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You're my Wonderwall

We’re not meant to be together. You’re not supposed to approach me and I am not supposed to let you approach me. And yet, I still did. Because maybe, you’re gonna be the one that saves me. After all, you’re my wonderwall.

Friday Night Lights

ByMyHeaven updated
CharactersJessica Jung + Tiffany Hwang (and possible minor characters)
With9 chapters, 21 votes, 128 subscribers, 2430 views, 34 comments

I remember holding her hand on the bus, sneaking behind the stands by the field and the rush of her touch and her kisses all over me. The silent words, the written promises of forever and always etched into a wooden plank behind a random seat… everything is still in my mind as if we did it yesterday, as if nothing ever changed.  

We Have a Son!

ByDamarisJung updated
With7 chapters, 12 votes, 56 comments

  ¿Una persona pordría ser capaz de arruinar la carrera de SNSD? No, no lo creo, eso es algo imposible ¿Pero si se trata de un hijo? Ellas no serian capaces de tener un hijo en este momento, es decir, ¿como podría tener hijos cuando estan en la cima del kpop? El destino da muchas vueltas No lo creo... La vida tiene preparada una gran sorpresa para ellas


Bydune_aly updated
With20 chapters, 13 votes, 7800 views, 46 comments

Ice cake because I love ice cakes and these are all one-shots so therefore ICE CAKE SHOTS.   And these shots are just mere words that pops into my head and forms into one weird and confusing one-shots. Hope you like 'em ^_^     A/N: I write


Byms_vampire updated
CharactersJessica, Tiffany, Taeyeon, Yuri
With4 chapters, 31 votes, 342 subscribers, 2550 views, 42 comments
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Hwang family is a very good friend of Jung family. Without telling their daughter, both families had arranged their marriage ever since they were a child. Can both of them accept one and another weaknesses? Can they complete each other? What would happen if they decided to divorce after they've been married for some time? Will fate bring them together?  

For you

Bysy_jessica_maomao updated
With3 chapters, 1 votes, 25 subscribers, 640 views, 3 comments

we know jessica cant cook but she's trying to for her mushroom tiffany but jessica always late going home to cook for her anniversary but tiffanny did not know that until their annivesary something happened to jessica just lets find out...  

Toothsome Lovers

ByShushWhisper updated
CharactersJessica, Krystal, Tiffany, other SNSD members
With5 chapters, 18 votes, 199 subscribers, 2150 views, 51 comments
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Δ This is solely JeTi pairing. Cheers to JETI SHIPPERS :D    Sooyeon, age 26, has been lodging in an apartment with her sister ever since they came over to Korea 5 years ago. She is currently working as a part-time model and editor at one of the famous Korea

Winning Ice Prince's Heart

ByBadoomTaeng updated
CharactersSNSD, Jessica Pairings- untagged; SeoSic, SooSic, HyoSic..
With11 chapters, 48 votes, 384 subscribers, 159 comments
StatusMembers Only, Subscribers Only

When Jessica Jung turns into a man. 

My Californian Bully Girlfriend

ByBadoomTaeng updated
CharactersSNSD, many more.
With13 chapters, 56 votes, 397 subscribers, 194 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

An interesting love-hate relationship of a two young students named Tevan Hwang and Jessica Jung.     --   So, I'm getting into all this GenderBender

Dream High [HIATUS]

Bysleepdownstairs updated
CharactersLee Sunny Im Yoona Jessica Jung Tiffany Hwang
With18 chapters, 15 votes, 122 subscribers, 4740 views, 81 comments

Four students at Soshi High School have the dream of becoming K-pop idols. During their school years, they learn how to develop their singing, songwriting and dancing skills while undergoing personal growth. They also go through their love life and start to develop feelings for each other. Each one of the students has his or her own strengths and weaknesses, but they strive to debut with the support and guidance of each other.   ATTENTION   I don't own the pict


ByMonstar99 updated
CharactersKim Taeyeon, Tiffany Hwang, Jessica Jung
With1 chapters, 5 votes, 8 subscribers, 130 views, 3 comments

TaeNySic one shot. Because I'm pro OT3 <3

Changing Schools Can Be Dangerous

ByGDragon-or-ChoiMinho updated
CharactersStephanie Young Hwang (tiffany), Jessica Sooyoun Jung & Kwon Ji Yong (G Dragon) snsd,f(x),SHINee,BIGBANG,EXO and other k-pop artists
With15 chapters, 2 votes, 37 comments

I'm a fan of jeti (jessica and tiffany) from snsd, so this is a story about how they meet and fall in love ^^ btw this is my first time writing so please cooperate. subscribe and upvote: infinityand_beyond &

Ghosts in Me and You

Bypiecesoflife updated
Charactersjessica tiffany
With4 chapters, 6 votes, 88 subscribers, 1150 views, 13 comments

It started as one night stand. One girl just wants to forget about her problems and the other one just wants to have fun, but somehow it becomes more   "We still don't have a proper introduction." "It's one night stand. We don't need proper introduction." "I don't think you can still call this one night stand." "Okay, maybe this is three nights stand or a week nights stand or a month nights stand, I don't care. We already

Segunda Oportunidad

ByTaeSeoSica updated
CharactersSooyeon Jung — Tiffany Hwang — Seohyun Jung — Krystal Jung — Kim Taeyeon — Lee Sunny — Im Yoona — Park Hyomin — Im Eunjung — Jessica Jung
With12 chapters, 11 votes, 82 comments
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Sooyeon era una empresaria muy exitosa, tenía todo lo que una persona quería, una mujer que la hace extremadamente feliz, una hija, sus mejores amigas, su trabajo, etc. Nada podía faltarle en esta vida


Byleesun updated
CharactersJessica Jung, SNSD
With2 chapters, 5 votes, 18 subscribers, 610 views, 6 comments

Need I say more? My heart is broken, and this is how I vent.   I don't know if this will be the last one I write... but allow me to be a delusional SONE this one time. In times when things are just so depressing, we try our hardest to be optimistic, right? We try to think of different possibilities as to why things happened. Well... this is MY alternate reality to all this crap.   This is how I envisioned it... because I really don't believe that Jessica wanted

The Wonders Of Love (TAKING REQUESTS)

ByRainbowBooze updated
CharactersJessica, Tiffany, Taeyeon, Sunny, Yoona, Yuri, Sooyoung, Hyoyeon, Seohyun. Krystal, Sulli, Luna, Victoria and others
With28 chapters, 20 votes, 183 subscribers, 10420 views, 90 comments

Collection of one-shots, multi-shots, drabbles etc. I decided to make this so I can give my readers continuous joy of reading in a constant fashion instead of having to finish reading a one-shot/multi-shot and then going to find another fanfic to satisfy them. Sigh. I honestly dislike genderbenders, so please try to refrain from asking for those unless you have an amazing story in mind that only a boyxgirl couple can do. Thank you!

Whispers of the Heart

Bydecimo27 updated
With11 chapters, 28 votes, 74 comments

"I pledged my allegiance long ago... but who are you to break down all my barriers? ... "Why must you wear that mask of

To Entwine My World with Yours

ByYoongieYulInfinity updated
With18 chapters, 42 votes, 520 subscribers, 138 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

Kwon Yuri is your average 24 year-old woman.  She is editor in chief of top notch fashion magazine and at her age, she's majorly successfully. Add her ridiculuously good looks and snarky personality...


ByLuucxcx updated
CharactersJessica Jung, Tiffany Hwang, SunYeon
With9 chapters, 12 votes, 145 subscribers, 1890 views, 36 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

Dos mujeres desconocidas hasta el momento, se ven obligadas a navegar juntas por las peligrosas aguas del Pacífico, luego de ser las únicas sobrevivientes de un fatal accidente con su barco. Ellas no se conocen, ellas no saben nada la una de la otra. Pero algo tienen muy en claro...deben aprender a aceptarse para sobrevivir. ¿Qué pasará cuando la idea de volver a casa se vuelva más y más lejana? ¿Podr

My Werewolf Lover [English]

Byadry_nrs updated
CharactersJessica Jung Tiffany Hwang
With9 chapters, 58 votes, 277 subscribers, 6520 views, 104 comments

Jessica was on the roof of her apartment/studio getting everything she needed for the surprise that she would give to Tiffany.  "Jessi" Tiffany called her from the stairs that lead to the roof of the building.

Sica is a Gumiho~

Bychoibigbang updated
With22 chapters, 37 votes, 778 subscribers, 15100 views, 262 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

SM Univesity decide to take the students out to a forest not too far from Seoul, the trip was supposed to last 3 days, 3 students got lost in the forest: Yuri,Tiffany and Taeyeon and there in the forest they find something or someone. So I decided to start writing this.... dont expect too much. and remember. My grammar is not good so forgive me please (u_u) there is going to be the couples mentioned on the tags~ Not only yulsic or taengsic or

My Werewolf Lover [Spanish]

Byadry_nrs updated
CharactersJessica Jung Tiffany Hwang
With11 chapters, 45 votes, 172 subscribers, 5150 views, 102 comments

Jessica estaba en la azotea de su apartamento/estudio preparando todo lo que necesitaba para la sorpresa que le daría a Tiffany. “Jessi” Tiffany la llamó desde las escaleras que daban a la azotea del edificio.


ByAnnabel-Lee updated
With144 chapters, 151 votes, 1036 comments

One of these don't belong.   If her story is changed, her history rewritten, will the nine still have ended up together? Would they exist as we know and love them today?   Cause and

Please sign this!! And spread the word

ByTKDXGrl updated
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Jigeumeun, So Nyuh Shi Dae

ByiiEatBubbles updated
CharactersALL of SNSD members. (Not the 8 member bull)
With2 chapters, 29 votes, 58 subscribers, 1230 views, 24 comments

"Jessica, we need to talk."

Give it a Oneshot Story!

Byluckystone updated
With13 chapters, 7 votes, 120 subscribers, 11120 views, 69 comments

Contents: Chapter 1 - TaengSic (Genderbender) Chapter 2 - JeTi