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You're my Wonderwall

We’re not meant to be together. You’re not supposed to approach me and I am not supposed to let you approach me. And yet, I still did. Because maybe, you’re gonna be the one that saves me. After all, you’re my wonderwall.

Tell Me Why?

ByKiraJessica16 updated
CharactersKira(OC), Jessica, Taeyeon, Tiffany, YoonA, Seohyun, Yuri, Sooyoung, Hyoyeon,Sunny, Krystal
With3 chapters, 10 subscribers, 220 views, 1 comments

"Tell me why Jessica. What make you choose this decision?" I asked her while she just look down on the ground. "Sorry Kira-Oppa. I don't why i make this decision. I don't think it straight and how it would make my and all the other members feel as well as SONES too." She said while trying to hold back her tears. "Tell me the reason. Is it the marriage with you and Tyler Kwon that was rumour on the internet or your dream as a fashion designer?" I asked. I take my hands and touch her ch

Against It

Bybiasedonaron1 updated
CharactersSeohyun, JungKook, Kai, Yoona and Yuri (other appearances of SNSD and BTS members)
With34 chapters, 18 votes, 322 subscribers, 6020 views, 84 comments
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JungKook is the bad boy on campus. He's known for sleeping around with girls (usually when drunk), drinking to a point that it's disgusting, throwing parties everywhere imaginable, which often leads to completely trashing the place. Seohyun is the goody-two-shoes in her college. She studies very well and gets good grades. To her, college is made for education, not a place to hang out. She's always the one to help her

love still remain

Byseokyu91 updated
Characterstaeyeon leeteuk seohyun kyuhyun sunye wooyoung and other k-pop artist
With31 chapters, 117 subscribers, 11210 views, 217 comments

taeyeon and leeteuk was madly in love with each other that’s why after they graduated in collage they decided to get married right away even at first their parents was not agree to it since they were too young to get married but after 6 months their relationship didn’t go well and end up to have divorce but taeyeon suddenly found out that she was pregnant but she decided to keep it and don’t let leeteuk knew this after 3 years the two meet accidentally through to the musical drama that taey

* Into the New World (Run Devil Run sequel)

Byofficialkerriepops updated
CharactersHyoyeon, Henry, Yuri, Jessica, Seohyun, Sooyoung, Yoona
With25 chapters, 4 votes, 84 subscribers, 2940 views, 35 comments
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Don't wait for a miracle There's a rough road in front of us With obstacles and future that can't be known


ByWackySeoHan updated
Charactersseohyun, luhan, snsd, exo
With1 chapters, 2 votes, 14 subscribers, 120 views, 2 comments

This story is about a girl named Seohyun and a boy named Luhan and SURPRISE!!!

YoonHyun's Story: Never Been Kissed

Bycrusoe updated
Charactersseohyun, yoona, snsd, others (mostly kpop idols)
With137 chapters, 136 votes, 693 subscribers, 54520 views, 1376 comments
StatusMembers Only, Subscribers Only

How many are loyalists here?  This is a collection of stories, starring our dear maknaes, Im-Seo Joohyun and Seo-Im Yoona.


Bylyre27 updated
With33 chapters, 56 votes, 900 subscribers, 35480 views, 526 comments
StatusSubscribers Only


Eonnie, Your Boyfriend Is So . . . Urgh!

Bymy_caffeine updated
CharactersYoukyung(you), Seohyun, L.Joe, Chanyeol, Eunji, arghh! Juz K-pop pop pop from everywhere~
With20 chapters, 4 votes, 36 subscribers, 22 comments

Love can turn to


Bysnowblowerstal updated
CharactersSeohyun, Luhan
With2 votes, 23 subscribers, 190 views, 3 comments

Seohyun is the heir that want to leave her life. Luhan is the boy that can't move on from his ex-girlfriend. They met and Luhan offers her a position in the company that he worked in. He never know that just one help will make his life change drastically. But always seeing his ex-girlfriend every day, will he really able to move on? Will something happen between Seohyun and Luhan? Or will they just being friend with each other?

A Day In Our Lives

Byyongseo22goguma updated
CharactersJung Yonghwa, Seohyun
With1 chapters, 1 votes, 15 subscribers, 380 views, 2 comments

24 Hours, Him & Her.

Promise of Forever

Byyen020828 updated
CharactersKwon Yuri, Tiffany Hwang, Kim Taeyeon, Jessica Jung, Seo Juhyun
With20 chapters, 15 votes, 166 subscribers, 3260 views, 76 comments
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my destiny (Hiatus)

Bylelealex updated
With4 chapters, 5 votes, 22 subscribers, 590 views, 29 comments

simple girl from the countryside, she had arich sblings who invited her to stay with them during her accommodation in seoul the problem is that she is in love with their son since she was young but he never notice, he is aplayer and she isn't his style he never notice her, but what will happen when she came to live with them 

Tu Eres Mi Razón De Ser Feliz

ByYour_Fanfic_Site updated
CharactersTaeyeon Seohyun TaeSeo Spanish
With16 chapters, 9 votes, 34 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

Hola! :D soy una nueva escritora vengo con mi primera historia, no sera muy larga, pero prometo que sera muy linda :') en esta ocasion prepare una historia con la pareja de TaeSeo ya que de esta pareja casi no se encuentran Fanfics y en lo personal me encanta esta pareja :D Es mi primer Fanfic asi que deseenme suerte por favor, Espero que este Fanfic sea de su agrado y puedan disfrutar leyendolo, Gracias :)  

We Are Always One (Divine)

ByTaeYeonieK updated
With3 chapters, 2 votes

I don't know what to think now or who to believe... after everything that'd happened. I can't believe the members would intentionally ask Jessica to leave.. After 15 years of friendship? No, I don't think they can do that. SM must have done something. The members still haven't have a chance to talk each other since the issue.... Hope they can have a clear mind when they talk... Despite all of that, I'll believe and trust in them. To me, they will always be nine.

Glimpse Of Hope

ByJL_9252 updated
CharactersSehun Seohyun Sunny Xiumin EXO SNSD
With7 chapters, 5 votes, 39 subscribers, 560 views, 8 comments
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"Will you love me forever?" ~~~~~ *BAM* "AHHHHH, QUICK CALL THE AMBULANCE!!"

Red Riding Hood

ByJetihyun101 updated
CharactersSeohyun Luhan
With5 chapters, 6 votes, 46 subscribers, 18 comments

A story of A mysterious girl,The girl that no one knew.Her parents,were did she came from,or what's her age,And who she really is. And The Beautiful Prince.People thinks that he's perfect,That his life is perfect.But they didnt know that he's hiding something that a mortal should not know.

Mr and Mrs Yoon

ByExoB2stLover updated
CharactersYoon Doojoon, Seo Joohyun, Yang Yoseop
With8 chapters, 11 votes, 49 subscribers, 870 views, 29 comments

“Where are you going?” Seohyun sucked in a huge amount of air and at the same time, wiped the tears that suddenly trickled down before facing the man straight in the eyes, “I am going to leave” “Leave…?” The man asked with a hint of a scoffed, although he didn`t show it but it`s getting on the woman`s nerves, “Where…? You have nowhere to

SeoEXO Compilations

Byinsanegirl updated
With28 chapters, 31 votes, 159 comments

This fanfic is about SNSD's maknae, Seo Joohyun which is paired up with the members of EXO. Therefore, this fanfic would only consists about one to three shots per story.       This story belongs rightfully to insanegirl and HerLovelyW


Byplupism updated
With6 chapters, 10 votes, 397 subscribers, 3900 views, 59 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

He was the epitome of perfect student. He was a heartrob. He was a School Counsil President. People give him high expectation. One mistake and he was done. She was the one who caught him, not only his perfection but also his real self that full of weaknesses. What will happen to them when they were caught keeping secret?

Midnight Stories

Bylanlan88 updated
CharactersSeo Joohyun and Xi Luhan with Yoona and Taeyeon
With3 chapters, 20 votes, 66 subscribers, 1100 views, 55 comments

A teenage boy falls in love with a cold-hearted girl but everything goes wrong when they find out about each other's family.              

~The Song Family~

BySeobb_acebb updated
CharactersOC, Song Ji Eun, Seo Hyun, Bang Yong Guk, Luhan, Sehun
With1 votes, 12 subscribers, 90 views, 2 comments
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~The Song Family~ The Song Family owns one of the most powerful companies in Korea - SF company. The father is the head of the company, he is a very talented and funny man, husband and dad. The mother has her own cosmetic bra

How It Could Have Ended

ByHKG2310 updated
Charactersseohyun gdragon no minwoo bigbang snsd
With6 chapters, 5 votes, 30 subscribers, 390 views, 6 comments
StatusMembers Only

The Alternate ending to "The Glitch In The System"  

Honey Pot

Byyoonpair updated
With27 chapters, 32 votes, 475 subscribers, 9040 views, 237 comments
StatusCompleted, Subscribers Only

A love story concerning three hearts~   Revolves around CIA agents and their handlers; anticipate the action and comedy in between~ ^^

What Will Happen Next?

ByBTS_LOVE_JIN_ updated
CharactersSeohyun | Jungkook | Minhyuk | Sungjae | Hyoyeon | Yuri | Tiffany | J-Hope | Daehyun | Youngjae | Bangtan | Btob | 2ne1 | Topp Dogg | Snsd |BAP | Block B | upcoming characters
With15 chapters, 5 votes, 24 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

This description is officially edited!!! Jeon Jung Kook people call him Jungkook he is a bad boy at school, but when he meets Seohyun what will happen next?

Hyoyeon's Apples [Requests open]

Bykei_sainter updated
CharactersHyoyeon bora CN blue yonghwa seohyun
With2 chapters, 3 votes, 28 subscribers, 170 views, 4 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

Short stories about Hyoyeon. I'm still fighting to get inspiration to continue my 3 WIPs, so here are little stand alone stories about Hyo in the meantime. Potentially little side stories for Seohyun and Sistar's Bora.