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You're my Wonderwall

We’re not meant to be together. You’re not supposed to approach me and I am not supposed to let you approach me. And yet, I still did. Because maybe, you’re gonna be the one that saves me. After all, you’re my wonderwall.


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Just the little things in life.


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CharactersTaeyeon | Jessica | Sunny | Tiffany | Hyoyeon | Yuri | Sooyoung | Yoona | Seohyun | Krystal | Sulli | Luna | Amber | Victoria
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      ‘Not today,’ she thought as she momentarily closed her eyes to remember those whom she had sworn to protect. The people back home, the people she would fight this war for, so that those


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este es mi primer fic espero les guste la pareja principal es yulsic siempre me ha gustado

Sica is a Gumiho~

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SM Univesity decide to take the students out to a forest not too far from Seoul, the trip was supposed to last 3 days, 3 students got lost in the forest: Yuri,Tiffany and Taeyeon and there in the forest they find something or someone. So I decided to start writing this.... dont expect too much. and remember. My grammar is not good so forgive me please (u_u) there is going to be the couples mentioned on the tags~ Not only yulsic or taengsic or

the ice is slowly melting

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While Jessica is on stage preforming she always thinks about one person who's waiting for her back in Jeonju. While she is giving her all at the other side of the earth she cant stop thinking about her bestfriend who made her to the person she is these days. When Jessica was little she was known as the ice princess but the ice began to melt slowly as she met this dork named Kim Taeyeon. They both followed their dreams and in the end they seperated. Taeyeon stayed in South-Korea to make her dr

The Unwanted One

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CharactersKim Taeyeon and Jessica Jung
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Jessica Jung a famous fashion icon who owns a big company named BLANC. She's madly, deeply, crazily, irrevocably in love with Kim Taeyeon who owns also the big restaurants and hotels named KTY & Company. Jessica is so vocal to her feelings, she used to texts and call him, ask him on a date, cling on him, stay by his side despite of her schedules. She cant live a day without telling him she loves him so much. But unlike her, Taeyeon is cold because he thinks he's not yet over with his first l

A Life A Little Less Ordinary

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CharactersTaeyeon, Jessica, Krystal, Tiffany, Yoona, Sunny
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love isn't a simple as the movies make it seem. it's complicated with lots of ups and downs, you may or may not get a happy ending. this is one of those stories   Kim Taeyeon, a 24 year old a college student studing culinary arts so she can open her own bakery/cafe. Sunny and Yoona's best friend that live with her. She's rich from the money she inheritied but doesn't let that get in her way to make her own way in life.   Jessica Jung, a 24 year old college stud

Not The End

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People think that when having a child, it is the start of a happy future for the family. But those people are wrong. There is no such thing as a happy future. There are always massive and harsh obstacles every family has to face. Just like the Kim family. They were su

Please sign this!! And spread the word

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Jigeumeun, So Nyuh Shi Dae

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CharactersALL of SNSD members. (Not the 8 member bull)
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"Jessica, we need to talk."

Unknowingly Living With My Boss

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Jessica is looking for a roommate. Taeyeon got kicked out of her house. 


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Girls' Generation as kids in a daycare.    Taeyeon(6) is a dork who carries around a pea stuffed toy and has at least two packs of gummy worms in each of her pockets. Jessica(6) is the resident Princess in the daycare. She wears a crown everyday. She has a younger sister who is only one year old. (She's extremely jealous of her younger sister because she gets all the attention now.)

Wedding Planner

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CharactersTaeyeon, Jessica
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Taeyeon is getting married. Jessica  has a wedding to plan.

Give it a Oneshot Story!

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Contents: Chapter 1 - TaengSic (Genderbender) Chapter 2 - JeTi


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CharactersTaeyeon Jessica
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One can leave, but one should stay. One can loosen the grip, but one should hold on. One can break the promise, but one should keep it tied. One can forget, but one should remember. One can love no more, but one should keep on loving.  

Racing My Life With You

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CharactersTaeyeon Jessica Krystal Tiffany Yuri Sooyoung Sunny
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"Win this race for me, tiger." She said pulling her by the collar into the kiss. "I will, don't worry." She said confidently ."Wait for me and wish me luck." She said before put on her helmet. "Always."       Never once it crossed my mind that one day I have to lose you like this.

Love Assumed

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CharactersTaeyeon Jessica
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LOVE ASSUMED© Sky Blue Tales ✍(An alternate universe story feat. Girls' Generation)

Dear Death

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CharactersTaeyeon Jessica
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Dear Death© Sky Blue Tales ✍(An alternate universe collection of stories)

Fly, Karma Butterfly

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CharactersTaeyeon Jessica
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FLY, KARMA BUTTERFLY© Sky Blue Tales ✍(A collection of stories feat. Girls' Generation) 1.

The Silver Guardian

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Characters(In order of first appearance) Jessica, Yoona, Gyuri, Yuri, Taeyeon, Sooyoung, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon
With11 chapters, 28 votes, 115 comments

THE SILVER GUARDIAN© Sky Blue Tales ✍(An alternate universe story feat. Girls' Generation)

Goodnight My Love

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CharactersKim Taeyeon | Jessica Jung Sooyeon | SNSD | Woori
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Instead of choosing the path paved for him, he decided to take a challenge and juggle between two career. There will always be a hefty price and consequences that he will have to bear for every decision he makes because it does not only affect him but it affets everything he owns and what he represents.

Winning Ice Prince's Heart

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CharactersSNSD, Jessica Pairings- untagged; SeoSic, SooSic, HyoSic..
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When Jessica Jung turns into a man. 

All About love

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Park Yujin a very rich girl who will be the heir of the top most richest company in korea which is the  Park Enterprise . 

Seducing Ms. Perfect

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CharactersJessica Jung, Kim Taeyeon
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“WHAT? HELL NO. I WON’T DO THAT!”   “Please Jessica. I.. I’m sorry. I just—“    Why did my senior year turn out like this?   Oh well.   Life is a roller coaster, they said.