Series (591 series)

A series groups related stories to make them easier for readers to find together.
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The Middle Finger

A bus, an angry guy, a ring, and a small lie that gets bigger and bigger. Blamed that best friend of his for being an .

Dreams (2)

When Ji Ky moved to Seoul it was to follow her dreams. What she didn't realize was the friends she would make. In this series you see the 8 of them grow together and reach their dreams with the help of each other. Dreams may be for kids but these kids have it right

What Is Love (3)

This is the story of Jonghyun and Key and their crazy romantic adventures.

Dragon (2)

Yoongi is a dragon. Jimin turned him into a human and he didn't like it. He and Jimin went on a quest to search for someone who could turn Yoongi back into a dragon. Along the way, the found friendship, love, heartbreak, and dark secrets.

High School Love Affiar (3)

7 boys find love and friendship in high school.

Extra + Ordinary (2)

An ordinary girl seeks to become extraordinary. She meets the extraordinary people who love her for being ordinary.

EXO's Angels (8)

Idol group EXO finds love throughout their way to stardom.

MAMA (3)

A girl from earth fell in love with princes from a distant planet.

윙스 Series (6)

Hoya Series (7)

Purfles Series (2)

Mamamoo Series (5)

Lyrical/Song-Based Series (17)

Home Series (4)

A series that follows four lovely ladies and their adventures in a homestay set in an old-school town tucked away a little past Seoul. In this story, we have two residents who grow closer in each part and two homestay coordinators who grow up as their business grows and develops.

Fantastic Lives (1)

Stories of fantastic worlds and impossible physics.

EXO Riding Club (6)

One Shots (6)

Various one shots, mostly about Taeyeon x Tiffany.

Believe in Love (3)

Two Hearts (2)

A story of two girls, two best friends, that speaks one same language - LOVE. Romantic Comedy, and mostly fluff that involves, Yang Yoseob as the lead and Lee Gikwang as the supporting lead!

Yearning For You (5)

Yearning For You Series is a Junhyung fanfiction is a semi-fiction. A little part of it involves the real life of, for example, BEAST - from CUBE, (PT 1, PT 2, PT 3) A hint of Prepix, the dancers that choreograph BEAST's dance moves. Most of the parts are purely fiction.