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Fate Brought Us

Mr Nam forced his son into an arranged marriage just to stop Woo Hyun from continuing his path to be a singer and work with him instead while Sung Kyu was left without other choice other than agreeing to this one ridiculous plan – being a good son he is.

The Unwanted One

Byjhemberry updated
CharactersKim Taeyeon and Jessica Jung
With13 chapters, 15 votes, 143 subscribers, 3440 views, 67 comments

Jessica Jung a famous fashion icon who owns a big company named BLANC. She's madly, deeply, crazily, irrevocably in love with Kim Taeyeon who owns also the big restaurants and hotels named KTY & Company. Jessica is so vocal to her feelings, she used to texts and call him, ask him on a date, cling on him, stay by his side despite of her schedules. She cant live a day without telling him she loves him so much. But unlike her, Taeyeon is cold because he thinks he's not yet over with his first l

First child or husband

Bymisslilmoon updated
CharactersLuhan Minseok Kyungsoo Jongin exo12
With7 chapters, 11 votes, 20 comments

luhan and minseok were happy married, until minseok became pregnant and things started to change. minseok pays attention only to the baby and have forgotten luhan. Luhan is not the type to be ignore, so he decided it's time to seduce his wife once again... with the help from his friends...     Hey everyone, This is my first story and my first time putting anything, so I don't know if I'm doing it right! anyway I'm a HUGE Xiuhan shipper (some of you may know me)

On Pointe

ByiLupinus updated
CharactersFem!Sehun, Kai, EXO (feat. BTS, B.A.P)
With21 chapters, 41 votes, 103 comments

Life is one giant balancing act, and each step must be taken with care. It's all too easy for one to fall off the tightrope, and many are holding on for dear life, afraid of what will happen if they were to misstep. With each person comes a story, and with each story comes a tightrope as we try to survive the balancing act called life. The world is watching and waiting for the

Love Is Complicated

ByKimnoodles updated
With11 chapters, 28 votes, 396 subscribers, 4530 views, 100 comments
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Kwon Yuri -Married to Jessica -Cheated on her with his secretary -loves his wife, even though he cheated -CFO of Kim's Empire    Jessica Jung -Married to Yuri


ByPannaNiebo updated
With1 chapters, 4 subscribers, 70 views, 2 comments

Pleasure of love lasts a moment,                     Pain of love lasts a lifetime,


ByMinyeon0607 updated
CharactersJiyeon | Hyomin
With3 chapters, 5 votes, 84 subscribers, 700 views, 28 comments
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Park Jiyeon, a young girl are more interested to girl and girl relationship before she met a guy, Park Hyomin and she started to change her mindset. It happen when her mom knew about her relationship with her girlfriend and of course, her mom never allowed or permit her to be

Come Back to Me

ByKingRoyal updated
CharactersKrystal Jung, Amber J.Liu and Kang Minhyuk
With3 chapters, 13 votes, 1430 views, 16 comments
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    Krystal Jung and Amber Liu were best friend since childhood. Amber is a orphan while Krystal came from a average family. They played together until they grow up. Amber was a kind and nice person to Krystal. He was her servant and she was his princess. But they got seperated on Amber's 19th birthday. Krystal's parents sent her to South Korea to study. Since that day, they never got to see each other

Lock and Key

BySilktiger updated
CharactersTaeyeon, Tiffany, Yuri, Jessica, Yoona
With11 chapters, 16 votes, 150 subscribers, 2590 views, 25 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

"Remember how I said your eyesmile is the second most beautiful thing I've seen? Well the first is you"

Getting Revenge on my Ex!

Bymikansakura updated
CharactersHyoyeon, Luhan, Kai
With15 chapters, 44 votes, 277 subscribers, 7640 views, 297 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

Kim Hyoyeon is not the typical girly girl you meet everyday. She is tough and tomboyish. May be that is why when her boyfriend, Xi Luhan, dumped her after dating for an year, she decided to get revenge on him instead of sitting in front of television and crying while watching a c

The rough melody of love

By_pinocchio_ updated
With3 chapters, 1 votes, 24 subscribers, 580 views, 5 comments

I got the inspiration from my iPad backgrounds.. xD

24 Hours

Bysigmame updated
CharactersJung Daehyun, Yoo Youngjae, Im Jaebum
With1 votes, 27 subscribers, 140 views, 2 comments

Daehyun was alone with his forever crush; Yoo Youngjae, the prettiest girl in the school – but they only had 24 hours. Who knew those numbers are enough to change everything in his life of love with luck… or maybe not.    

Past or Present! I chose YOU!

BysergeantHwang updated
CharactersJessica Tiffany snsd f(x) Krystal
With5 votes, 200 views, 3 comments

Jung Sooyeon grew up living in the imperial household since his father is part of the Ministry of Defense in Joseon dynasty. His father trained him to become like him soon both him and his father served the kingdom as one of the loyal and responsible part of Ministry of Defense. Hwang Miyoung is a princess and she is sick of it. She doesn’t want the princess life even though

Beneath Your Beautiful

Bytypist updated
CharactersKim Taeyeon x Jessica Jung
With13 chapters, 75 votes, 10480 views, 216 comments

Fluff without plot.

My idol

By_pinocchio_ updated
With8 chapters, 14 votes, 189 subscribers, 5010 views, 23 comments

Boygroup ATTACK is famous worldwide. They are under SM Entertainment and are the most wanted boyband in whole Asia. ATTACK: Kim Taeyeon: leader/main vocalis/24 years old Kwon Yuri: vocalist/dancer/23 years old Choi Sooyoung: rapper/dancer/22 years old Im Yoona: face of the group/vocal/dancer/22 ye


Byapplegreentea updated
With10 chapters, 5 votes, 5 comments
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This fanfic recommendation shop will be for boy!EXO/girl!EXO  

Ready 2 Love

Bycrusoe updated
CharactersYoona, Seohyun, Suho, Jessica, Taeyeon, Yuri, Tiffany
With61 chapters, 94 votes, 364 subscribers, 22860 views, 730 comments
StatusMembers Only

4 characters. 4 hearts. What are they willing to endure to hold on, to the person they love?   Join Seo Joohyun, Jessica Jung, Im Taengoo and Im Y

Be Careful What You Wish For

ByLustless updated
CharactersJessica Jung, Choi Sooyoung
With2 chapters, 5 votes, 60 subscribers, 610 views, 22 comments

Life is full of tricks, huh? I mean, who would have thought that a normal teenager would turn into a boy overnight? Sounds foolish doesn't it? But hey, life is full of surprises. You will never know what will happen next.  


Bymolayoppa updated
With7 chapters, 1 votes, 19 subscribers, 510 views, 4 comments
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 You wanted to fall in love and experience it just like everyone. But what if your only option to have someone love you was to ask a help from your friend? A gay friend to be exact. Will he be able to help you or make everything worst?  

Hated and Forgotten

Bysmjlee updated
With23 chapters, 28 votes, 306 subscribers, 9940 views, 200 comments

Hi there guys! a new story for you all... It's still Yulsic hehe

Eternity Obsession

ByK-na812 updated
With6 chapters, 3 subscribers, 330 views, 3 comments

Ketika gelapnya malam berubah menjadi cahaya yang terang.... Ketika kejadian menyakitkan menjadi kunci dari segalanya.... dan.... Ketika cinta tulus menhancurkan hati yang beku 

♪ I got married to a k pop princess ♫

BySoshi_Asa updated
CharactersJessica Jung Tiffany Hwang
With22 chapters, 55 votes, 310 subscribers, 14810 views, 235 comments

A crazy romance in the celebrity world. Based on the tv show "We got married". JeTi g-bender fanfic.    

Star Cross - A Yulsic love story.

Bybluppy updated
CharactersYuri and Jessica; Taeyeon; Tiffany
With4 chapters, 21 votes, 134 subscribers, 1790 views, 37 comments

Kwon Yuri - I'll fight for us. I'll fight for our love. Jessica Jung - I love you. This is our evidence of love.      

Love Rain

Byblack_velvet updated
With11 chapters, 24 votes, 131 subscribers, 5410 views, 55 comments

This story is about two different personalities, meet in a situation where they never thought would bring a big change in their lives.  


Bykayetin updated
CharactersKyuhyun, Sungmin
With34 chapters, 43 votes, 224 subscribers, 669 comments

Title: LOVE IS NOT BLIND Pairing: Kyumin Genre: Romance, Drama Rating: PG-13 Warning: Gender bender Summary: Sungmin is just a simple 18 years old girl who got engaged to a rich, arrogant and happy go lucky CEO who doesn’t care about other people’s feeling. Can love changes everything? Will Kyuhyun be able to love the girl who loves him just before she can see him? Disclaimer: I only own t