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Can I just Alohomora your heart for me?

by mo_zart
Characters: All EXO members
Tags: exo kai sehun kray sekai baekyeol kaihun

  Meet Kim Jongin. Hogwarts' ice prince. The Slytherin boy has so many things another ... Read More

vanillery — a layout gallery. [Complete]

by vanivici
Tags: layouts layout profilelayout afflayout layoutcollection layoutgallery

... Read More


by meihuas
Characters: Mei (OC), Luhan
Tags: angst drama romance exo luhan

He is supposed to bring her back to her boyfriend as they start c... Read More

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Please don't [Complete]

by hanaseka47
Characters: Yunho, Jaejoong, Changmin, Yoochun, Junsu, Donghae, Eunhyuk
Tags: yunjae

"Jae hyung, stop it! Don't hurt yourself again please!" "He left me Chun, he left me!" "No, you know his not. He love you hyung. And you love him." Read More

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Mission Impossible: Find Mate [Members Only] [Subscribers Only]

by chocoluver14 updated on 4-23-2014
Characters: Kim Chaeyoung (OC), Oh Sehun (EXO-K) and EXO-K
Tags: fantasy romance supernatural wolf exok tao sehun

  "Be my mate. Now."... Read More

Jag och Herr Skitstövel

by 9501kagu28 updated on 4-23-2014
Characters: Kim Jongin, Han Jieun(OC)
Tags: romance exo swedish kimjonginkai

Kim Jongin. Bara namnet får ... Read More

 シュガー&スパイス。affrp ☠ ACTIVE&FUN; — join us ♥ #wehaveswag / +50 members / help us to complete more groups and grant our wishes juseyo ♥ / SUPER JUNIOR IS WANTED ♥ / CHORONG AND NAMJOO URGENTLY WANTED ♥

by mingjea updated on 4-23-2014
Tags: roleplay you roleplayaff affroleplay swag affrp rpaff

... Read More

Like a Boss

by ohbibi updated on 4-23-2014
Characters: junhong youngjae min
Tags: missamin zelo youngjae younglo jaelo

3Boss University (Its name comes from the principal, whose name is "Threeboss") is the most important university in all Seoul. It had a huge campus, with big dorms. But one dorm was particular, bec... Read More

The Senatorial Candidate

by sunskyivee updated on 4-23-2014
Characters: Wu Yifan, Do Kyungsoo
Tags: fluff romance exo krisdo krisoo politicsau

Kris is a promising young politician. He is on his way into another step of his political career by running for Senator. But his bid to be the youngest senator of the country is comprom... Read More


by sehunniewifey updated on 4-23-2014
Characters: Kim Jong In, Park Dahee (OC)
Tags: romance originalcharacter exo kai

He found her interesting. There is something about her that triggers his curiosity.... Read More

Gangster or Nerd? [Subscribers Only]

by Jiyeonahh updated on 4-23-2014
Characters: Jiyeon Kris
Tags: jiyeon snsd taemin exo kris

Lee jiyeon is a nerd. Park jiyeon is a leader of the most powerful gang on Asia. Lee jiyeon always get bully and Park jiyeon always kill a person who mess with her friends, family. What if L... Read More

The Golden Eyes

by randombelle updated on 4-23-2014
Characters: Luhan, Nami [OC], EXO
Tags: action fantasy romance exo luhan

  "A world only in her imagination, turned into reality in a blink of an eye."... Read More

Between U and Me

by SapphireThorns12 updated on 4-23-2014
Characters: Jung Eunji, Key, Jonghyun, A pink members,Shinee members, other idols
Tags: drama jonghyun key romance shinee eunji eunkey

So here's a new Eunkey fanfic! This is my first ever fanfic, but hope you guys like it. And share the love ^^   Also, I'll be posting a new chapter every other day or every other 2 days. (O... Read More

The Unforgotten

by CrystalKhun updated on 4-23-2014
Characters: L, Minho, Krystal, Suzy, Chansung and many others....
Tags: krystal minho minstal myungsoo myungzy myungstal sportdrama

  " Memories are the collection of Remembrances of the Past "... Read More

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