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Choosing the Right One

Kris needs a Queen, so he and the council decided to have 20 girls who will live with Prince Kris for one month. Will Kris find love or will old friends be reunited or taken away?

Los Cambios del Destino

Byrosymarg updated
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Hola ^^ hace tiempo habia dicho que iba a publicar un fanfic, y el mejor lugar para hacerlo es en esta pagina ^^ es la primera vez que publico uno, la verdad nunca salen de mi telefono :C intentare publicar 2 veces por semana... uhm que dificil >.< pero lo hare :D  dentro de poco publicare el primer capitulo.


Bybelieverremember updated
CharactersSeo Joohyun, Jung Yonghwa
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  A boy, a girl, and a proposal.   “How does a boy tell a girl he loves her?” he asked, looking so lost, confused, and uncertain. She wants to just smack his head to knock some sense into him but doing so woul

Happy life (Seohan happy love story)

BySeohan0924 updated
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Through Music

Byhanikirkland updated
CharactersJung Yonghwa, Seohyun, Park Shinhye, Cho Kyuhyun, Lee Minho, CNBLUE
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‘You know that world isn’t as gloomy as you take it to be. It is actually hiding many wonderful things, all you have to do is just discover it. And when you found it, you will realize how many fun things you just missed. You know one of those thing is? Music. Everyone needs music in their life, to live the feels and emotions up. And because through music.. I found him.

200 Pounds of Love

Byasdfghjkl_mxg updated
Charactersseohyun, taeyeon, hyoyeon, luhan, baekhyun, kai
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Seohyun let out a small sigh as she lifted her right foot onto the scale. She cradled her fingers together, anxiously waiting for the dramatic result. The numbers flipped and flipped. Seohyun crossed her fingers and closed her eyes. Beeeep. Seohyun slowly opened her eyes.  '200' the scale read. Great. 3 pounds more than yesterday.  "He'll never like me back..."   ~~   CAST:   Seo Joo Hyun or Seohyun -bel

My Secret Fiancé

ByFrustratedShipper updated
CharactersSeohyun, Luhan, Kris, Sehun, Lay, Suho, Oh Hayoung, Krystal, Jongdae and many more
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    Empire University is a University exclusively for rich, powerful and wealthy students only. Everyone who was studying there was trained to become a successor, a leader, an artist, a lawyer, an entrepreneur, a musician, a scientist etc. So many famous people were known to be studying there as well. But the main highlight of the school was their, Empire Princes.

dont play with fire

Bylelealex updated
Charactersseohyun , luhan, yuri ,others
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"are you in urgent need to this money" said luhan "yes"  "ok, then theres only one way to get it.... spend the night with me"  ..."whattttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!"     hey every one i have to tell you that my english is not so good you may found some mistakes  but i promise you that you will enjoy readin

The Impending Marriage

Bynatailicec updated
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Inspired by my favorite song, Madonna's Take A Bow. P.S. Hi! This is my first time writing a story. And I hope it will be successful; that you will like it. Pardon me for my English if there is any grammar mistakes or sentence fragment. Do leave a comment if there is suggestion or room for improvement. Criticism is welcomed too ^ ^ 

Our Arranged Love

Bytweetu updated
CharactersLuhan, Seo hyun, Sehun, Eunhae, Choi Ara
With29 chapters, 49 votes, 315 subscribers, 14910 views, 480 comments

An arranged marriage between a successful business man at an young age and a student. She does not know anything about love and is not ready for marriage at a young age. He does not believe in love after his first love leave him for her dreams.

Mother? Wife?

BySeolNana updated
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  ¿Madre? Esposa?

Imperfectly Perfect

Bycrazy_gurl286 updated
CharactersSeohyun and Luhan
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  They're completely opposite,  two pole that can't be combined. Two personalities that is impossible to get along. They're the perfect definition of insoluble- like the mixture of oil and water, the positive and negative and an equation that lead to an answer of a syntax error


ByBananamilk_daebak updated
CharactersYonghwa seohyun
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"Yonghwa ah, meet Seo Juhyun, the designer you will be working with," his mother, jihyun, said. "She is the one I've been talking about, the one that has done internships with designers at Chanel, Ellie Saab and Oscar de la renta." Juhyun scanned yonghwa from head to toe. Ugh she hated guys like him-wearing sunglasses indoors, not looking at the person who's speaking, and leaning on one leg while meeting a stranger. No respect at all! She could on

My Devil in Prada

BySS_ArSin updated
CharactersYoona, Seohyun, Yuri, Jessica, Soo Young, Tae Yeon, Tiffany, SNSD
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ByLesleyanne updated
CharactersKris Wu Seohyun SNSD EXO TVXQ f(x) Super Junior
With19 chapters, 9 votes, 56 subscribers, 1420 views, 31 comments

Everyone had their own family. Everyone had their own home. But where was his? Nowhere. Kris found little to no interest in the word 'family', and held not an ounce of expectation when he joined his supposed 'new family', SM Entertainment. Being the only exception, he carried his image of being the cold leader close to him, with little to no thought of its consequence. And while image became a vital component to the idol, a change i

All my love is for you

Byyen020828 updated
CharactersSeo Juhyun, Jung Yonghwa, Cho Kyuhyun, Kim Hyuna, Jung Soojung, Choi Minhyuk
With17 chapters, 6 votes, 164 subscribers, 1970 views, 23 comments
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"How can you break my heart when all it ever did was to love you. I thought you love me and worst you even tried to kill me just to have my money." -Seo Juhyun "How can I fall in love by just staring at your eyes? I know that we have different worlds so it is impossible for you to notice me." - Jung Yonghwa "Even though you are my best friend, I can betray you just to please the one i love the most" -Kim Hyuna  "I'm not a murderer but I don't want to r

Member in Society

Bydeersdawn updated
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I look out in the audience and I see you. My dear, my supporter, my number one fan.  (Pic creds to original owner)


ByGminor2020 updated
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  “Jiyeonah, should we run away together and never look back? Oppa will always love you till I die”  - Jinwoon “Oppa I’ll go with you wherever you want to…I wish someday we

Luhan's Problem

ByFoodislife012 updated
CharactersSeohyun Luhan Smtown
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Inspired by Seohyun and Amber's cover of Problem Despite his busy schedule, there was always that one person that could always cheer up his whole day,  Seohyun, maknae of Girls' Generation a.k.a his girlfriend (well the SMTown family were the only ones that knew of their relantionship)

Wolves and Bella :( :) sacrifice

BySeolNana updated
Charactersseohyun luhan jessica kris suho sooyoung
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    In a forest, in this place know him as an "enchanted region".  Since there, weird things happen. One day visit it because it is a beautiful cherry wood and has a pleasant aroma. 


Byplupism updated
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He was the epitome of perfect student. He was a heartrob. He was a School Counsil President. People give him high expectation. One mistake and he was done. She was the one who caught him, not only his perfection but also his real self that full of weaknesses. What will happen to them when they were caught keeping secret?

My Immortal Girl

Bylanlan88 updated
CharactersSeohyun and Luhan
With14 chapters, 27 votes, 99 subscribers, 3580 views, 140 comments

A story about a guy and the girl he met inside the dark forest. 

A Shuffled Wedding Mix

ByfivesixteenYS updated
CharactersJung Yonghwa Seo Joohyun
With11 chapters, 11 votes, 3220 views, 31 comments

A fic born out of too many feels for one song. Sara Bareilles' I Choose You, to be exact.  This is my first fic like ever so.. be easy on me, kay? Hihi. And this is rather short sot this is a one-shot for now. Hihi. I'm still thinking if I'll make this longer or what.. but.. You'll know, I guess? :) I'll really appreciate feedback. If anyone ever reads this. LOL    Update: So uhm.. I have decided to make this multi-chaptered. I hope you dont mind if i don't go through the

Before 00's

Bykimmo_mo updated
CharactersCho Kyuhyun, Seo Joohyun.
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Yes, The 00's is the decade of freedom, hiphop, and RnB. But how about those decades before the 00's, when love song was undoubtedly beautiful?

A Song For A Friend

ByInspired4339 updated
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Skinships for them are normal, they know everything about each other.. they are each other best friend and forever will they be that way. Or will they?

YoonHyun's Story: Love Language

Bycrusoe updated
Charactersseohyun, yoona, snsd
With125 chapters, 126 votes, 49260 views, 1254 comments
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How many are loyalists here?  This is a collection of stories, starring our dear maknaes, Im-Seo Joohyun and Seo-Im Yoona.