easier for readers to find together.
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Sometimes, it's not what you can hear that you should be afraid of, but what you can't hear. Silence? Not so fun at all.

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You're Mine, Daddy (VKOOK)

Do you have a d(a)ddy k(i)nk? Well, evil little Jungkookie most certainly has one~ On his 20th birthday after becoming the mafia boss, he kidnapped and forced his s(e)xy adoptive dad Kim Tae Hyung who is 8 years older than him to become his legal wifey XD

One Shots (6)

Various one shots, mostly about Taeyeon x Tiffany.

It Was Always You (2)

"It's you," he breathed out, looking nearly delirious with his bright, lively eyes and toothy grin stretched ear-to-ear. His arms wrapped themselves around his neck, pulling him closer than ever, and pressing a kiss to his lips― twice, thrice, now a fourth time. "Since the very beginning, it was only ever about you."

Believe in Love (3)

Two Hearts (2)

A story of two girls, two best friends, that speaks one same language - LOVE. Romantic Comedy, and mostly fluff that involves, Yang Yoseob as the lead and Lee Gikwang as the supporting lead!

Yearning For You (5)

Yearning For You Series is a Junhyung fanfiction is a semi-fiction. A little part of it involves the real life of, for example, BEAST - from CUBE, (PT 1, PT 2, PT 3) A hint of Prepix, the dancers that choreograph BEAST's dance moves. Most of the parts are purely fiction.


Love in the City trilogy (EXO Suho) (3)

kiss meme fics (7)

YoonYul (7)

woogyuly (2)

Fangs (1)

Sweet Lies (2)



Gambling With Death (2)

My Diagnosed Remedy (2)

A story about the life of Kim Taehyung and the two people who have changed his life forever. You never know a life would get so complicated unless you were in Taehyung's shoes.

Dark Shadows AU (2)

What We Find AU (2)

Tentacles Kaisoo (3)

Sohbet (2)

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