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The Seeress Of Exo

by lilyemc
Characters: OC, EXO-K, & EXO-M
Tags: action fantasy romance exo exok exom

On planet EXO, there exists a race of people called Exotians. In times past, the... Read More

You and Me: Another Cinderella Story [Complete]

by hiheymondays
Characters: Infinite, Kim Myungsoo/L, Nam Woohyun, OC
Tags: infinite kimmyungsoo myungsoo namwoohyun romance woohyun

The ideal prince charming that stars in childhood's ... Read More

Found You [Complete]

Characters: SNSD's Yoona and EXO's Lu Han
Tags: arrangedmarriage romance snsd yoona exo luhan luyoon

  "A second chance only comes if our heart yearns for the past love."... Read More

Author Spotlight

Esther has just published her first novel outside of Asianfanfics called "The Stargazer's Scrapbook". Her debut work is sold through retailers such as Barnes & Noble and Amazon (links below!) and is selling rapidly in her home country of Canada and abroad. Proceeds will go towards the Alzheimer Society of Canada as the novel itself is centered on the topic of Alzheimer's disease. AFF will also be donating related proceeds to the Alzheimer Society of Canada.

Like her Facebook page at facebook.com/ESLWriting
Get to know more about Esther through her AFF profile
Get "The Stargazer's Scrapbook" at Amazon
Visit the Alzheimer Society of Canada

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Don't Leave Me... [Complete]

Characters: Sandara (Dara) Park, Kwon Jiyong, Cheondung Park, Lee Minho
Tags: cheondung dara daragon gdragon leeminho

Hey guys, so I thought I'd write a Daragon fanfic. Cuz I felt like it, it's just for fun! So it'll be a short, angsty-ish oneshot. Yes I am capable of writing emotional and serious oneshots that ... Read More

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by Areumhee10 updated on 7-22-2014
Characters: Kai jongin kyungsoo baekhyun
Tags: kaisoo

The cliche description "My first ever fanfic and I'm sorry for gramar error english is noy my first languge please bare with it and I hope you like my story".... Read More

Beautiful Stranger [Subscribers Only]

by littleyoonbomi updated on 7-22-2014
Tags: fantasy fluff romance you exo exom luhan

Guardian angels, we hardly believe they exist because we can't see them or feel their presenc... Read More

The Domino Effect

by AllHailMochi updated on 7-22-2014
Characters: Chanyeol Baekhyun
Tags: angst crossover exo baekyeol chanbaek bts jungkook

One small lie could lead to a mistake and one mistake can change everything you believe in. One event after the other, and Baekhyun found himself as the last domino to fall.  ... Read More

Goodbye, Summer [Members Only] [Subscribers Only]

by gayfortaengsic updated on 7-22-2014
Tags: genderbender taengsic

... Read More

A Little Piece Of Hell [HIATUS] [Members Only]

by DiamondSakura updated on 7-22-2014
Characters: BAP, BTS dan beberapa orang k-idol yang mungkin muncul...
Tags: creepy horror malay bap bts psychokiller

"Kau akan rasa seperti apa yang aku rasa dan kau akan jadi sebahagian dari neraka!"... Read More

Back Hug [Complete] [Subscribers Only]

by gayfortaengsic updated on 7-22-2014
Tags: fluff snsd taengsic

  I hope I can wear you everyday ... Read More

The Not-So Perfect Family [Subscribers Only]

by rainbowbyul updated on 7-22-2014
Characters: Shin Minseul (OC/You), Baekhyun, Mark, EXO, GOT7
Tags: romance you exo marriage baekhyun mark got7

2 years of marriage and a 6 month old baby. ... Read More

Not A Fic.

by lastdivine updated on 7-22-2014
Tags: yoonsic

  Masterpost? I don't think so.    ... Read More

Back to your side (回到你身边) [Subscribers Only]

by soshiangel updated on 7-22-2014
Characters: Taeyeon Tiffany
Tags: drama romance taeny taeyeon tiffany alternateuniver historicalfantasy

    A girl who came from 21st... Read More

VICTORIOUS graphics & reviews SHOP | BATCH 4 | OPEN | FREEBIES IN CHAP 1 [Subscribers Only]

by Jennifer212 updated on 7-22-2014
Tags: review graphicanddesign posterandgraphics

... Read More

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