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A series groups related stories to make them easier for readers to find together.
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Mijoo in Fairytale Land

After a night in the woods, Mijoo wakes up in an alternate universe where fairytales are real, and ends up in the middle of a rebllion agaisnt the kingdoms with fairytale characters. Starring Lovelyz, Monsta X, NCT, BTS, Gugudan, VIXX, Infinite, and more.

Historical AU Series (2)

The first two fanfics I wrote :) The Secret of the Kiss and its sequel Children of the Crown

Information (2)

The Four Elements (2)

RomCom (4)

I live for this kind of plot. Who doesn't love a bit of romance and comedy? You got your cracks and stupidity, plus your daily dose of affection and fluff; a nice combo in my opinion.

Reverse Harem (3)

When the girl gets all the gorgeous dudes (or maybe most). I know many people who lives to read this kind of genre (bless you ppl)

Fantasy (2)

Where your imaginary land is made into writing; relating to not only supernatural phenomenons, but also worlds of different dimensions and possibly a fairy tale-like fantasy, or perhaps a dark mysterious alternate universe.


We Are In Love (Hanja: 们相爱吧 / Wo Men Shang Ai Ba Er). The licensed remake of popular South Korean Variety Show We Got Married, titled “We Are In Love (New Version)" was broadcast starting on 2017. It has the same basic format except that the couples are not 'married' but 'dating' and there will be the same gender couple too. This change was made in order to present a more realistic story in which couples first must be in love to form the basis of marriage and then get married.


We Got Married (Hangul: 우리 결혼했어요 / Uri Gyeolhon Haesseoyo) was a South Korean reality variety show. It used to be a program for straight couple only. But the new version of We Got Married they're dare to bring out the same gender couple and bring justice to all the fangurls. We Got Married new version first broadcast in 2016, the show pairs up Korean celebrities to show what life would be like if they were married. Each week, couples have assigned missions to complete, with candid interviews of

No Church in the Wild: Exo Mafia!AU (3)

A series set in SM Town, a town run by South Korea's most notorious gangs, including EXO. Ghosts, both past and present, only serve to show them that men are not meant to be Gods, even if they are kings. Mafia!AU/University!AU 1) Good Girls Go to Heaven, Bad Girls Go Everywhere: Men are not meant to be Gods, but no one ever said anything about women. Enter LILAC, a group of best friends who form a gang of their own on a whim, inadvertently making EXO their sworn enemies. These men may be kin

DOL-8405 (2)

The story of Minseok the doll and Lu Han, his first and last love. + writing experiment // incomplete

VIXX Dorm Series (3)

A collection of one-shots that is inspired by real VIXX.

The Asterisk Crossroad (VIXX OTPs' One-Shots Series) (15)

A prequel to the Asterisk Crossroad that are made up of a collection of one-shots.

Angsty DAY6 Songs (1)

The Robot Boy Series (2)

There is nothing more sweet then falling in love. That is, until the love of your life turns out to be 15, male, and last but not least, a robot!

The L.S Series (3)

Just when you thought falling in love couldn't get more complicated; there exist a fan who will make you think twice.

KyuNa's Collections (4)

The English Versions/Translations of KyuNa's Collections

Forbidden Love (1)

There two types of forbidden love: One, people who can't be together because there are laws set in place that deem their relationship unnatural. Two, people who can't be together because society deems their relationship unnatural. Even though we were never supposed to be together'I can't be with anyone else, no matter the consequences.

B.A.P vs 2PM Series (2)

Includes two really messed up oneshots about the gangs, B.A.P and 2PM.

Chapter Stories (3)

Includes all stories that have more than one chapter.

Applyfics (5)

Includes all of my applyfics that have been either completed or discontinued.