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A series groups related stories to make them easier for readers to find together.
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Shards of Us [Baekhyun x OC]

She gave up everything for him, shattering her own pride. Kim Hana, born into a battle she didn't know if she wanted to fight anymore when she forced herself into Byun Baekhyun’s life. A silver spoon meant more than just wealth, but corruption and greed.

Pants (3)

Affair (ft. TVXQ!, JYJ and GOT7) (2)

A story about three people who fall in love with one another in different times and circumstances. Will the three ever have their peace and happy ending? Original: Affair (YunJaeMin) Remake: The Other Man (MarkJinSon)


A collection of drabbles I wrote.


Life's full of coincidences (3)

He feels like one of those characters in the dramas where you meet your soulmate through a strange mishap of events.

Pet Contract (1)

The Godfather (5)

TVXQ!'s 10th Anniversary Special (ft. EXO) (2)

TVXQ!'s return as five has not only hugely impacted the band, but other groups as well. In a quest to rekindle past relationships, how will new relationships be affected?

The Enslaved Vows (3)

Power. Obsession. Taboo. Betrayal. Temptation. In the Underground world of gangs, enemies come from all angles and love comes with baggage. When Bangtan, a highly respected and well-known gang, begins buying wives from the slave prison, their lives become even more chaotic. Will their husbands descend further into the violent lifestyle and will they drag the Bangtan wives down with them?

High School (4)

Stories that revolve around high school/university life


All things that go down and dirty ;)

Marriage (2)

Fics that are written in the following genres: 1. Arranged Marriage 2. Marriage

Calceryn (7)

Calceryn is a wide world made up by author -Tigress-, a world that is similar to the medieval era with the elements of magic thrown into it. Each story in the series is a stand-alone, meaning that they do not have to be read to understand them all, but they do toss out Easter Eggs for those who have read them all. They lean toward Adventure Fantasy with a side of (Heteroual) Romance, using a wide variety of idols as the stars.

Domestic Fluff (1)

A series of one-shots following the different MX pairs through a domestic au.

Contract Killer (4)

Fifty shades (1)

Memories (2)

'YOU' Series (3)

'YOU' will be a Drama Series with Independent Stories about Love and it's Hardships. Each story will have about 10-15 chapters and will focus on one person and one ship. These stories will be updated less often but I won't make you wait till forever.

Song-fic (3)

The Sun (2)

A collection of poetic works that explores the mind of different types of people. Each story links to another, only that each is told from a different point of view.