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A series groups related stories to make them easier for readers to find together.
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Autumn's Daisy

Mei lived a dull life, everyday was just the same as the next. From her shameful job, her clueless and selfish classmates, the rising and setting of the sun. Everything was set, everything was the same. But that all changed when she met BTS.

Icheon Witch (2)

Alone I Break (3)

나의 아름다운 권 작가(My Beautiful Writer Kwon) (2)

A love story between an aspiring writer, Kwon Nayoung (OC), and a rising star, Park Jinyoung of GOT7. Written in Bahasa & English.

Random Drabbles (3)

I usually write these when I'm bored, nothing groundbreaking

Shared Saudade (1)

Singles (1)

Together Days (1)

This is a series on ships outside YGE. Each book can be read separately although spoilers may be in the 2nd and 3rd Book. Beforehand, I will warn you about the LGBTQ community and stereotyping here.

Marionette (1)

This is a series about Taeyang’s ships with Ailee and IU. It may also feature other ships.

Crowning Glory (1)

The titles of the books are based on Disney princesses. This is a series about 2NEBANG ships, inside and/or outside YGE.

Taeny (2)

just my on-going series stories. Wait for the updates!

JeTi (2)

Mamamoo (5)

Consist of: WheeByul Wheesun

Red Velvet (9)

Consist of: SeulRene WenSeul JoyRene

KimNamJung Summer Camp (1)

Eric Nam is a Summer Camp owner who loves children, but they often don't love him back. With the help of Jung Wheein, and the forced-into-working-with-him Kim Seokjin, he changes the lives of 21 different teens. Especially Kim Seokjin's.

Yoonhyun (3)

YoonHyun Stories

Of Fire and Ice (1)

Irene is ice, Seulgi is fire.

Sharp Kisses (2)

Cheesy vampire prince Baekhyun or vampire lord Baekhyun?

Jealousy (2)

Puppies! (2)

Silk (4)