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Jeti (2,243 jeti fanfics)

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Heart and Mind

When Baekhyun wakes up from a coma after four years, the only thing he can remember is his name.


By jessjung_dew updated
Characters Jessica Jung Tiffany Hwang SNSD Sunny Jaejoong Taeyeon others
With 2 chapters, 3 votes, 38 subscribers, 15 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Es la espía más seductora desde Mata Hari, no existe misión que no haya logrado cumplir. Ahora tiene en sus manos una de las misiones más importantes que decidirá cuál de los dos bandos ganará la batalla, ¿podrá cumplirla sin involucrar sus sentimientos?             

Fall for Me

By zarrenyoon updated
Tags jeti
Characters Jessica Jung, Tiffany Hwang and other snsd members
With 2 chapters, 2 votes, 18 subscribers, 270 views, 3 comments

Story about me and my girlfriend :) - zarrenyoon So this story is about us, me and my girlfriend here have been thinking to write our story to share it with you readers. I don't know whose idea is this but I think I did ask her last year to write a story about us and she said yes but your other author is too lazy that she only did it today. Peace babe XD (^_^)V hahahaaha loveyou.. And to those who will read this enjoy and have fun. :) -yoonyul_021

Life tales

By sh316102 updated
Characters Random pairings - TaeNy, JeTi, HyoFany, HyoHyun, HyoSun, YoonSic, Dandyu, OT9
With 23 chapters, 18 votes, 160 subscribers, 9040 views, 60 comments

Life is... Being together, apart. Experiencing love, heartbreak. Going through friendship, betrayal. Enjoying time with family. Learning to forgive. Hoping not to regret.  Each step taken, each decision made, shaping the way you are. Life.  That's what it is.   Short tales and stories, in hopes to soothe your soul.

Bag of Candies

By Mishina updated
With 12 chapters, 37 votes, 71 comments

1. A lot like home (Jessica-centric) 2. We'll figure it out (JungSis) 3. Never too tired for you (TaengSic) 4. Where are you? (TaengSic) 5. Our Hero (TaeNySic) 6. Chase away the nervousness (JeTi) 7. Rare encounters (TaengSic) 8. My pink pig (JeTi) 9. The best lie (TaengSic)  

The tunnel

By IcedHeart updated
Characters 3 SNSD members
With 2 chapters, 1 votes, 10 subscribers, 200 views, 1 comments

Tiffany palp the wall in the darkness of the tunnel with her anxious face trying to get off this place. Her breathing can be slightly heard in echo along with thousand cars driving fast above since the highway is just some meters over her head. Walking not knowing where she's heading to, she tripping with something making her fall on the ground. 

labios compartidos |hiatus|

By Jacqueline30 updated
Characters taeyeon|| tiffany || jessica || otros
With 9 chapters, 5 votes, 70 subscribers, 1820 views, 47 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Gracias a R E D L I G H T GRAPHIC SHOP  por mi increible poster || thanks to them to make a great poster!!!

My Drug

By jungbomi updated
Characters Jessica Tiffany JeTi
With 4 chapters, 11 votes, 73 subscribers, 1940 views, 18 comments

Multi-shot ?


By NamiTK updated
With 3 chapters, 7 votes, 52 subscribers, 1010 views, 29 comments

Esta es la historia de un grupo poco peculiar, en momentos imposibles, en una situación de opresión. Mientras el resto se resignó se quedó de brazos cruzados atendiendo las ridiculeces de los poderosos, este grupo se atrevió a revelarse al sistema tan solo querían libertad, felicidad, crear su mundo, construir su propio paraíso donde no hubiera reglas estúpidas. Ese era su fin, pero sin saberlo, en el

We Belong Together

By WonderfulSone1989 updated
Characters Jessica, Tiffany, Taeyeon, Seohyun(Joohyun), and other SNSD members
With 9 chapters, 45 votes, 246 subscribers, 5450 views, 81 comments

Grumpy Jessica fires a certain waitress and gets intertwined with her life.  Major-Jeti w/ Seohyun (Jetihyun) Minor- Taengsic & Taeny

Navidad de Jeti

By malditapeluquera updated
Characters Tiffany, Jessica, Taeyeon, Boram, Irene y mas
With 8 chapters, 6 votes, 83 subscribers, 980 views, 30 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Tiffany y Jessica tienen un accidente con la persona equivocada, lo que las metera en algunos problemas y estara en sus manos salvar la navidad.

The Badass Meets Miss Popular

By xxWolfDragon7xx updated
Characters Jessica Jung, Taeyeon Kim, Yoona Im, Hyoyeon Kim, Tiffany Hwang, Sunny Lee, Yuri Kwon, Sooyoung Choi, and others
With 46 chapters, 71 votes, 494 subscribers, 30320 views, 402 comments

The Populars   Tiffany Hwang - Popular -smart -best friends with Sunny, Sooyoung, and Yuri -hates Jessica Jung    Sunny Lee -popular -the smartest in the group -danshin (short) -hates Taeyeon    Sooyoung Choi -shikshin -the tallest -popular -hates Hyoyeon   Yuri Kwon - the second tallest - the groups black pearl

Power Rangers: Girls' Generation [SEASON 2]

By ace022 updated
Characters SNSD, f(Amber+Krystal), EXO, Super Junior, 2PM, Jay Park
With 5 chapters, 8 votes, 61 subscribers, 960 views, 11 comments

This is a continuation of the first story, Power Rangers: Girls' Generation. However, this one includes more in depth thoughts and feelings. Rin won't be included a lot in the story because she's back in America and, well, she's going to be away for awhile.  Plus, there are new characters coming!!!! Do you know who it is? If you do, then put comments down below and you get a shout out! Yay!

Conclusions and Confusions

By 48shidae updated
With 1 chapters, 2 votes, 120 subscribers, 830 views, 6 comments
Status Subscribers Only

  Tiffany Hwang is a normal 16 year old girl. Pink is the word which she would use in every single sentance. "Pink puppies, so cute!~" or maybe "Hmm~ a pink milkshake maybe?" The girl would find a smart way to fit the word into a completely out of topic sentance. A new drug which scientists have been working on recently which is to change a gender through a very very small capsule tablet. Some how, Tiffany has been chosen to test out the drug neverless di


By weirdlatte updated
Characters Jessica, Tiffany, Wendy, Irene
With 8 chapters, 33 votes, 286 subscribers, 5880 views, 73 comments

“This is going to sound crazy, but... from the moment I first saw you,   I couldn't stop thinking about you."

Living as a Vampire

By yojemchingu updated
Characters Girls' Generation: Seohyun, Yoona, Taeyeon, Sooyoung, Sunny, Yuri, Jessica, Tiffany, Hyoyeon
With 8 chapters, 4 votes, 67 subscribers, 1480 views, 20 comments

Prologue: Seohyun was 18-year-old girl who just moved in her new apartment. She met eight new friends and live happily with her new home. One night, while Seohyun was on her way back to her apartment, she met a serious car accident that her mortal life ended. She didn't knew that her new friends are vampires hiding their identities.


By HimeGorJess updated
Characters Jessica Jung, Tiffany Hwang
With 33 subscribers, 300 views

Seeing it again for the thousandth time, how that-that-that THING kissed MY lover. And to add more to it, we have to watch it with him and with other people, it just makes me so Jealous, so Possessive of you, and so Territorial of what's mine.

The DEVIL'S Twin

By FanyFanyTiffanyHwang updated
With 13 chapters, 50 votes, 287 subscribers, 8310 views, 156 comments

~ ♥♥♥ ~ One was made to LIVE..... And the other one was made to DESTROY...... ~ ♥♥♥ ~ Will F

[Poll] Next Story

By LittlePanduh updated
With 4 chapters, 3 subscribers, 660 views
Status Completed

Sorry! I don't mean to spam, but I would like your guys' opinion! I'm writing a couple new stories/one-shots and I want to know which couple/pairing I should post first!

El verdadero amor (one shoot's de snsd)

By Jacqueline30 updated
Characters SNSD couples
With 8 chapters, 6 votes, 18 comments

hola a diario tengo ideas nuevas de escribir y pues aqui publicare historias bueno one-shoots de snsd seran de todo podran ser comicos, de tono fuerte etc pero siempre de amor entre las soshis espero que se suscriban los amo -empezare con un yoonyul y pueden sugerirme mas parejas de SNSD porfavor

From the Old and Torn Portfolio

By cookie1026 updated
Characters Taeyeon| Jessica| Sunny| Tiffany| Hyoyeon| Yuri| Sooyoung| Yoona| Seohyun| Krystal| Sulli| Luna| Amber| Victoria
With 72 chapters, 55 votes, 1408 subscribers, 47860 views, 422 comments
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

    A One Shot and Multi-Shot Collection.  1 - A Game - OT9/ Soshibond - A spin-the-bottle game turns into a disaster dividing the nine into factions.  2 - Sisters - JungSis ft. OT9 - It's just Jessica being all emotional about herself, her sister, and her eight members.  3 - Of Keroro and Pirates - YoonHy

The Girl From The Other Class

By gorjessfanytastic9 updated
With 6 chapters, 18 votes, 167 subscribers, 3410 views, 41 comments

Tiffany has a crush on the girl from the other class.

Tough, But We Can

By ShushWhisper updated
With 2 chapters, 8 votes, 166 subscribers, 1430 views, 17 comments
Status Subscribers Only

  “I love her, and only her!”   “I’ll fight for you no matter what it costs. I want only YOU, only US!”         Featuring:  

You're The Only One I Have

By ouroboros222 updated
Characters krystal jung jessica jung snsd f(x)
With 8 chapters, 18 votes, 213 subscribers, 2280 views, 58 comments
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

Jungcest/Jungsis' past and present: A path to discovering true love.

Path to Love (girlxgirl)

By seoloves updated
Characters Yoona and Seohyun Jessica and Tiffany
With 3 chapters, 20 subscribers, 210 views
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

My first ever girlxgirl story . .   Para sa mg

Jung Sisters Season 2

By NamiTK updated
Characters SNSD, Fx, 4Minute, MissA, Girl's Day, Beast, Mblaq, Sohee, Dara, Park Minyoung, Gyuri, Eunjung, Siwon, Donghae. . .
With 48 chapters, 40 votes, 202 subscribers, 13900 views, 450 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Un año ha pasado. Doce meses después desde que a las hermanas Jung les rompieron el corazón. Jessica Jung se ha vuelto más fría que antes, termino por renunciar a su antiguo trabajo para centrarse en publicar sus libros sin embargo no ha te