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What Bullying Really Does To You

I couldn't ever bring myself to hate you. I love you. I'll never regret loving you. They're my last words. Please don't forget them Oh Sehun. I will always love you and I hope you can forgive me. Be happy for both of us. It’s my last wish - Luhan

dark&wild; coffee shop | closed | finishing batch | staff needed

By tteokimimi updated
Characters BTS; iKON; B.A.P; Got7; EXO; BtoB; ToppDogg; You
With 39 chapters, 14 votes, 27 comments
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❇ Real Fantasy Request Shop || An Advertisement, Graphics, Trailer, One-Shot, Layout, Review Shop [Open and Hiring ]

By 0291998 updated
With 46 chapters, 36 votes, 53 subscribers, 2040 views, 80 comments



By Quartz updated
Characters [OC] Juri, Jungkook, V, and BTS.
With 3 chapters, 2 votes, 12 comments
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

When that certain someone loves you but you don't, it's called one-sided love. When that certain someone tried to impress you but you don't care, it's called ignorance.


By reaching-blue-skies updated
Characters The members of Boyfriend mainly

So the very first day he stepped out of boy's home, he met the people who were there to help him when he was down. The people he call  his best pals; his group members.

drowning in starlight

By vwoolga updated
Characters Joy, Irene
With 1 chapters, 3 votes, 2 comments
Status Completed

Joy has worked with stars for half an eternity but nothing, she thinks, could ever compare to the brightness that is Irene.

I Loved Yesterday

By rezka_r07 updated
Characters Seohyun (SNSD), Jay Kim
With 1 chapters
Status Completed

"A short story about me. Inspired by true story." A/N : English is not my native language. But, I've tried my best to write this story. Please, be nice :) Music : Taylor Swift ft. Ed Sheeran "Everything has changed."        

The Guy Who Always Says 'Yes'

By YourReminisce updated
Characters Myungsoo, Jiyeon
With 1 chapters, 8 votes, 410 views, 12 comments
Status Completed

Park Jiyeon (18) Junior in Kangwon High School. Kind & caring, always helpful.

A Freedom Writing Contest (Accepting Entries) (PRIZES UPDATED!!^^)

By janeloveexo updated
With 60 chapters, 53 votes, 4400 views, 103 comments

Come and join ^^ For you who are interested, let's see the rules first ! :D   RULES 1. If you want to join this, subscribing is a must, but upv

In Heaven

By SeoulSandy updated
Characters Kim Jaejoong OC dbsj
With 1 chapters, 1 subscribers, 50 views
Status Completed

His decision cost him the girl he truly loves, the one who made him feel right. He wanted to turn back time, but can he? Isn't everything too late now?

A Bunch Of Taemin Oneshots! XD

By hwang_sunyoung updated
Characters Taemin, You/OC
With 7 chapters, 13 subscribers, 880 views, 6 comments

This used to be a one shot, but I just felt like making more. Enjoy! ^_^


By bulletproofstripboys updated
Characters You, BTS, Jimin, V, Jin
With 1 comments
Status Completed

You are a criminal who flees from his own band, and when you think you're lost, 7 guys come for you, Is that good for you? Your own saviors can be your nightmare. In each '___' put your name   This oneshot is an English adaptation of the original novel in Spanish by @NaveahKim and @zhoryng 

One / Two Shot Infinite Fanfiction (Indonesian)

By oursweetfate updated
Characters Woohyun, Sunggyu, Dongwoo, Hoya, Sungyeol, L, Sungjong, Infinite
With 11 chapters, 17 subscribers, 400 views, 18 comments
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Kumpulan one / two shot

Evil Eyes

By Iluvbigbang123 updated
Characters OC, An EXO member
With 2 chapters, 9 votes, 12 comments
Status Completed

His face came closer as I backed away. I shuddered as his lips came close to my ear. " If you manage to escape, I'll let you live. 

1 vs. 100 Theme Challenge { A One-Shot Story (OPEN FOR REQUEST!)

By YumiARMY_ updated
Characters Me vs. 100 theme challenge, your story and everyone! :DD
With 1 chapters, 20 views

Between 1 and 100, which one is bigger? Between 1 and 100, which one is larger? Between 1 and 100, let's see who's the winner. This is a fanfic where I will do my One-shot, 1 vs. 100 Theme Challenge to make me not bored, lmao. I will take request as well. 1. You can ask me to do which pairing. I do

You and I

By Moonlight_shower updated
Characters Kyungsoo and Hana
With 1 chapters, 60 views
Status Completed

Kyungsoo and Hana have been married for a two years now, everything was going smoothing, yet a car accident changed their lives forever. Kyungsoo was paralysed below his waist, in the rush of the moment he also gained cancer from his bloodline. Now Hana had the choice to leave, yet she stayed, because with him it just felt right.


By dancingpaperdolls updated
Characters Goo Junhwe & Fictional Character
With 70 views

  I am a boomerang. No matter how many times you throw me away, I will always find a reaso

'Us' in Our 'Trust'

By leebyongie updated
Tags oneshot
Characters You (OC) , Sehun
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She trust him. Deeply. With so much difficultly. But lately she asked herself is there any ‘us’ between their ‘trust’ because she find him distant himself away now. Ending it’s like perfectly mistery for her. How the ending comes so fast when she “started her own story”  with difficultly ? She think he is the one for her. But really ?   ♥♥♥  

So Much For Our Happy Ending 2

By skywinter updated
Characters Kim Myungsoo (Infinite) & Hwang Aeri (OC)
With 2 chapters, 1 votes, 29 subscribers, 330 views, 2 comments
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  "A new life will begin tomorrow. You and I will become 'us' tomorrow. Our lives and identites will become one. Two names will become one. It's said that, lives of two people are most beautiful and wonderful... when their lives are spent together. We will begin our new life tomorrow... together."


By dancingpaperdolls updated
Characters Kim Hanbin (B.I) & Fictional Character + Kim Jiwon (Bobby)
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 170 views, 2 comments
Status Completed

wreckage: the remains of something that has been badly damaged or destroyed  


By paradiselost updated
Characters Siwon Kyuhyun Wonkyu
With 1 votes, 23 subscribers, 180 views, 2 comments

Kyuhyun has finally made his solo debut, but in midst of all the support and congratulations pouring in from s, friends and well-wishers, there is something that is missing. More like someone is missing in the celebrations.   

Do You Wanna Write A ?

By Fangurl_Phantomhive updated
Characters Any male Kpop artist
With 1 chapters, 40 views
Status Completed

A parody of Do You Wanna Build a Snowman from Frozen

we live. we lose. we love (red velvet).

By Bloodscrolls updated
Characters wendy irene red velvet
With 6 chapters, 12 votes, 51 subscribers, 1430 views, 14 comments

red velvet one-shot series? yes red velvet one shot series.

Meet Her

By soroue updated
Characters Jongin + Ahreum (OC)
With 4 chapters, 105 votes, 16270 views, 81 comments
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

      I’ve never been honest with him, I cheated on him but he still loves me. He treats me as his princess while I treat him like a piece of . I know what I’m doing is awful and I want him to let me go. I want him to let go and meet the love of his life.  

Let Me Be The Reason Why You Smile

By AnnaAliah updated
Characters Kris,Amber,Chanyeol,Nicole
With 6 chapters, 5 votes, 57 subscribers, 2000 views, 38 comments

  Smile?It's not my style.


By vahnitas updated
Characters Kim Jongin, Oh Sehun
With 5 chapters, 2 votes, 3 comments

convivencia ( n. ) | lit. 'living together'; co-existing in harmony with one another to live peacefully togetherorigin |